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The Heart Divided...

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Eve went numb when the boulder dropped down onto Handil, rendered speechless as tears fell down her cheeks without warning. She heard nothing around her besides the ringing in her ears as the scene replayed over and over in her mind. It wasn't until Mattia, another soldier of Reinmar, carried her to the clinic that she regained her speech. Eve was placed on a clinic bed, and she took the opportunity to scramble as far away from the man who had carried her, scooting herself into the corner where walls met. She pulled the sea blue cloak over herself, hiding her body away from the man like a child would hide under the covers from monsters.


'Monsters...' Is what Eve's brain supplied to her in that moment, 'Surrounded by monsters of men'


"You still believe he was good, uh?" Mittia had asked her.


“I held his hand; I saw the scars that made him living.” She curled as far into herself as she could, barely listening to the man's words. “He-… He trusted me, I knew him for so long….”


Eve barely listened to what the man said to her, only picking up on the tail end of his words. "Sometimes the people we trust are just using us.”


“No…” so whispered, so far into her belief, “He hunts darkspawn, kills the undead. He can't-….” 'He can't be what he's killed' She finished to herself.


Eve Beilee shook her head, “I never went with him, because I was always in Haense or Minitz. I've seen his room, his helm has aurum on it.” Her hands gripped at her hair, tugging at it. “He can't be darkspawn, or an agent of the dark. He lived in the shire, with halflings.”


Eve knew that Handil didn't lie to her, but how could she confess to someone who wasn't exactly on her side that she has seen the scars scattered on his arms?


Mattia kept repeated that Handil was a darkspawn or aligned with them. At some point Eve grew distant as tears started flowing again, she asked if she could go to her home. Mattia let her walk out, and that she did. For two whole days she stayed in her bed, crying her eyes out and passing out from a complete drain of emotions. 


On the third day she woke up late at night, with a plan. One to leave and never return, because what if the Pontiff were to call for her head next? Or set on a pyre and burned alive? Eve didn't feel comfortable thinking of the rest of the ways they could plan her demise. So as quick as she could, she packed her weapons, clothes, and food for the road ahead. Attentively she looked over the items she would be leaving behind, picking up the few jewelry pieces she had and stuffed them in a pocket.


As quietly as she could, Eve slowly maneuvered herself around Reinmar's layout and avoiding the large amount of people in the square. She had to act normal, or at least emotionally sane as she passed the group to head towards the back road that lead to her shop. Eve didn't stop moving till she got up to the attic space, taking a deep breath in and releasing it to calm her nerves. Hesitantly she looked over the books on the shelfs, picking out her two favorite books and stuffing them in with the rest of her items. She also grabbed a few blank books and some quills before scouting out the road below.


Once the gaurd on patrol left the area Eve rushed out of her shop, ignoring the gates that were wide open, and pushing through the citizen doors. 'I will never trust open gates after this.' 


Pulling her whistle out she waited impatiently for her horse to arrive, jumping onto the white beast and riding towards Haense while actively avoiding the roads at all costs. She rode around Haense, and continued to follow the path to Petra, rushing her horse through the square before ridding off into an open feild.


If anyone were to check her home, or her shop, they would find dust has collected and any fires would be out. Food would have rotted in the cupboards and nothing would be restocked.


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Volk explored the now abandoned home, grazing his hand over the shelves that laid filled with dust. He wondered... What happened here?


Out he went, finding himself in front of the house next to a pile of ants working tirelessly. Soon, rain would fall, washing the ants away.


"The rain washes everything away."

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