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Public Missive: Retirement of Grandmaster Halston Veyont

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Gracious days upon ye All Faithful Followers of the Canonist Faith, With humble hearts and a profound sense of duty to the Mother Church, I, Grandmaster Halston Veyont, write to you today to announce my retirement from the esteemed position of Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Saint Jude. It has been my esteemed personal honor and privilege to serve alongside each and every one of you in our sacred mission to spread, maintain, and defend the Word of GOD throughout the realms. As the founding Grandmaster of what i've come to cherish as a beloved Order, I have witnessed firsthand the unwavering commitment and fervent devotion of our valiant knights and dedicated clergy. Together, we have faced countless trials and tribulations, standing as beacons of hope and strength in the face of adversity.

Over the years I have seen GODs work done through our actions, we have upheld the principles of faith, honor, and righteousness, ever striving to fulfill our divine mandate. However, as the sands of time continue to shift and the winds of change blow ever stronger, I have come to the singular realization that it is time for a new leader to unfold within the annals of our Order's history. Therefore, with full confidence in the capabilities and virtues of my esteemed second in command, Holy Ser Gerard, I hereby pass the mantle of Grandmaster into his capable hands. Holy Ser Gerard has proven himself time and again as a stalwart defender of the faith, a beacon of light amidst the darkness, and a paragon of virtue for all to emulate. Under his guidance and leadership, I am certain that the Holy Order of Saint Jude will continue to flourish and thrive, standing as a bastion of strength and righteousness in these uncertain times.

Diligence has been my favorite word, and to my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms, I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering loyalty, steadfast courage, and unwavering dedication to our cause. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside each and every one of you, and I have full faith that you will continue to uphold the sacred tenets of our Order with the same fervor and zeal that has defined us thus far. In closing, let us remember that our mission is far from over. Though my time as Grandmaster may come to an end, the legacy of the Holy Order of Saint Jude will endure for generations to come. Let us march forward with unwavering resolve, ever guided by the light of faith and the grace of GOD. May the blessings of the Seven Skies be upon you all. With deepest gratitude and abiding faith,
Grandmaster Halston Veyont. 


Invitation: Celebrate Grandmaster Halston's retirement. All are cordially invited to join us at the Holy See to bid farewell to Grandmaster Halston Veyont as he steps down from his esteemed position within the Holy Order of Saint Jude. This solemn occasion will be an opportunity for us to express our gratitude for his years of service and dedication to the Canonist faith.
"There will be a tournament between ordermen, there will be food, there will be alcohol, there will be gifts. See you soon" - Ser Halston.
Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024 2:00 PM (US Eastern)
Location: Holy see



Initiation Party for Holy Ser Gerard Following the farewell ceremony for Grandmaster Halston Veyont, we invite you to join us in celebrating the initiation of Holy Ser Gerard as the new Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Saint Jude. Let us come together in joyous revelry as we welcome Holy Ser Gerard into his new role and pledge our unwavering support to him in the days to come. His elevation as Grandmaster shall take place on the same day as Halstons retirement, The Order shall not go without a Grandmaster for even a mere moment.
 Your presence and support are greatly appreciated as we embark on this new chapter in the history of our Order.

By GOD's light I bless you.


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