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As agreed upon on the 12th of The Amber Cold, Year 170 of the Second Age



Between the Unified Domain of Vortice and the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun



With the signing and promulgation of this document, the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun and the Unified Domain of Vortice, henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories‘, do agree on their honour to the terms laid forth hereafter.


Article I: Sovereignty

I. The signatories hereby concur to acknowledge the autonomy and sovereign status of each of their respective realms. 


Article II: Non-Aggression

I. The signatories hereby pledge to refrain from engaging in any acts of aggression or military hostilities against one another in any manner.


II. The signatories pledge that citizens of either party shall refrain from accepting military commissions or engaging in mercenary employment from any state with which the other party is involved within a state of war.

III. In addition, this commitment encompasses the preservation of the right to unrestricted movement of their respective citizens between the signatory nations.


IV. The signatories pledge that citizens from either realm are protected while in their respective territories so long as they act within the laws of the respective realms.


Article III: Extradition

I. The signatories hereby consent to a reciprocal extradition provision, whereby a citizen of either nation, provided there is justifiable cause for their arrest, may be apprehended and subsequently transferred to the jurisdiction of the courts in the territory where their alleged crime transpired.


II. In such instances, an Extradition Request must be formally submitted by the judicial authorities of the first party's state to the Monarch or Sovereign of the second party for approval.


III. Legal representation for the defendant may be provided by the judicial representatives of the nation from which the citizen or subject originates.


Article IV: Diplomatic Exchange

I. The signatories collectively affirm the principle of diplomatic exchange between their respective governments, aimed at fostering dialogue and mutual understanding. In accordance with this, the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun shall dispatch a temporary envoy to the Unified Domain of Vortice, and reciprocally, the other party stands ready to attend diplomatic meetings at the behest of His Royal Majesty's Government.


II. The signatories jointly endorse the principle of diplomatic freedom, emphasizing the inviolability and immutability thereof. This entails that envoys and government messengers shall enjoy unrestricted movement within the territory of each party. Furthermore, they shall not be subject to prosecution by local or national authorities for any civil or criminal proceedings unless their home country explicitly waives their entitlement to such immunity.


III. The signatories retain the prerogative to formally expel a diplomat whose actions are deemed to have substantially undermined the national integrity and order of either party's realm.

Article V: Trade
I. The signatories, wishing to promote free trade amongst one another and their people, shall allow the respective national Trading Companies of either signatory to own a tax-free stall within each other's Capitals, provided they commit to the maintenance thereof by ensuring it is always properly stocked.

II. The signatories further agree that when a Vortician mining network has been established along the eastern coast of the Langkette Range north of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, where evidence of veins of valuable emeralds has been found, the Royal Aaunic Government be allowed unlimited access thereto. 


Article VI: Duration

I.  The duration of this pact shall be held for fifteen years. During the tail end of the duration, a meeting shall be scheduled to determine whether both parties wish to renew or extend the existing treaty.





His Apostolic Majesty, JOHN ALEXANDER, by the Grace of GOD, Apostolic King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Vienne, the Lowlands, Balemena and Corazon, Count of Whitespire, Enswerp and Florentine, Baron of Blanchet, Protector of the Realm


The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice, Lady Lenora Jusmia



Lady Aerith Maelstorm, Minister of Internal Affairs, Acting as Minister of Foreign affairs of the Unified Domain of Vortice

 Legate John O’Riley, Minister of Defense of The Unified Domain of Vortice

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