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The First Convention of the Society of the Exalted Horen

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[!] Across the realms of Man, a missive spreads. It’s read aloud by criers, and left in heaps at taverns and banks. [!]




“Thus mankind was united in virtue, in the highlands and the heartlands, and in the farthest homes of the sons of Horen.” Gospel 6:33





To further our goals, we hereby call upon the members of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN and its fellow associates to a public meeting that shall take place in the [LOCATION REDACTED]. The agenda of the Convention shall be the following one:


I - On the Imperial Society of the Exalted Horen


THE SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN, also known as the IMPERIAL SOCIETY, shall be officially formed as a religious society in honor of the Prophet Horen, which shall be a society of equals open to all Canonist individuals, be they laity or clergy.


II - On the Headmaster of the Society


THE SOCIETY OF THE EXLATED HOREN is a Society of equals, with an individual elected amongst its members serving as its HEADMASTER and, as such, as its effective leader as first amongst equals for organizational purposes.


At the same time, given the religious nature of THE SOCIETY, the position of HONORARY CHANCELLOR of the Society is held by His Holiness the High Pontiff on an ex officio basis.


- The current Headmaster of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY is His Excellency Rigoberto de la Cruz.


III - On the Holy Orenian Empire


THE PURPOSE of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall be to achieve a more perfect Union amongst the Realms of Man, both in Virtue and Spirit, and, in consequence, the Restoration of the Holy Orenian Empire, as the Exalted Godfrey’s Crown, ancestral symbol of a United Humanity.


IV - On the Imperial Chapter Houses


The members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY shall act in all the Realms of our Canondom, and shall open Chapter Houses in every Canonist Realm, which shall represent our Society and serve both as a hub and meeting place for Society members and associates.


Each Imperial Chapter House shall be required to regularly report on the state of their chapters to the Headmaster of the Society.


 V - Reaffirmation and Commitment of the Society Fellows


The members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall reaffirm themselves in the Society’s purpose and in the missive The Throne of Man formerly published by the Society.


At the same time, the members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY shall adhere to the RIGHTS OF MAN consecrated by Emperor Joseph I in the NENZING PROCLAMATION and to the GRADIC RIGHTS that were given to the Imperial City of Felsen by Emperor John II.


VI - Rallies and Debates


The members of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall actively hold rallies and organize debates open to the public in all the Realms of Man of our Canondom in favor of Human Unity and in favor of a Panhuman Imperial State. Furthermore, they will endeavour to make themselves available to the Canon Princes, to both advocate for the Society, and to answer for it.


At the convention itself, a final debate on the core tenants of our Society will take place. From the conclusions drawn there, our lasting tenants shall be proclaimed.


We wish to remind everyone that in order to be admitted into the Imperial Society it is required to send a letter or approach our Headmaster Rigoberto de la Cruz (@Olde_Publius) or any other relevant member.







This we submit for the furtherance of Humanity,

Rigoberto de la Cruz, Headmaster of the Society of the Exalted Horen

Edited by Publius
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Upon receiving an invitation to the Convention from the Headmaster, the Society fellow Marc Galbraith delivered the following remarks to his colleagues:


"For far too long we, the Sons of Horen, have remained divided by the Sword due to petty rivalries that have only weakened the people of our Canondom. It is time that we, the Human people, work together once more for the common good and all of us build a United Country worthy of an Empire.


Let it be known: That all the current Human Realms form the Holy Orenian Empire, a nation the boundaries of which extend from the great River Petra to the Mountains of Númendil, across the deserts of Hyspia and from Valdev down to Portoregne, and Kretzen and Whitespire to the Holy See; and that it is the duty of the Canonist Princes and the Peers of the Realm to agree on who should assume the mantle of Holy Orenian Emperor and hold the Throne of Man to rule over Mankind as the Defender of the Faith.


I encourage everyone to join us in our holy purpose of uniting the Realms of Man once again, for we are all Orenians, that is, Sons of Horen, and, as such, natural friends and comrades."

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With notes prepared for debate, Tiber dons his Imperial Society aviators during his way to the [LOCATION REDACATED], boldly declaring, "Time to dunk on my pro-centralist Empire Restorationists."

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Theo reads the missive with a cocked brow. He pays especially close attention while reading Section II. "I do wonder how the How Pontiff feels about this new...responsibility?" he asks to himself with a curious hum. Perhaps it was time to keep an ear out for official words from the Church about this society and 'restoration' of the Empire.


After finishing the rest of the missive, he'd simply shrug to himself. "This is interesting stuff at the very least!"

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"A united humanity? Hmpf, too busy being petty with each other." Regina would state after taking a look at the missive. "Imagine every human living together in peace with each other. You may I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. . ."

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Upon reading the missive Illatius of the Midden would scoff simply saying
 "And not by fire?"

He would tear the parchment letting it go into the breeze

"They discard life then attempt to proclaim Empire, laughable"

Illatius would continue his long march, looking to murder those whom he deemed heretics,

Cackling all the while.

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"Why bring an Empire back that had stirred so much chaos..?" Asked Father Edmund. "I can not see how an Empire in this day and age would make sense given the present relations between the realms of Man. I'd rather jump off of the Hand of Horen then to see another Empire rise which had persecuted Canonist clergy in the past."

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