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Getting Started - Apply

Well, hello there applicant!

We're assuming that you're a brand new player interested in joining the Lord of the Craft, as you're viewing this page. If so, then you're in just the right place - this page will detail literally everything about the application process that you need to know. We highly recommend you read the entire page and do as it instructs for a successful application.

Why do we have applications?
This is a question that is surprisingly commonly asked - why do we have applications? The simple answer to that is: so that we can provide our community with the most in-depth and entertaining roleplay experience possible. If we allowed everyone onto the server as they pleased, then we wouldn't be able to achieve the aforementioned goal.

How do I apply and what does the application process involve?
Good question. You apply via our forums (as detailed below) - and the application process involves three stages:

• You creating and posting your application.
• Your application being reviewed by a member of the application team.

Now, there's two different paths that the process can take here, depending on the outcome of your application being reviewed.

• If your application is accepted, then you must wait until your application is Implemented and moved to the Implemented Applications sub-forum - this means you're whitelisted, and able to play fully.
• If your application is denied, then you must correct all of the faults in your application (as listed by the Application Team member) and repost twenty-four hours after the denial was made, then the process goes back to stage two and repeats itself.

Now, onto applying itself!

In order to apply, you must first register a forum account on our website. You can do this via clicking the Register button on the top right of the screen. Once you've registered your account, head over to your email inbox where there will be a validation email containing a link you are required to click. If that email is not there, pop us an email at
admin@lordofthecraft.net, and we can manually validate your account!

Once you've registered an account, you head over to the application forum and you post your application, which must be based off of the following formats - depending on your race! Before you take any of the formats and apply however, we must ensure you do a few things first.

• Read the server rules, which can be found
• Check up on the lore on our wiki, here!
• Read the rules for applying below.

The rules for applying to the Lord of the Craft are as follows:

• All work in your application must be your own (with the exception of the format itself and the skin). Plagiarized materials will result in a ban from applying.
• You may only post one application once every 24 hours. That means if you are denied, you must wait a full twenty-four hours after that denial before you may re-apply!
• You may only post up to five applications per month - please do not exceed this.
• You must not be abusive to any member of the Application Team, Lord of the Craft staff or any member of the Lord of the Craft community.
• Your character and application must follow server lore.
• In your biography, you may not come from royalty or any land other than those stated in our lore.
• Your character may be no younger than eighteen years of age (once accepted you may make a younger character).
• You may not perform any villainous activities in your application.
• You must not private message an application team member, global moderator, forum moderator or administrator and ask them to review your application. Please also do not message staff asking to be implemented, just remain patient and you will be implemented - patience is a virtue.

Now, a few tips before you do apply.

• Try and make a totally unique character - something you want to roleplay as. Don’t go copying a character from a book.
• Ensure that your character fits with your race’s lore, otherwise you’re not in for the best of times as playing it.
• Make sure your character is what you want it to be - don’t feel pressured into playing as something you don’t want to play as.
• Be honest on your application, it’ll make your time as a player easier.
• Don’t lie about reading the lore - if you don’t read it you’ll struggle when you actually play your character - make sure you read it!
• Make use of our ‘Useful Links’ - they’re there because they are useful.

And finally, the formats. You should obtain the application format from
here, and paste it in this location.

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