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Andermendin Grandfell


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Summery; we are a guild
that helps players learn about the servers partake in adventures and build many
epic creations.

Legend:    Atmosday-
the meaning of this sacred word is only reviled to its strictly

accepted members, whom are chosen through a set of questions. All those who do
pass the test will see our growing guidance and teaching. We are now working on
something deep in the mountains that only our members know about currently.

We- We have but one simple purpose to

teach and to guide our members with primarily unorthodox methods and strict


 Lore-..///....////... we were founded in the northern
mountains in extreme secrecy, once we were found out by the lords of the
land we had to move, over night we packed all our scrools,books and relics and
left for the mountains westward of kul, urguan. Atmosday is highly
needing members to build our guild hall and fortress we have found an old
dwarven mine, we make current residency here but we need many builders to
help us expand it. The mine was build 2,000 years ago by an ancient order of
magical dwarves with many secret passages and great halls. this mine
belonged to clan battle hammer but after they dug to deep the awoke an ancient
shadow demon called barterok once he was awoken from the fire and
ash he caused great torment to the dwarves killed hundreds of
thousands of them until none remained. We have not yet seen this ancient demon
but strange unexplained noises are heard from the inner caves at night
that surprise even me. Please help us free this dark cruel place to its
previous glory and beauty.



                                                             Our classes



All listed below all classes are in the form of a monarchy 

High classes

King; our leader has the thrown on the House of Lords


Elder; trusted superior has all the rights as a king


Grand duke; can start quests & has a seat in the House of Lords



                                             Beginner classes


Viscount; can own land for the clan & has a seat at the House of Lords

Baron; can own land for the clan & has a stand (small authority half a vote) at the House
of Lords

                                           Newest member


Von; is a beginner to the clan has no power


  Our purpose- Our purpose is to teach various skills and trades as well as give our members great knowledge of the realms. We are made to teach, learn and have fun if we don’t have fun
this guild would be like a prison.


Quest- besides learning and teaching we love to go on various quests and journeys through
foreign lands or in our own land we love exploration.                

Apply- please fill out this here application and send it to our guild king



What is your name? Both


What class are ye?

what is some of your lifes story?

Why do ye want to  join our guild?

Have you any skills?


What do ye now about or legendary guild?


What will ye bring to us?













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This sounds like it is straying from RP, as said: "Creative builds". This sounds like an OOC help, however, Mentors are already there to help new people. 

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This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved.

If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.

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