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Bounty - The Vicar

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An Announcement from the Office of the Chief Justice 

- Issued on 13th of the Sun's Smile 169 SA-





For crimes of Assault, Heresy and Kidnapping



[i] A Sketch of an almost dead-looking old human man, with golden eyes could be seen


The Man who proclaims himself the Vicar 



1000 Minas




The necromancer pictured above poses a threat of the highest calibre towards descendant kin, having committed crimes against man and faith.  This man will not openly show his dangerous abilities, often attempting to lull his victims into a false sense of security. He will come as a bald near dead-looking old man with a white beard and golden/amber eyes. Furthermore, he may be seen with an accomplice, a necromancing mummy who may be even more dangerous than the Vicar and is known to have at least two necrotic armored guards in his entourage. 


As a word of prevention: Do not take this old man lightly, his necromancy gives him a power and strength far above his age and to take this man lightly might lead to an early grave. He has already openly attacked 3 citizens of Brabant in broad daylight. He has kidnapped and tortured one citizen using curses of insanity. 


The office of the Chief Justice prefers the necromancer known as The Vicar, to be brought alive, so that he may face justice of the courts and the Church. However, given the danger, it shall be warranted and deemed understandable if the Vicar is returned to the state in a deceased form.


We ask that he be found quickly for his plans for the Church and Brabant appear to be ambitious and by his own words: “One has been taken. Another will be soon. Do not run. Do not Hide. Neither Aurum nor salt nor paladins nor God will stop me. I am coming. Your shrines will crumble, your temples will burn.”


Any Information relating to ’The Vicar’ or his allies must be reported to the Chief Justice or the Duke of Brabant.






His Grace, Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood,

Duke of Brabant, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Baron of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, Lord of the Peaks, Protector of the Weefolk.


Firr Stefan Starling

Chief Justice of the Duchy of Brabant


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1 minute ago, Markisstreaming said:

"I'M WORTH A THOUSAND MINAS?!" The Vicar rejoiced "WOOO!!!!! REYNARD! CHECK THIS OUT!" @Damnit_Delmar




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"Dark things stalk our Shire... such is the plight of a successful realm, I suppose. I'll take it over obscurity." The Halfling Griff Peregrin commented as he perused the many heraldings of Dunfarthing.

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"Hmmm. . ." Hera pondered the missive, squinting at it. "Aurum, salt, nor paladins. . . Well-! I'm a shaman!" She declares! 


And thus, she tacks it onto her wall. 

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Lorcan Sutharlainn looked at the bounty and had mixed emotions, he wanted justice for what the Vicar had done to him. But he had hoped that the Vicar would be sentenced to death, not being caught alive. Although the thought of 1000 Mina was tempting..

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18 hours ago, Markisstreaming said:

"I'M WORTH A THOUSAND MINAS?!" The Vicar rejoiced "WOOO!!!!! REYNARD! CHECK THIS OUT!" @Damnit_Delmar

"Well isn't that just something" The Delmar would state, his gaze shifting over to his student, the missive folded and placed upon the armrest. "Perhaps we should start making a board of bounties, a small competition to be had"

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