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Validus Scutum

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*A hooded woman sets out from her home in the dead of night. She travels on the departing ship headed for the Cloud Temple. She arrives in the middle of the day a week later. She sits at a table, watching those around her. As night falls, the temple begins to empty. She approaches the message board and tacks up a large poster. As she leaves, she looks over her shoulder to see a man watching her. When he approaches the message board, he can see the words, "The Call to Validus Scutum."

Validus Scutum

The Mighty Shield of Silva Insula


"Freedom can only be held in one hand whilst a shield is held in the other"

Silva Insula, the Island of the free, has existed and survived for many decades without a organized military force. The defending forces has instead consisted of an unorganized militia, gathered from the civilian population, which was only called to arms whenever a threat occurred towards the Island. This militia was on the other hand well equipped, trained and eager to defend the peoples freedom and homes. However to improve the efficiency of the armed forces even further, the leader of the Island, Ferron Andvare MacGowan, took the decision that a standing army would exist to defend the Island, the freedom of its people and the interests of Silva Insula. So Validus Scutum was created on the day of Joma, 13th of the Amber cold, year 55.


Every single citizen of the Island who is above the age of 18 must be a member of the army, one way or another. It is the only duty that Ferron asks of a free citizen and the only requirement you must have to live on the Island. It is truly a selfish act, as a free man or a woman, to refuse to join the army and not defend the freedom of the people which has been given to you. If a citizen will not serve in the army, then the citizen will not live on the Island. You are free to join and leave the island at any time.

Ranks and Members of Validus Scutum:

Administration ranks

Constable of the Island - Ferron

Warmaster - Lerin, Rosso

Soldier Ranks

Master of Soldiers - Meta, Steviathon

Cavalier - Rethlor, Tristan, Anri

Bowman (Archer) - Talithia

Worker Ranks

Servant of Machines (Engineer) - Nathaniel, Tristan

Alchemist/Brewer - Rethlor, Malineer

Tailor - Sprat

Artisan (Builder) - Ferron, Tristan, Mx’ii, Andil

Chef (Cook)- Meta, Anri

Field healer (Herbalist) - Resia, Rethlor, Talithia, Anri, Meta

Forger (Blacksmith) - Killeki, Meta, Ferron

Diver (Fisher) - Timithy, Killeki

Gatherer Rank

Cruiser (Lumberjack) - Oswald, Andil

Gem Collector (Miner) - Ferron, Tristan, Lerin

Sapper (Digger) - Ferron, Tristan

Reaper (Farmer) - Talithia, Steviathon,

Cattle Keeper (Rancher) - Talithia, Meta

Those who wishes to join Validus Scutum as an outsider:


Then you have to become a member of Silva Insula and live there. You do not have to pay to become a citizen, neither do you have to pay for your spot on the island or pay any taxes. For the free people, the land is free. We give you a small spot on the island, this will be a plot of land that you will be able to change at your wishes. You can either choose to build your own home on this plot, or receive a pre-made room/house. Build a guild house, a shop or just a simple home on your plot, it is up to yourself.

In return for all of these benefits and privileges, you will join this military force, Validus Scutum. Freedom comes with a high price these days in this realm and for that you have to fight to defend it and keep it. But if we are to accept you into Silva Insula, we need to know more about you: Your name (mc name as well), race, small information about your past, your set of skills and your reason why you would like to join. Write it down on note next to this poster and we will contact you in time.

( Charter for Silva Insula: http://tiny.cc/o64jjw )

However those who betray the free people and are traitors towards Validus Scutum are no longer humane and become something less than beasts. They have no place in the bosom of freedom nor in the heart of the people. Let them die and be forgotten forever.

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Killeki arrives at the cloud temple one day on his way to there great library and checks the message board on his way. He notices the handwriting on one the messages looked familiar. After read this message he *smiles* and thinks to himself. Looks like the old dwarf is looking for recruits, I could use some more business at my smithy. He continues walking looking for more books on controlling the mind.

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This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved.

If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.

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