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A PERSPECTIVE: The Happenings of the Hyspian Independence Meeting

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[!] A missive has been distributed throughout the Human realms



Hyspia’s Independence Meeting from 

the View of Dimitri Otto



[!] A Hyspian Sunset painted from views from a palace window

12th of Francisco’s Resolve, 91 D.R.



I shall begin my writings by paying respect to the late Vicente Murietta II. He held unwavering loyalty to the Sovereign State of Hyspia, not just to one leader, and always showed bravery in the battles I had the honour to fight at his side in. He had a passion for the history of Hyspia and was very close with mine and Ramona’s children. His loss will be felt for many years.

May he find peace in the Seven Skies.



The Happenings of the Meeting


The meeting begins with Cesar laying down the scroll on which the agreement has been written.


Aleksandr has some problems with the alliance but knows a way for those concerns to be remedied. The knight flanking him rested his hand on the pommel of his blade then. Quickly followed by our own guards.


He has concerns with the popularity of Cesar’s reign within Hyspia. That being given independence would lead to our opposition to swoop in and attack Hyspia to remove Cesar from leadership. Cesar doesn’t understand his popularity within the Covenant is being questioned, not just his popularity with the orcs. Aleksandr points this out very clearly, looking between Ramona and Cesar, implying he wants Ramona to take over Hyspia to ensure Hyspia stands tall.

Aleksandr II: “I fear vy will niet uphold that popularity.”


Cesar states that he wants independence to be the final thing he does as the Viceroy of Hyspia.


Aleksandr points out that no kingdoms want to rally to save a nation headed by Cesar, “Hyspia as a sovereign state is difficult in the eyes of many to answer the rallying call for”, then suggests that Cesar abdicate, stating his promise of sovereignty will be fulfilled only after Cesar stands down. He also states that Cesar’s reputation for what he has done so far in his reign, likely during the war, will be enough to seal his name in history.

This creates tension throughout the meeting room.


Vicente Murietta wants to speak, Aleksandr shuts it down, stating “Vy would speak before vyr Viceroy?” 


Cesar states he still has much he wants to do before he abdicates the throne for Ramona. He wants this independence to be solidified before Ramona takes the throne.


Aleksandr says his agreement to give Hyspia independence won’t go ahead until Cesar backs down so he will give him time to complete what he wants before another meeting is set to hand over independence.


Vicente questions why the agreement should be delayed. He doesn’t understand why the abdication should be hurried along.


Arman states independence should be the most important goal here. “Independence must be the most important goal, padre.”


Aleksandr states that if abdication can’t be hurried, independence shouldn’t be either.

Vicente quips back with “Then abdicate too.” - “You want new blood? Abdicate at the same time.” This is heavily disliked by the Haense party, “Who is this man?”, one of the Haense knights questions.


Ramona breaks her silence to ask what plans are left for Cesar. Independence was his goal. “What plans are there left? - This was the plan, Independence for our people. Independence is to be seen as a serious nation of people. No longer to be overshadowed by our allies.”


Aleksandr says that for independence in Hyspia to flourish, the kingdom needs new blood. Ramona. “I'm saying that in order for the flourishment of independence I grant - new blood is needed.” He then goes on to state that allies only need to help Hyspia because of Haense, “If something were to happen to Hyspia now, many would be indebted to aid due to the Haeseni relations. Once these ties are severed between our nations, those once indebted no longer will be.”

Dear reader, this is entirely untrue. Hyspia holds its own defensive pacts with many other nations without the aid of Haense.


Vicente looks between Ramona and Aleksandr accusing them of conspiring against Cesar.

He then draws his blade stating he won’t let Hyspia be crushed by a Haenseni boot. “Conspirators.” - “I will not let the people of Hyspia be choked by a Haeseni boot!”


The Haensers also draw their blades.

Cesar tells all involved to stay calm, with Ramona explaining that she had no knowledge of Aleksandr’s plans.


Vicente backs into a corner, pointing a sword at the knights that approach him yelling Hyspanic. “¡Lamebotas Haeseni! ¡Regalas nuestro país!” (Translation: “Haeseni Bootlicker! “You give away our country!”)


“Good Godan.” is simply muttered by the King of Haense


“Vicente, sheath your blade before you lose another arm.” States Jose Fuentes.


“You selfish dog, don’t threaten me! All you care about is glory!” Spits Vicente.


Ramona tells Jose to duel Vincente outside, Vicente then lunged forward to stab Jose in the chest. “Death to you Imperialist dogs!”


The brown-haired knight states he wishes to duel Vicente to the death for threatening Aleksandr. “A man who draws a blade upon my king is a dead man already.” 


Jose replies to the attack with, “For that, I sentence you to death.”


Cesar tries to calm the situation down, to no avail. “I died in the ramparts of breakwater.” Is the reply from Vicente. The brown-haired knight brings his hammer down onto the back of Vicente’s leg. The queen of Haense enters as Jose swings for Vicente’s throat. It makes contact, blood spilling from Vicente’s mouth, the Hyspian colonel falling limp to the ground, the sickening gargling of blood filling the chamber. Jose then twists his blade into the poor man’s neck, possibly ensuring the man was killed by the blow. A truly unnecessary death… I should note the honourable Patriarch Josef did plead for Vicente to simply be disarmed. This was blatantly ignored.


“You Let your man draw his blade on the king.” The red-haired knight addresses Cesar now. “Nie- nie!” Cries Aleksandr, still trying to defuse the situation, with the queen then asking why blades were drawn at the meeting in the first instance. She receives no reply.


Questions are fired across the room to ensure everyone is alright after that ordeal.


Cesar replies that he’s alright, stating the overreaction cost Vicente his life.


Jose cleans his sword on the dead colonel’s body, sheathing his sword with a quick apology and returning to guarding Ramona.


Cesar states he wishes to finish reforming the knight order and was going to abdicate two saints weeks after the signing of the independence treaty.


Ramona quickly replied that independence is what Cesar wanted, what Hyspia fought for. “Do you not care for Hyspia?”


The queen joins Aleksandr at his side.


Aleksandr leaves the decision between Ramona and Cesar, suggesting that Ramona could give Cesar a high position of power once she’s the leader of Hyspia, stating himself Cesar is good and smart but not popular. He states it isn’t his place to convince Hyspia one way or the other and has offered to leave the room for Hyspia to discuss.


Ramona says she wants her father to rest but will allow him to be on her council, but there is now a death in relation to this issue.


Cesar says he wants to talk with just his family.


Ramona doesn’t understand what is left to discuss.


Cesar states he was going to abdicate soon anyway so we should have talked with him if we wanted him to step down sooner. He believes that everyone here took a revolutionary approach. I find myself agreeing with this statement. Discussions could have, and should have, remained peaceful.


Arman points out Cesar dedicated his whole life to getting independence and if he was so willing to step down, why hasn’t he already? “If this is their non-negotiable, and you were already going to (abdicate), why not?”


Ramona echoes this, asking if Cesar thinks that Ramona isn’t capable which Arman states that is disrespectful to Ramona and that he’s denying the nation a great opportunity and the dignity to be independent.


Cesar states that he has been disrespected by not being left to do his final preparations and that he will sign the agreement, abdicate and leave Hyspia.


Ramona says she has always trusted her father and gave him complacency but there has been no change in Hyspia since the war came to an end and our people have fled in fear we cannot protect them. She states that Cesar always has a place in Hyspia but this is how change will be made “This is where it starts. Hyspia will live past us. I will ensure it.”


Cesar believes it is best to leave Hyspia entirely, and agrees that new blood is needed for Hyspia, hence why he was taking a step back. This contradicts his previous points that he was working very hard to get his projects in Hyspia done before he left.

He also doesn’t like how this agreement was forced upon him but he is too tired to argue against it, so he will leave to experience the world again.


The Haenseni party is allowed to re-enter the chamber and quickly does so.


Ramona states she has felt none of the so-called “stepping back”, but sees no reason to continue arguing, and is glad it reached a peaceful agreement.


Cesar simply states, “Let’s sign it then.”


The king re-enters with a “Hola.”


The clause of abdication is added to the independence agreement and Aleksandr says the agreement will be signed and published the following day. Cesar believes that it should be published this same day.


The document is finally signed by Cesar, Aleksandr and Ramona.


I shall note a final quote from the previous Viceroy, “For the future of Hyspia.”


To end, I will state that I held, and continue to hold, a great respect for Cesar. He welcomed me into the family De Pelear with open arms and served the realm with grace, bravery, and most importantly, loyalty. He may have made mistakes or became disliked, but all leaders face the same treatment, no matter their achievements. Myself and Ramona will take upon the mantle, and shall lead Hyspia into an even brighter future, to match the sun that graces our lands.






All rp involved in this post was in good faith, and I wish the best for Jav and Wavey going forward.

The credits for this post are as follows:



MioII - Aleksandr II

Sarahbarah - Amaya Milena

Pureimp10 - Patriarch Josef

GMRO - Ser Rickard Ruthern (Brown-Haired knight)

Ferdaboy - Ser Garen (Red-haired knight)









WaveLincoln - Cesar II

_mady07 - Ramona

Teeylin - Arman

RagnarAKAJavvy - Vicente Murietta II

PanchoII - Jose Fuentes










HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Koravia,

Soberano-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Gran Chamberlan of La Corte de Girasol

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Phoibe, the Heiress to Halcourt, read the retelling, flabbergasted. 

"What in the world did I miss?" She asked herself, spending time with her young daughter for the last several months. 

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"Such a sad relationship - the woman must have with her father, in order to accuse him of rebuking his own people." Alfred told his kinsman, Anselm - as he read aloud the missive. "You must be valorous like the slain guardsman, cousin." He advised.. 



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Josefina Murietta, daughter of Vicente, mourns with a newfound purpose in life.



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2 minutes ago, Gandhi said:

"Such a sad relationship - the woman must have with her father, in order to accuse him of rebuking his own people." Alfred told his kinsman, Anselm - as he read aloud the missive. "You must be valorous like the slain guardsman, cousin." He advised.. 



Anselm listened intently to Alfred's advice. The young boy still recovering from a fresh wound he had received in a recent fight against a group of brigands. "I ought to be at all times." He noted to himself, as he strived to become more accustomed to the term. 

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"now Hyspia can finally be ridden of those in which that slither in the garden." Erland Maor would state as he reads the missive. hiding out in the forest somewhere unknown 

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Jose Fuentes read over the document, frowning a bit as he changed some wording. After some scribbling, he nodded.

"I did warn my comrade to drop his blade. He came at me so I ended him. That is that."

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In the far distance was an ex Hyspian military officer and knight. A war veteran who held his TRUE KING with the highest regard. He planted his sword into the ground as he watched the pontiff die, his grandmaster of the order retires, his Hyspian friend die, and his true KING removed from the throne because of.....Popularity? A few tears dropped as the man held a glass of his favorite.....No.....The king and his people's favorite tequila. Alexander Llopis took the shot and poured one out for Cesar The Second King of Hyspia Leader of The Hyspians, Loyal to a fault, and trusting to an unholy degree. "And so brings a new generation to Hyspias doors. Yet Haense doesn't follow....I guess life really is cruel." 

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"That guard was quite brave, he should have picked a leader with a stronger backbone however. God bless his soul." Canonius commented as he finished reading the rather long transcripts of a meeting for a place he has hardly ever seen.

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Cesar II De Pelear, The once former Viceroy of Hyspia, upon reading the document from in between his travels in Aaun, The Holy See, Reinmar, and Balian, wonders why certain things were left out. Nevertheless he let out a sigh as he sat upon the grassy field of the lowlands, looking onwards to the skies, taking the time to just travel. 


“I really do wish they did not hide everything.…Arman said hurtful words…So did Ramona…Not just calling my last wishes to be disrespectful. Ramona did not offer me a position in the council. Jose was there with his hand to the hilt of his blade, sounding quite cold. I wish they just told the truth….I wish I was not blamed for Vicente’s death…I did not order Vicente to do anything. He was just loyal to a fault and angered.” 


A sigh escaped the aging man’s lips. 


“It is what it is. I suppose. I just wish things ended on a better note. Not one through threats, manipulation, and emotional duress.” 


He shook his head as he then got up with an aching breath, continuing to slowly walk down the grassy land. 


“Soon Karyna…I shall meet you in the Seven Skies…for now, I shall travel…one day I shall find serenity. Through all the hurt I feel in my heart…perhaps It’s better to leave it behind. 

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