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    Amur Rheihre Amur is a man of a tough life. As a child he was bought up by a rough family, his father was an abusive drunk and his mother was but a shy maiden who worked her days away scrubbing floors and dusting shelves. After he turned 18 he joined the ranger guild of the Empire of Man and trained day in and day out until he reached 24 years of age and was never found at briefing one day and never again from that day on, it turns out he fled from the Empire and the Guild under their nose to become a traveling bounty hunter. After all those years of training all he wanted was to earn a living taking in and taking out targets with a number over their head.
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    Goodbye Noobs

    gamer down.
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    Your application has been Ø Addiontally requested changes not made within 24 hours. You may reapply immediately, but please take some time to fix all of the requested changes. You can contact me with any questions or concerns through discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), my forum account, or on the server (marb121). You are also encouraged to join our New Player discord, a great place in which you can ask questions toward our staff, and mix with the general LOTC community.
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    Your application has been: On behalf of the server and Community Team members, I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), or by /msg (marb121) in-game. You can find our New Player Guide right here. It contains all sorts of useful information, I highly recommend reading up on it as it will help you to get settled on the server much more easily! Be sure to visit the wiki and forums for more information on the servers lore, roleplay situations and much more! You can also join our New Player Discord – Where you can ask questions to our Community team, and meet other server players. Happy roleplaying!
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    Your application has been The 24 hours is up, however you may reapply immediately. You may reapply immediately, but please take some time to fix all of the requested changes. You can contact me with any questions or concerns through discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), my forum account, or on the server (marb121). You are also encouraged to join our New Player discord, a great place in which you can ask questions toward our staff, and mix with the general LOTC community.
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    Your application has been The 24 hours is up, however you may reapply immediately. You may reapply immediately, but please take some time to fix all of the requested changes. You can contact me with any questions or concerns through discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), my forum account, or on the server (marb121). You are also encouraged to join our New Player discord, a great place in which you can ask questions toward our staff, and mix with the general LOTC community.
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    As you can can see, you are almost done! I just need you to change a few things 1 your definition of Powergaming seems to be vague, could you please rewrite this? here’s a link to help you! but do not plagariaze it https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Power-emoting If you need any more assistance you can contact me on the forums, through discord or in-game! My discord is (chaos#7283) and if you find me on the server, you can simply do /msg chaosgamer_. I strongly suggest joining the new player discord as well in case you need assistance or advice from other players or staff members → https://discord.gg/eySYjqw I also recommend you looking over the wiki so you can find good lore to include in your application 😄 WIKI
  18. An ancient Legionnaire stares at his old helm in nostalgic contemplation, lamenting.
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    LoTC Character Progression Thread!

    1 The creation of wren, just a small bean of joy and love for humans and books. 2 Wren the scholar, Wrote three elvish books, two got burn by bandits. People never told her the armband wasn't stupid looking. 3 Wren becoming human, trying to appease them for a little bit and love who she wanted to love. 4 Got kicked out of norengrad and the warhawkes, Went to live with fenn, became honorary fennic. 5 for a spell wren was a drunk all the time. 6 Wedding wren the transfer from vanvir to Ashwood. 7Wrens ball gown for viraker. 8 Vaeyl event guard uniform 9 The dress that even wood elves thought was to scandalous XD, Sometime later this dress was torn to shreds. 10 Ashwood clan robes. which she later was burried in.
  20. Are dwarves active small folk?

  21. Edmure Therren signs.
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    Very sauve, much fancy neutral colours 8.65/10
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    Nordengradic Laws

    Nordengradic Law Issue by HIS LORDSHIP, Alvar I Confirmed by HOLINESS, Aeyn Preamble The laws interred herein are, to us granted by the will of the King of Norland. To whom we are vassalized, As granted in the enfeoffment of 1711. In that light it is paramount to recognize the secular nature of that relationship. Our overlord is not of the Rurikid and as such is not capable of fulfilling certain duties obliged to that most sacred of tribes. Furthermore our overlord is not of the Faith, and therefore cannot attend to the duties generally appended to that most ancient of titles. Thus the bearer of the High Chieftainship of the Rurikid shall assume these duties. Serving as the shield of the Faith, Fatherland, and the Nordish peoples. Sections of Law Mootlaw The Ruriksmoot The Chiefsmoot The Warsmoot Fadrlaw The Highborn and their Privileges The Lowborn The Code Clanlaw The King and the Earl Moots, Procedure and Ramifications Section I. Ruriksmoot In line with ancient tradition we do herein inscribe the procedure of the Ruriksmoot. That which has always governed the tribe of Rurikid. The Ruriksmoot is used to determine who shall bear the mantle of ‘High Chieftain’ of the Rurikid the de facto ruler of the Norlandic peoples. The de jure overlord of all Rurikid tribes. The Ruriksmoot is invoked as follows. Firstly, a pureblooded human must be able to trace their descendance along the MALE lineage to its origin in the Herald. Once genuine status has been established the moot is then called. The invoker must then decide upon the date and time of the Ruriksmoot. The Ruriksmoot MUST occur on Thorsday or Myrsday (Saturday and Sunday) at a reasonable timen (From 12pm est to 10pm est). However, if the MAJORITY of the Rurikid chieftains agree to an alternate date and time then the Ruriksmoot will be held as legitimate. A female Rurik cannot be High Chieftain of the Rurikid. The Ruriksmoot must ALWAYS be presided over by the High Keeper, who will tally the votes, announce the victory and perform the coronation. The High Keeper will take this role as the neutral party representing the best interests of the All Father. Under the Reign of Alvar I Freysson, of Nordengrad it has been ruled by his Lordship that only the Chieftains of the realm may cast a vote of weight in the Ruriksmoot. Votes cast by the clanless, the clan-men or by false-chieftains will be held as invalid and discarded by the High Keeper. In such a light it is crucial that a list of recognized clans be produced and publically available. Clans of Olde who are now defunct will also be listed, these must petition his Lordship for recognition to regain their voting rights. The High Chieftain shall issues letters of recognition to nascent clans. Section II. Chiefsmoot Harkening back to elder tymes is the tradition of the Chiefsmoot. The Chieftains of the realm retain the ancient right to, once a year meet with the High Chieftain. Generally the High Chieftain will hold a ‘Chiefsmoot’ once a year where all of the Chieftains are summoned to discuss affairs of the realm. The High Chieftain is a servant rather than a despot. An instrument of the Father’s will writ flesh. Thus he is obligated to meet with the Chieftains of his people that he may know their ails and work to resolve them. Some more charitable High Chieftains have been known to hold Volkmoots, however this is not mandated by ancient law and is subject to the discretion of the High Chieftain. Section III. Warsmoot Prior to any declaration of war or martial engagement the High Chieftain is obliged to summon all of his leal Chieftains. To them he will disclose the order of battle. Assigning chieftains and their banners to command the left, the center, the right or his personal guard. While the decision to go to war and how to proceed in times of war lies EXCLUSIVELY with the High Chieftain. He cannot declare war without first convening the Warsmoot, nor can he march the banners to war without first convening the Warsmoot. But the Chieftains of the Warsmoot may not stop his decision to do so. The Faith and its Powers The exclusive institutional faith of the realm is Fatherism. It is from the All Father that the divine right of the Ruriks is derived, without him the entire reign of the Rurikid is sans legitimacy. Thus the legitimacy of any Rurikid lord or Fatherist in general must be reviewed and confirmed by the Hearth Council. Materials of law and morality, whilst issued by the secular lord must be confirmed by their attendant Keeper. Beyond this the faith retains the right to levy faith militants, to collect alms and tithes from it’s community, to issue Holy Writs on the Faith independent of the secular authority of their diocese and to govern the sacred affairs of their diocese independently of their secular authority. Furthermore the faith may, when necessary declare holy crusade. All this independent of local secular overlords. Those overlords adhering to the Red Faith will have their decrees confirmed by the authority of their personal Keeper, this of course to ensure the moral purity and theological adherence of the laws of the land. That the lord is governing in the name and spirit of the All Father, a servant rather than a served. Finally, the Holy Hearth, that formalized institution of Fatherism is recognized to organize itself as follows. With the highest authority and responsibility for the faith resting upon the shoulders of the High Keeper. Below him the Hearth Keepers, and below them the Keepers. It is these respective offices that are recognized as bearing the teaching authority of scripture whilst simultaneously bearing the mystical presence of the All Father as to perform rituals and blessings. Hearth Temples shall be the exclusive purview of their Hearth Keeper and his disciplines, unblemished by secular conflicts and meddlings. The Highborn and their Privileges The realm defines the Highborn as Landholders, Chieftains and Hearth Keepers. Following the traditions of olde the Highborn maintain privileges rendered unto them, that they may carry out their divine duties and services. The Highborn of the realm are granted the privilege of access to the greatmoots, their status entitling them to lend their presence to such august occasions even if they do not retain a seat. Furthermore the Highborn may bear arms in the presence of the Earl at formal occasions, courts, moots, weddings, worship and funerals. This privilege resting exclusively with the Highborn and the guardians of the High Chieftain. The Highborn are furthermore granted the right to induct new members into their own clans. To arrange marriages, to seek private audience with the High Chieftain or the High Keeper The landed highborn may raise men who are neither chieftain nor landed as a reward for extraordinary service to the realm and the All Father. These individuals are referred to as thanes and count amongst the highborn. Ascension to Thannic status must be confirmed by a Keeper, who will submit the candidate to a number of trials. The Highborn are entitled to The Lowborn The realm defines the Lowborn as all those who are not Highborn. From clansman, to clanless, The Lowborn generally operate within the patronage of a Highborn. Operating with the jurisdiction of a landed or unlanded chieftain or at the behest of a Hearthkeeper. The only ‘right’ of a Lowborn is their right to the Father’s light. The Lowborn are entitled to unimpeded access to the temple once a year at minimum no matter their circumstances. Beyond that they are entitled to nothing. Merely being obliged to the service of the All Father and his earthly scions. Heeding scripture and fulfilling their purpose on the mortal realm before going to the Father. Crimes and Deviance The people of the realm are expected, as is ancient writ to adhere to the moral proclamations of the Father’s scripture and to the interpretations of the Holy Hearth. As such the moral laws of the land are the sacred laws of the land. Fatherists are expected to treat other Fatherists with the courtesy one of the faithful deserved. The blind are not conferred this same respect unless they are a member of the Imperium. Theft, Wanton Violence, Wanton Murder, Blasphemy are all prohibited within the confines of the Earldom. On moral conflicts between Fatherists, between Clans, between Highborn, between the wedded. These shall be resolved by a tribunal headed by a Hearth Keeper. Clanlaw Those recognized clans of the realm are entitled to practice their own mootform, selecting their chieftain however they wish. HOWEVER all recognized Nordish clans must have a single chieftain or recognized head of the clan. Recognized clans are entitled to a seat on all moots, be they Ruriksmoots, Warmoots or Chiefmoots. The seat of course being occupied by the clan’s Chieftain or an authorized proxy. Recognized clans are also entitled to a clan hall or holdfast in which to house their clansmen. Clans, or rather Chieftains hold exclusive jurisdiction and responsibility for their clansmen. When a clansmen commits a crime it is the chieftain that will stand trial or handle the punishment of the clansmen and the reimbursement of the offended party. Within their holdfast they may make whatever governing decisions they like, for a man’s hall is his castle and within he must rule, as the father rules the world. The King and the Earl The relationship between the King of Norland and the Earl of Nordengrad is a strange one. The mantle of Norlandic King generally resting upon the shoulders of one whose name is Ruric. However in modern times that mantle is born by the Horens of the Pertinax lineage leading to a great deal of confusion, irritation and resentment from some of the more conservative clans of the Earldom. However while initially there would seem to be conflict there is much less than meets the eye. The title of Bulwark of the Faith remains in the custody of the High Chieftain of the Rurikid. As such the sacred duties that generally fell to the King, the governing and protecting of the Children in the Father’s name are largely undisturbed. Whilst the title of High Chieftain of the Rurikid whilst inheritable cannot pass from the Rurikid as it is not tied to land but to blood and the collective loyalty of the clans. In the modern age the Earldom of Nordengrad pays its fealty to the King of Norland whose name is Horen. Remaining a vassal of that ancient Kingdom as Nordengrad had in prior times before the Rosik uprising and the Third Coalition war of Atlas. As such the King of Norland may make proclamations and govern the Norlandic peoples though he has yet to do so in any specific capacity. Thus the ruling of the Norlandic clans and tribes has fallen almost exclusively to the High Chieftain, with very few to no notable clans of the Nordish being beyond the jurisdiction of the Earldom with the exception of the villainous Silversteeds. Writ en Name De HIS LORDSHIP, Alvar of the House Ruric. High Chieftain of the Rurikid, Earl of Nordengrad, Baron of Dunharrow, Bulwark of the Faith, Chieftain of the Freyssons. Wit By HOLINESS, Aeyn of the House Ruric. High Keeper of the Holy Hearth, Chieftain of the Edvardssons. HONOURABLE, Caylus of the House Ruric, Chieftain of Clan Caunter, Marshal of Nordengrad.
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    The Kazak'Nozkron Act & Dissolution of the Dwarven Legion

    An old woman could be heard uttering the words "Yikes”
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