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  2. Problem with Flamboy resigning is now we’ll probably end up with someone worse

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    Malra is a highlander human born in a small village in the north of the Kingdom of Haense. She was blessed with a loving mother and father growing up, and their small little family was very grateful to The Church of The Canon for their good fortune. They were frequent worshippers and donated much of their savings to the church. Unfortunately, when Marla was only a teenager, tragedy struck her small highland village. A plague of unyielding pestilence swept through the town, infecting both of her parents. After her father had succumbed to the illness already, Malra’s mother, on her deathbed, pleaded with Malra to leave the area and flee before she became diseased as well. It was a terrible choice, but she followed her mother’s wishes, and set out from the mountains on her own, to explore and eventually find a new place to settle down. The cowardly flight she took from her hometown continues to haunt her to this day, and she has wandered from place to place, never truly feeling as if she deserves to belong. Currently, she stays at an inn in the city of Sutica, though she prefers the more rugged lands of her home country. side – I have a skin I’m making for this character, but am currently using one from your archive as it’s not finished yet. Hope that’s ok!
  4. THE KINGDOM OF NUMERIA The Royal Era of Aemer, A.E 422 (Year 1522) ROYAL ACTIONS Available Imperial Denarii (Gold): 57,500 With peace settled in the west, the Numerian Army is entirely redirected to the east once more. [Relocating the Numerian Army away from Mineria and towards the Symonian Army] Nine Adepts, and 1 Magi are tasked with scouring the mountain ranges to the north of Lyria. They are following up on the failed expeditions to explore the mountains a decade ago. Utilizing a varied range of spells, they are tasked with flying high above any obstacles, eventually reaching the top of the enormous wall that blocked previous attempts of conventional climbing. [Spending 9 Adepts and 1 Magi to fly out and scout the Point of Interest in the Roots of the World] The Royal Academy of Warfare is established within the Capital - it serves to teach the affairs of stratagems, tactics, and other combat related studies. A subsidiary of this Academy, the Royal Helmden Training Camp, acts as the center of all soldiery training. Thousands of Numerian soldiers are brought here every year, as they are inducted into the army of His Royal Majesty, they are taught the matters of combat doctrines, unit operational levels, standard fitness. The Regimental system remains in place, groups of 500 men sectored into these units This new directive is dubbed the ‘Aemyrian Reforms’ and it seeks to completely overhaul how the Kingdom fights its wars. [Constructing a War Academy in Lyria | 15000/15000] Part of the Aemyrian Army Reforms. [Upgrading (42 units) 21,000 soldiers to Seasoned | All Heavy Infantry, All Medium Infantry, All Light Infantry, All Medium Cavalry | 21000/21000] In order to compensate for the Aemyrian Reforms, in which it promised land to those retiring from service, several new state funded settlements are propped up throughout Numeria. [Constructing 5 Settlements in varied locations throughout Numeria | 20000] Aemyr’s army is replenished with newcomers - half strength Regiments are now filled. They’re expected to arrive within a years time, as the Army crosses over their own Kingdom and meet the Symonian Invaders. Recruiting: 100 Heavy Infantry T3 325 Medium Infantry T3 350 Light Infantry T3 200 Medium Cavalry T3 Saving 1500g KINGDOM OF NUMERIA STATS MENU Leader: Aemyr V of House Namyr Capital: Royal City of Lyria [Merchant Guild, Hermitage, x5 Manufactory, Church, x3 Farms] Cities: Nyria [Merchant Guild, Temple] Tyria [Merchant Guild, Church] Tyniria (+3k) [Merchant Guild, Temple] Arris (+3k) [Merchant Guild] | OCCUPIED BY FOREIGN INTRUDERS | Mineria (+3k) [Merchant Guild] Aenyria (3k) [Merchant Guild, Church] Towns: Grelderia (3k) Settlements: N/A Fortress: Helmden Current Projects: N/A Population: 8,371,314 Total 500,000~ in Lyria 300,000~ in Tyria 200,000~ in Nyria 3,500,000~ in rural regions Military: Army 6 (3000) units of Heavy Infantry [All T3] 1 (500) unit of Lyrian Sentinels [All T3] ?? (2750) units of Blackmarrow Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep) ?? (925) units of Blackmarrow Veteran Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep) 15 (7500) units of Medium Infantry [All T3] 11 (5500) units of Light Infantry [All T3] 7 (3500) units of Light Archers [Unique] 1 (500) unit of Light Cavalry 9 (4500) units of Medium Cavalry [All T3] Total Infantry Count: 27,700 - ?? units with Blackmarrow | 25,000 - 50 units Magia 36 Adepts, 3 Magi Navy N/A Economy: Base Income: 3000g Economic Points: 5000g Town: 12000g [9000] (Tyniria, Arris, Mineria, Aenyria, Grelderia) Population: 24000g Trade: 1000g (Republic of Danwent) Merchants Guilds: 21000g [18,000] (Lyria, Tyria, Nyria, Tyniria, Arris, Mineria, Aenyria) Manufactorie(s): 5000g (Lyria) Upkeep: Infantry: 9000 Fortress: 2000 ----------------------- Total: 57,500
  5. *Somewhere, somehow, the following would appear on the distant weather forecast as if put there as a practical joke? What does it mean?* “The Grand Harvest and ahead..”
  6. [Teen]Marceau Lefebvre rubbing his moist hands together, head slanted down, visage corrugated in a sly smirk, and his eyes are blazing with devilment, “ I cannot wait. ” He murmured.
  7. Dak’ir debates asking some elementalists to switch this up a little for the laughs.
  8. Doran Ruric would nod solemnly in remembrance of his fallen kin and lost brothers he had once made among the Kingdom of Norland
  9. Today
  10. Alaria *claps at the news spreads over to Vez*
  11. Dak’ir smiled wearily as he watched the pointed hoods of the zealous gobos bob around to goi during one of his visits. “Lȗp Luara, my moon lit kin. We’ve much to do in this spirit forsaken land.”
  12. Alifer Toadmice reaches into his green mafia toad coat and begins to unsheathe his loaded crossbow in Almisael’s general direction. “Wha’ did yous say?”
  13. Ragnir

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: )) – Locoguy12315 ((Discord: )) – Locoguy12315#1307 ((Timezone: )) – EST RP What is your name? Redrina Fosche Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To learn magic in order to fight for my father’s blessing. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I know about having to connect to the void, but that’s about it. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? None What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? I just wish to become a respectable mage, that is all. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? OOC: 9:00pm to 12:pm EST
  14. Great advice. My goal with this post was to make those who were preyed upon more confident and willing to speak up, and bring attention to the manipulative behaviors many predators use. Thank you for your support, and stay safe! We shouldn’t let the community forget. If the community forgets, predators may have a window to try and come back to the server. And thank you for sharing your story. I truly hope you’re in a better place now, and if you ever need someone to talk to, my discord is on my profile.
  15. “Thank god they saved themselves the trouble of Rebellion!”
  16. @FlamboyantTyrant it's the 20th. Time to resign, bud.

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      think you should go back and re-read his post

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      @Fireheart – Err, I think you may want to take your own advice there.... here.


      6/19 – its the 20th by now in a majority of the timezones and just about to turn 20th in the most Eastern USA states. So it’s really cutting close for Flam, and while he did state he was extending his hiatus – he has not given a specific date as to how long he has extended for. So... currently, people are still likely going by the time he had officially announced to begin with as there’s been no mention of the extension time.

  17. Kenswey frowns in the afterlife, sad that the bloodfeud with the Silversteeds had not been persued.
  18. THE 2ND DRUMM BOWL Another Shot at the Pot TIME AND LOCATION: [[ Tuesday 25th 7 PM, Ves Colosseum ]] RULES: Participation will be qualified by a 150 minas fee. Viewing is free of charge. There shall be only blows above the belt. There shall be no use of protection of any kind; fighters shall not wear any form of armor. Fighters shall use their fists, and no use of blades. Fighters shall not use external help to assist them in the melee. Fighters shall not throw matches. Registering early and not attending the match results in a 150 minas fine. Breaking of any rule to gain advantage over the other competitors, if discovered, will result in a 500 minas fine on the offending parties. STAKES: 40% of the pot, accumulated by entrance fees, will go to the winner. 15% of this pot will go to the 2nd place. 5% of this pot will go to 3rd place, decided by a battle of the losers in the semifinals.
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    Changed Status to Under Review
  20. He's sorta right. Plus lotc is an addiction. Everyone comes back. You leave to get your life in order or deal with struggles and you come back. Good luck with whatever you gotta do Keaton. Be a good lad and visit hackehen for me. May life take ya on a good path.
  21. The Caunters rest easy and dine highly with their fallen brothers and sisters in the halls with the All Father. The family many might say were part of Norland’s fall and multiple blood feuds, yet why some of that may be true, they’ll forever respect their kin and can only have hope for any Caunters still remaining on Arcas to make a positive change for those before them.
  22. >don’t leave sentimental things here, i wont read them why even make the post, just leave and friends who care that you left will contact you themselves and you can just tell them you quit since no one else will really care
  23. Redon Empire Age of Expansion 129 REU, 2209 Turn 8 -Expenditures/Assets- Standard Income - 15,000c Pop 5 bil - 15,000c Rulership One: 5M, 5,000c 10 Civ Infrastructure - 10,000c Full Rights - 5,000c Research Facilities (-)7,000c Ship Upkeep (-)4,000c Previous Unspent - 49,000c Total Currency - 88,000c Materials - 12 Supplies - 22 Research - 9 Total Population – 5,427,351,023 Government Rulership - One Attitude - Tradition Rights - Full Faith - Cultural Economy - Planned Foreign Politics - Balanced Mentality - War Current Features Redon Homeworld - 10 Civil Infrastructure Kaldorian B - 7 Research Facilities Tryarmon researched - 2r (4r total) Actions With the colony ship finished it is sent out, The system they had previously discovered with FOUR habitable planets is its destination. (Mod) Research continues into refining and creating a more efficient industry for materials (7R into BI, 25 Total) Hoping to expand the capabilities of their own research facilities the Empire begins investing time and energy to create a more efficient means of research (2 R into RF) In light of the newly discovered race so close to home the Redon has called for an expansion of all Naval and Planet based assets! 3 Frigates are constructed (-12M) The Shipyards on the Homeworld are expanded from lvl 1 to lvl 2 (50,000c) 38,000c unspent
  24. Opening note; not going to format this. Had a sudden realisation, and I’m going to quit the server. Hopefully, my determination holds, and I don’t come back. Don’t leave sentimental things here, I won’t read them. Send them to my discord, fraserh#4462, if you insist. I’ll leave with fond memories of Vailor and Axios, and the fun that I had on the server. I will leave with nightmares of Atlas and Arcas; failing creations of an ever-ailing server that dies, slowly, but surely. I’m just kidding; hopefully LOTC won’t be on my mind all summer. It was nice knowing all of you, even the ones I didn’t get on with, and it was nice to experience the server, even the bad bits. Goodbye everyone. Have a nice night. And incase I do come back? Hey, future me, I told you so.
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