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Purple Yarn Act of 772 S.R


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Port-County of Dúnkeld 




On the 4th of the Grand Harvest, 772 S.R



To legalize the slaying of a registered Citizen of the Republic of Valenza with Dúnkeld territory only on the month of the Deep Cold, and exclusively using a piece of purple yarn that must be range from at maximum 10 feet and a minimum of 2 feet. Effective immediately upon the authorization of this Act. Does not automatically expire and must be manually repealed.



  • Lin, MP 🜹 Yes

  • Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw, MP 🜹 Abstain

  • Madelyn Noryth, MP 🜹 Yes


Signed by,


Sovereign of the Port-County of Dúnkeld,

Unlanded Countess of Old Pinemaw, The Silver Quill, 

Laird in the Kingswood, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, Ellie Ambrose Kagura-Maelstorm-Aurelius-Pinemaw



Inspector of the Port-County of Dúnkeld,

The Favorite Sorvian of Lurin, Bestfriend of Ellie Pinemaw,

Most Spoiled Construct in Aevos, Kleptomaniac, Holder of Deranged Ideas,

First Ever Sorvian Mage, Claimer of Free Land,

Best Lawyer in the Business, Moss Mawce Kervallen


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Moss reads over the strange idea... he somehow agrees to this, nodding slowly as he signs the document. 

"Fanscinating! I am definitely adding this to my list of how to kill a descendant 101!" 

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