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Pact with the Lord of the Moonlit Dunes


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Pact with the Lord of the Moonlit Dunes




Finally the time came.

The dunes echoed with a resounding hum, as an individual entered the realm of the lessers. This was the case for one Elahern, a seeker of the Gods who entered the realms.

As he met the Elder wharf owner he set out on a lazy stroll down the river delta. Soon he picked up much speed, and began to enter the Pyramid of OTI, a lesser of Luara.

And after spinning and veering off course many times, soon free falling down into a pool. He met his destination, unwelcomed by Oti’s priestesses who judged Elahern heavily over the sins of the Mali’ker.

It was then that the Moonlit Patron allowed the Seeker to come forth, closer to his throne. As a conversation took place between the Seeker and the Spirit, Alongside the Elder Shaman.



Elahern Tal would kneel before OTI, the Rah’mun God of Eternal Moonlight, his head bowed. As he looked up to the pair, he’d find Ember and OTI speaking in whispers.

He wishes to speak to you. . . So listen carefully and choose your words wisely.
The Elder Shaman spoke in her soft voice, as she stood aside awaiting for the spirit to speak.


“Aywa.” The panther-shaped head of Elahern’s soul rose up to the lunar Spirit, the twin suns that manifest his eyes looked upon the being.


OTI, in his greatness sat in his throne, as he spoke in a slow yet normal manner. His voice echoed in Old Blah, yet to Elahern he was speaking in the common tongue. 


“Sp… ea…. K, wh…. Y….. Do…. You…..Come….. To… me?”
(Pukhl- , amat kramp-   lat    skaat- u   izish?)


“I wish to serve as your vessel within the Material Plane, guide those lost within the darkness that encompasses my world. Isfetian ideals run rampant like a poison. . . They hide in the dark where the sun cannot touch them, therefore moonlight must reveal their sins.”

The ‘ker responded, his gaze aimed upon the Spirit, filled with much intrigued to what the patron would say.


“You…. Seek…. To…. Serve…. Me, is…. There…. Any… other… reason?”
(Hon-latz u thrak lab-atz, Hin-naga borz?)

The large ‘ker spirit looked down at Elahern, his expression seemed one of boredom. His visage did not show any motivation, or truly want to see this one serve him. Yet the Elder Shaman pleaded with the spirit, only to be heard and also ignored.



“I will help establish your domain within the world, the temple my body sits in is incomplete. A shrine to your greatness must be built.” The Rah'mun spoke his promise. “I will build the shrine as a show of my service to you. I will guide those lost to your light.”


“Nargzab- izg   u   throqu-   ulub frûm.” He spoke to the Elder, the spirit seemed bored and irritated, however upon his promise he found some form of intrigue.

(I desire to devour his soul.)

Izg  lûtom-  a bûth…” She shakingly pleaded, like a servant to a king. (A chance, I plead just a chance...)

The spirit groaned, looking over to the Elder then back at the Rah'mun, as he bobbed his head side to side, debating with himself - He found an answer. He lifted his finger and pointed at Elahern.

Elahern would kneel there, anticipating the response of the Rah'mun God of Eternal Moonlight. His eyes looked between OTI and Ember as they talked.


“Rah’mun…. You…. Will find me…. Five individuals…… to revere to me…. You will have them devoted to me…. Before the Elder here….. Teaches you…..The final…..Lesson” The Moonlit Patron demanded. “Find someone who knows how to construct, to build better shrines and temples…… Then you may ascend to mastery….” - “For now….. Your shrine will do.”
(Lat kramp gimb-izish krak  Toffkz u  bbub-hoth u   izish  lat    kramp brus-ul  Traz-korg u   izish ik gu kû-shomo tul   lnûrl-lat   tiil vertz'on)


The Vizier would slam his right fist into his starry chest, causing stars and nebulae to scatter and come back together, and bow his head. “It will be done, Lord OTI.”


Upon such words, the pair pacted; Elahern and Ember‘s souls were then sent back to the Mortal Realm. . . Thus the second Farseer was made within the walls of the Rah'mun.

A pact sealed.



This pact is made with Oti, the Spirit of Eternal Moonlight; a lesser of Luara.


Here is the accompanying Shamanism MA:



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