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The Grand Frog Race

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The Grand Frog Race



[!] A drawing of two frogs racing would be attached with the words "this is what I imagine they will look like" scribbled underneath.

Hello people of Aevos! I am Vayan Vulnrith (I know, it is a very important and cool name unlike my brother, Laurie. What kind of name is that?) and I am writing this missive to invite you (YES YOU!) to a frog race here in my very lovely home, Amathine.

Now you may be asking yourself ‘Vayan, sweet girl, what is a frog race?’ and to you I say it’s extremely self-explanatory! Just in case you still do not know, I will tell you because I, Vayan Vulnrith, am kind and beautiful. A frog race is a race either in the city or on the beach nearby where we will see whose frog (and it is Bring Your Own Frog, we do not provide those) is the fastest.

I was not originally going to HOST a frog race because I do not know many other people but It was suggested by my beautiful and lovely aunt,
THE HIGH PRINCESS IDRIL SYLVAERI. Of course, being the humble, loyal, beautiful, kind servant I am to my High Princess, I obliged and HAPPILY SO.

Ten UNINTERRUPTED facts about Frogs. 

Before we begin the event, I will be giving you all ten very interesting facts about Frogs. There will be no negotiating the facts, there will be no interruptions of my facts, there will be no giving me facts in the middle of me giving you facts, and there will be no diversion of attention from my facts.


The Race
nce more, we will race the frogs. I will not explain this again. There will be a prize for the top three winners! Grand prize will include 150 mina!


There will be ten racing slots, so if you wish to race your frog. Please send a letter to me, Vayan Vulnrith, and I will write you down as a contestant. Please do give me the name of you and your frog so we can introduce you before the race begins! Please bring as many people as you can to cheer you on as well! 

The Celebration
e will celebrate the winner with cheese and grape juice (and for the adults, I will convince my father, THE AURELION VULNRITH, to bring wine for you all.)





Well… I was really hoping that this would bring other children here between the ages of five and maybe fifteen but I will not be picky! While making friends is a top priority, it is still not above the undying loyalty and love I have for Amathine so even the adults will be invited and allowed to participate as they please!

On top of any child who wishes to come, I also extend invitations to

The Nation Vortice
And the Haelunor people
Annndddd I suppose I will invite those of Nevaehlen as well.
Petra is also allowed to come

And Haense
And Norland, Reinmar, Hyspia, and….all other humans! (should they wish)

Oh and Lurin! 



The best Vulnrith child, Vayan Vulnrith!



  The event will be on Monday, April 15th at 6pm est! The Coords will be X: 998 Z: 3037 in Amathine. 

If you have any questions about the event and need help getting there, let me know! 

As stated in the event post, there will only be 10 racing slots this time around! If you'd like to join the actual race, please pm me on discord or send a letter to my persona slot on my acct Kortrevich. 


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Santana smacks Elianos @Lirinya in the face with the invitation letter, pure unadulterated joy in her gaze.



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3 minutes ago, teeylin said:

Santana smacks Elianos @Lirinya in the face with the invitation letter, pure unadulterated joy in her gaze.



Elianos found himself thoroughly whacked by the letter. Entirely taken aback- he sought to lift Santana in the air- popping her into air jail.


"You complain when I mention frogs, 'cause apparently, that isn't your only personality trait. Now this?"




"Fine, shall we go to it?"

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The Aurelion Vulnrith nods in approval and ventures out to make a wine purchase.

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