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  2. Thanks for the advice bro, I’ll try to fix up some stuff
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    Ungrim Ironbrow, even though he is a proud dwarf when it comes to the honoure of dwarfs, his clan especially, and his craft, he usually is a gentle soule once you get to know him better. But be mindful of his ramblings and the sometimes sudden urge to either drink or work! His name, Ungrim, means as much as "Oath bound" or "unfulfilled oath". Said oath is because his father, Sven, swore in an act of rage against another dwarf who offended him, that his son could become one of the greatests smiths the mortal realm has ever seen without the aid or training from one of the greatest. Ungrim Ironbrow, Son and apprentice of Sven Ironbrow, Son and third apprentice of the great smith Thorek Ironbrow. After learning learning the basics of smithing, Ulfgar startet to try his luck in the mines, to finance his own forge. As such, he travels aroud the world of the mortals and tries to achive such a glory, as his ancestors once did, making them proud with his craft and courage, as well as fullfilling the oath of his father.
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    is there a trick to the spoilers that like... makes them not heck up and look awful because the spoilers on this forum are killing me. how am I supposed to do beautiful formatting like this. it’s murdering my aesthetic. my aesthetic is dead and cold in the grave because of these glitchy spoilers. funeral for my aesthetic tomorrow at 4pm EST

  5. “You do realise almost the entirety of your party’s leadership are nobility, right?” Conrad asked bemusedly.
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    Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why. - Unfortunately, your 24hr editing period has expired.. However, don’t fret; you are free to reapply immediately, just remember to edit and change all that is listed above ♥ Don’t worry though! You can submit a new application and try again right after, just make sure you correct the things listed! Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [Luca03#8195]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message snoopie12 to find me in game. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F Also, I would recommend that you read over the wiki! WIKI ♥
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    Vragan, an Uruk was born and raised in the Orcish city, San’Kala. From an early age, Vragan found issue with the teaching of combat, believing that it would be a failure on his part, an opinion which would later be discarded, but not for Orcish reasons. Out of contempt for tradition, Vragan didnt take to learning history and even outright avoided interaction with peers, fearing altercations to arise that might result in combat. Shortly after coming into possession of a home, Vragan was almost immediately bested in combat by another orc who wanted to live in the house. This was the final straw. Vragan realized that the Orcish lifestyle was no longer sustainable. Having been the victim of violence, Vragan decided to leave home, and was naturally attracted to The Federation of Sutica. Also, Vragan was forced to reexamine existing opinions about violence. It would seem that some violence was unavoidable, and perhaps benevolent violence wasnt too bad. Upon arriving in Sutica, Vragan’s mood immediately improved. No longer did the rules of Orcish traditions bind Vragan, who was free now to do anything, young at the age of 53.
  9. ”Oh bully to you, you belligerent beast” Winston Rothesay groans are he overhears of Cyrus’s response, lighting a cigar using a lit candle on his desk. ”To point out the fact that the Josephite Party Chair resigned his post in the Imperial State Army a day before a battle is not a reflection of our views on the fantastic work and sacrifice the ISA does for our country every day. Whilst I thank him for his service, it would be to the benefit of all if Mister Basrid tendered to his retirement and left the business of politics to more stable men.” ”That’s because it’s the truth” Winston refutes this point, shaking his head. ”We’ve had numerous reliable sourcest that government figures have openly and publicly backed the Josephite party and strongly encouraged that their loyal subjects and followers vote this way. If the Emperor were to openly endorse one party or the other, would people not call this biased and undemocratic? Will people not be encouraged to vote one way because his Imperial Majesty believes that they should, therefore destroying the ideals of free-thought and opinion? Why should any representative of a governmental or monarchial medium be allowed to do this without scrutiny? It’s an absolute disgrace to the institution of the Monarchy and his cabinets and the role it should play in this day and age.”
  10. "Good grief," a lawyer grumbled as he read the missive by candlelight in the cramped Reza offices of Christiansen Wick Solicitors. "Pull up your breeches and take the loss like a gentleman. You campaigned well and admirably, but don't dishonour your good name like this now that the battle's over."
  11. “It seems there are some straight Imperials after all. Don’t put a crook in your backs, gentlemen; it is better to lose in grace than to have never won at all.” Keaton Errmark would respect the Everardine commitment to their morals.
  12. Keaton II Errmark finds himself missing the line about mermaid nudity.
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  14. “Isn’t it rude to imply that the victors are pigs and that the victory was illegitimately won?” Tanith huffs in disgust at the poster. “Is this the level of political discourse they’re bringing to Oren? I thought the nobility were supposed to be gentlemen… So much for the moral high ground they claim to have!”
  15. Lauritz nods after reading his copy. He sends a letter in return to Vivaca: ”My dear Vivaca, Most excellent reading, I am quite curious to see how the rest of the story pans out. Of course, I do suspect that you have a most humane message to send with the general work. Do send me further volumes of your work, so that I can peruse them. -Lauritz.”
  16. “If I recall the underhanded tactics began when The Everardines, most men who have never served within the ISA, began to mock the service of those that did.” says Cyrus Basrid.
  17. The Rabbit of Darrowmere raises an eyebrow reading the missive. "It seems like we shall become a Protectorate then...under these Laws we can't run how we wish currently." Before placing a small needle thread through the top of the paper and pinning it to his wooden notice board before falling back asleep.
  18. *Below is a rough sketch representing a dark elf playing on a flute* Songs of Forged Fire I am Reinald Otherwind of the Seaguard of Vira’ker. I have recently compiled the local songs of friendships and war and i am here to present them to you. At first this may seem a bit dull but this is the heart of Vira’ker and what it stands for so please read below Red Rivers Verse-1 Canoe ahead they shout aloud! A bell ringing in rapid clang. An army on a river they wont believe, untill they come to see our fleet. Drenched in a boat we shout our calling 'River flows wherever calling!' Chorus Clashes of Steel can be heard in the depths. A mermaid surfaces to give its thanks. As armor falls to the bottom, Men pile as topping A red river is a blessing as blue veils the truth Verse-2 As we step ashore a man shouts. Away from our trout! We blunder on soaked and with plenty of spirit. 3 nobles decided to fight us. We showed them the way to their mommies Chorus Clashes of Steel can... Dusty Roads Verse-1 Vira'ker we stand proud, through rain and storm and the burning sun we march to the sound of victory. Vira'ker our home and beloved we fight for you and nobody else. A horn can be heard in distant lands warning the world of perils ahead. Chorus A chant be heard from a thousand throats. A vow be broken but we march on til the end of day Vira'kers banner flies tall and bloodshot showing the might of the long forgotten. Verse-2 Dusty roads we march ever on. Our feet blistering Our teeth shivering. But the march never stops Booze in much supply. Anything and everything to keep us marching Chorus A chant be heard from a thousand throats... My Beloved Verse-1 My heart shatters every day. My beloved will return to me some day I sent you out with a kiss of love but i regret ever letting you go. The seas the mountains and the land i search but ill only find him in my broken heart Chorus We met so young and free but burdens come to bear I pray to the core of my heart but will it be enough. Why this holy crusade i only want us to stay the same Verse-2 I wait in our ghostly home. Alone and miserable. I just want you to return, My beloved But this bears my end i will raise your sons as your legacy Chorus We met so young and free but burdens... Booze and Steel Verse-1 A swig of booze and a sharp blade is all a man needs. I travel the world in taverns full. Numbing my pain and housing my chaos Chorus I feed my habits on a mercenaries pay I fight well but i just numb the pain A purpose is always missing but who am i to say i got all the booze i need Verse-2 When a man sees me suffering they mostly veer away But one day this man bought me a glass the easiest way to my heart Chorus I feed my habits on a mercenaries.... *At the bottom of a page a seal presents itself with a signature from the writer*
  19. Winston L. Rothesay MHC reads over the latest publication of the Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, nodding with great approval.
  20. Ostromir lines his pockets with freshly acquired mina.
  21. The two-time Everardine Minority Leader writes up a bill to outlaw clientelism once and for all, nodding in agreement with the publication. “No more.” He declared.
  22. THE PIG HAS THE PULL A DIRTY VICTORY IS STILL A VICTORY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3agUi8M4N6c First and foremost, we wish to congratulate all the candidates and the campaigners for their stellar jobs during this campaign. Not only were we able to present the most comprehensive policies to date: but our presence in every province and its government was remarkable. The optimism and security we sailed into these waters with were justified. The prelude to this election was simple and in our favor. The Josephites were the incumbent, and yet objectively weren’t productive with the power entrusted upon them. Furthermore, sharp observers noticed that their policy this election cycle didn’t go beyond the convenient use of bullet points. And at last, we had only lost by such a small margin. So what happened? THE BAD FAITH OF THE JOSEPHITES Ask the Kaedreni voter why he switched his allegiance, and he shall answer you that “the Josephites promised greater autonomy for us”. Ask the Haeseni voter why he voted Josephite, and he shall answer you that “the Josephites are for Haense and against the corrupt church”. Similar rhetoric seeps into the many interactions between the Everardines and the Josephites. For questioning Elendil-Stahl, we were painted as opponents to the ISA-mandate. For our favourability towards the clergy, we were painted as geopolitical enemies of Hanseti-Ruska. For not promising impossible concessions towards Kaedrin, we were painted as a party in opposition to their interests. Whereas the Everardine party formulates policy on subsidies and better representation, the Josephite party kowtows to cliques and their most perverse of interests. Will a voter consider our manifesto if its publisher is made out to be the chief enemy against his interests? When the discourse is no longer about policy, but ad hominem and slander, the careful voice of substance always loses. And such a loss we have endured, as punishment for stretching out our hand in good faith. We believed that the conversation was going to be about policy, that the battlefield was about the superiority of vision and the characters involved. We honestly believed that if we maintained a respectful composure and cooperated wherever we could, playing by the rules and social norms required within any functioning democracy: we would sail into a balanced election, and a possible win. Instead, our manifestos and speeches had to penetrate hundreds of lines of nonsense from the Josephite party before it reached the discourse. We had to sway an electorate that was bribed and misled by false narratives and impossible promises. No man can compete with a de facto endorsement of the Josephite party by an entire government, who actively abuses the system to further their separatist interests. No good speaker can compete with the handshake of influence, promising you the realization of your greatest political temptations. No man can convince another that he is a friend, when his direct superiors tell him he is not. They are the sole architect of the newfound sentiment: “If you don’t vote Josephite, you’re betraying [insert your group here]”. OUR DILEMMA Having lost two elections under similar circumstances: we find ourselves at an uncomfortable crossroads as a party. Do we maintain our moral high ground and prioritization of substance, and keep losing elections to underhanded and poisonous electoral strategies of the opponent? Or do we abandon said morality and fight fire with fire, abusing our various mandates and positions to coerce through influence and dependency. Shall our Ministers, Governors and Mayors now too abuse their offices to promote and demand Everardine alignment? Must we now too slander, deceive and smear our political opponents if they ask uncomfortable questions? Let this serve as a warning to the Josephite party. If they cannot behave themselves next election, we can mimic your strategies and corruption with ease. The only difference is: we achieve near victories without them already. One thing is certain, and that is that we cannot any longer allow those with a tangible following and position to dictate what 'their' electorate will vote for.
  23. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A slim woman with an hourglass figure. Her skin a darkened brown color, comparable to caramel. Her long brown hair falls in loose curls down her back decorated with various gold beads and jewels. Wearing a soft white dress that flows in the wind with sleeves coming down her arms. She is peaceful, and longing for... RACE: Wood Elf GENDER: Female SKIN COLOR: Caramel-like Tan BODYMASS: 5’7, Thin HAIR COLOR: Dark redish brown – more brown than red but make sure its still dark HAIR STYLE: Long and curly with one braided piece in the middle down her back(not all hair is in braid just a smaller braid) has golden headband with jewels on (flowers are okay too) FACIAL HAIR: N/A EYE COLOR: Dark green CLOTHES: Long white flowy gown PICTURE (If you have one): Something along the lines of this though I would change the headband a bit more to include jewels and what not and would like a brown belt on the gown if it looks decent but that one is really up to you. Ideally I just want a very bohemian looking skin for my character, thanks so much! xx
  24. (Image from pinterest. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/0f/04/68/0f0468ddb61dbb088d5dfb4ef13b4eb0.jpg) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXZ3mXL8tnA&t=129s ) ( Fitting Music ) [!] Around Helena, Vivaca Rutledge hands out her book. Free of charge. [!] A few books are delivered to Wilheim Rutledge’s home... @1_Language_1 [!] One is delivered to the homes of Lauritz Christiansen, Terrence May, Konrad Stafyr and Lilianne Smith, Amadeus d'Aryn and all other friends of Vivaca Rutledge. @Gusano@Piov @AndrewTech @EgirlSilky @Caranthir_ @Hunwald 1 7 6 9 A KORVASSA TALE VOLUME ONE BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE. USEFUL PHRASES FOR THE READERS: Medri Negasi = King’s Land (Or land of the King) Ag = Of Aei = Yes Paran = Informal term for father, not to be used around parents. Paranii = Formal term for father, to be used in the presence of your parents. Mari = Informal term for mother, not to be used around parents. Maron = Formal term for mother, to be used in the presence of your parents. In the hot, arid deserts of Korvassa, a Southeron man was setting up a tent. The man, named Haadi M’Baku recently moved away from the big cities of Arcas, seeking a more peaceful, quiet life. Haadi observed his surroundings, and as the sun set, not a soul was in sight. He let out a sigh relief “Ah good, no bandits.” He said, before readying himself for bed. He picked up his bag of spices and he went into his tent, he put the bag by his blanket and he laid down, closing his eyes, drifting off to the realm of sleep. A Southeron woman approaches the tent in the black of night, she whispered quietly to herself “A tent?” she stepped backwards, and then she approached once more. She opened the tent, peering in and there she saw Haadi. As the woman peered into the tent, she sniffed… she thought to herself “Spices? Perhaps… I could take the spice? Finders keepers, like Mari, used to say…” Her hand reached into the tent, aiming for the bag of spices… She picked up the bag, and it made a shuffling made a noise in the tent. Haadi yawned, scrubbing his eyes “What was that?” He said aloud, the woman jumped, letting out a scream. Haadi lifted himself off of the blanket, and drew his dagger “Slag!” He said, kicking her in the knee, the Southeron woman screamed in pain“Aghh! That really hurt!” She held her hands on her knees “C-can I have the spices mate? I’ll pay for them…” Said the woman, and Haadi yelled “Of course not! I’m not giving you the bag! You tried to steal my spices!” The woman widened her eyes “I- Okay I’m sorry! Just please don’t kill me!” She pleaded, tears rolling down her cheek, Haadi sighed “Who are you, anyway?” Said Haadi, sheathing his dagger… the woman sighed, “My name is Abebi ag Medri Negasi.” She said, and Haadi lofted a brow “Medri Negasi? Seyam?” He asked and Abebi responded “Aei,” She nods her head “I’m kind of homeless at the moment after Seyam dissolved, I’ve been wandering the deserts for quite some time now.” She frowned. Haadi nodded “I see. I’ve only recently moved to Korvassa, I left Helena to live a more simple, quiet life.” Abebi nods “Ah, eh, yeah. So… I know we got off on a wrong start but it’s nice to meet you Haadi!” She said with a slight smile, and Haadi nods “You too Abebi, is there anything interesting on Korvassa?” He asked, and Abebi scratched her chin “Well... it’s rather empty, I’m not too sure.” In the dunes of the Korvassa desert, a strange humanoid snake stalked the two… It hissed, and Abebi looks around “Wh-what was that” She said, gulping. “I don’t know?” Said Haadi, unsheathing his dagger “Well, by the sounds of it’s probably a snake.” Abebi nodded “Hmm, okay.” The snake man hisses for a final time, before disappearing in the dunes... The sun rose, and the two were still wide awake. “Hmm, we’ve been awake for quite a few hours now.” Said Abebi and Haadi nodded “Yes, or ‘aei’.” Haadi looks around “I’m sure there’s something around here…” He said to Abebi and she nods “I believe at the very south of Korvassa there are a few ruins, perhaps we could find something interesting there?” “Sounds like a plan.” Haadi said, “I can’t be bothered to pack up my tent, I might as well leave it here.” He chuckled, and Abebi nods “Yeah that’s fine, less to carry. But can you take the spices with you?” Haadi nods “Of course, do you want to carry them?” Abebi’s eyes widen “Oh- of course.” She grins, and Haadi hands her the bag of spice “Thank you. Okay, let’s go.” TO BE CONTINUED In the next edition... Haadi and Abebi make their way to the ruins of Athalia, and meet a mysterious fellow. WRITTEN BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE.
  25. he was birth in a small elvian village, in 11 he started learning with bow, and daggers, in 33 he started working as a hunter with his dad in 47 he married with the high elf, in 59 he was robbed and his house was burned by thief’s, his wife die’s in the burning house, in 60 he started his journey to find his new point of life
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