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  4. Danwent – 1522 “He who sows, shall reap.” “Betrayal?!” Thoryus Armon shouted stand in the center of the Great Senate Chamber. “You have betrayed your very own words Senators. You sent me away, with the notion of having no influence in the vote whether we want to stand with Numeria, an ally of ours or not! You were the ones who betrayed their trust, you who betrayed the friendship we built over this past decade!” – “We made the choice for the benefit of the Republic, Senator Armon.” replies Dionius Liber. “War is not good for us. It brings only suffering to the people of Danwent.” – “But breaking treaties and oaths makes us look weak and untrustworthy, Senator Liber.” comes the reply. “And don’t speak for the Republic, you coward hold no intent of protecting truly. You... all of you fail to see the greater picture!” Thoryus fumes. “We have no allies in this world. We have the Empire of Bourdeleaux breathing down our neck. We have the Symon with their dubious intentions to the East. A self-indulging League of Galahar claiming shores near us, plucking our fleets to fight in their battles. This is dangerous to the nation, to the people of Danwent! Where are you protecting it, truly? By hosting games?” – “Senator-“ begins Royolus Artonii for a moment. – “Don’t Senator me, you fool. Grand Republican Party, my arse. All you do is prance about all high and mighty and these other goons that follow you are none the wiser!” Thoryus stares into the faces of the attending men. “You broke a promise. I can not fix that broken promise. But yes, I can see the error here. The source of flaw. And that, I shall fix.” His gaze halts at Aywentos who sits there, brooding, his eyes focused on Thoryus on the central aisle. “Yes, I will fix this. With your support or without it.” … The news would soon ripple throughout the reaches of Naros. The Republic of Danwent has fallen into a civil war. Thoryus Armon has proclaimed himself King of Danwent and is now marching through the land from hold to hold, city to city, ascertaining his control. Under leadership of Royolus Artonii, the Republicans have organized themselves to prepare for a defense. It’s clear that it would come to battle between the two parties rather sooner than later. Whilst most garrison remain and wide stretches of the Republic are not directly affected as of yet, Senators and mayors of settlements have spoken out their support for one side or the other, a rift beginning to form. The only question is, will this rift turn into a frontline? More Roleplay might be added, once some things are sorted out. Nation Info: Government: Civil War: King Thoryus Armon + Stalwart Loyalists vs Grand Senator Royolus Artonii + Grand Republicans Republic, ruled by 186 senators (lifetime positions). Traditionalist League: 19 Senators Commoner’s League: 30 Senators Prosperous Path Party: 41 Senators Stalwart Guard: 30 Senators Frontier: 11 Senators Adherence Party: 13 Senators Grand Republican Party: 23 Senators Unaffiliated: 19 Senators Senate Seats: 186 total, 186 filled (20 from the Capital, 10 per city, 8 per town, 4 per settlement) People of note: Aywentos Rumaari (Senator of the Traditionalist League), aged 45 – undecided Dionius Liber (Senator of the Commoner’s League), aged 47 – supporting the Republic Theodos Abemani (Senator of the Prosperous Path Party), aged 45 – absent, party supporting the Republic King Thoryus Armon (Senator of the Stalwart Guard), aged 48 – leading Otto Mikkelbach (Senator of the “Frontier”), aged 39 – supporting Thoryus Armon Kaylius Sarnari (Senator of the Adherence Party), aged 42 – supporting Thoryus Armon Royolus Artonii (Senator of the Grand Republican Party), aged 41 – leading the Republic Hasoran Alaari (General of the Stalwart Loyalists), aged 42 Tarun Syndrii (General of the Grand Republicans), aged 30 Population: 19,596,200 this year. (4,500,000 Starter) Growth: 3% + 4,5% (farms) + 0,25% Moranese Wheat + 1% (national idea) + 0% Growth Spell (cooldown 3 turns) + 2% (this turn, Elder Soul Blessing) 77 farmsteads. Cities: Tzaria (1,100,000 inhabitants) (Capital) – Market (IV), Trade Port, Manufactory, School, Temple, Monastery (T4), Merchant Guild, Trading Company, three barracks, Military academy Essevith (800,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild Ruhia (600,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company Susvii (700,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company Koryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild Wessevith (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild Raedia (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company Rohsor (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company Esorvor (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company Razryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port Solinyii (500,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port Rotyia (500,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port Towns: Hybria (700,000 inhabitants) Shovia (600,000 inhabitants) Tzarkyii (600,000 inhabitants) Arevith (600,000 inhabitants) Esolia (500,000 inhabitants) Krytor (500,000 inhabitants) Caldria (500,000 inhabitants) Morvera (500,000 inhabitants) Settlements: National Budget: Treasury: 3,500 Duwats. Income: 217,500 Duwats Base Income: +3,000 Duwats Economic Points: +4,000 Duwats Merchant Guilds (12): +36,000 Duwats Trade Partners: (Symon, Numeria, Bordealeux, Eadni, Galahar, Librarians, Fyr Darrick, Trident, Volarucio, Äulem) +10,000 Duwats Trade node of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (city + trade port) Population Taxation: +58,500 Duwats Trade Port of Tzaria: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Susvii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Raedia: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Rohsor: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Razryii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Solinyii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Trade Port of Rotyia: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners) Towns & Cities: +51,000 Duwats Moranese Wheat: +1,500 Duwats Manufactory in Tzaria: +1,000 Duwats Road tolls: +1,500 Duwats Exports: +12,000 Duwats Caravels arriving at Danwent: +1,000 Duwats (4 from Galahar) Expenditure: 22,500 Duwats Armed Forces: -9,500 Duwats Total of 29,500 men. Equals -9,000 gold for land maintenance. -500 gold for Veteran Upkeep. 2x? companies of Bronze Legion (T3 Unique Medium Infantry) at 11,775 men (2,700 garrisoned) – Regular 1 company of Bronze Legion (T3 Unique Medium Infantry) at 250 men – Veteran (upkeep -50% from academy) 12 companies of T1 Regular Light Archers at 6,000 men (1,500 garrisoned) 3 companies of T2 Regular Medium Archers at 1,500 men (500 garrisoned) 15 companies of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows (T3 Unique Crossbows) at 7,475 men (3,300 garrisoned) 5 companies of T3 Regular Medium Cavalry at 2,500 men Naval Forces: -5,000 Duwats 10 galleys at 250 men each Fortifications: -8,000 Duwats 1 Castle in Ruhia (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers 1 Keep in Essevith (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers 1 Fortress in Tzaria (-2,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers, 500 Medium Archers, 500 Bronze Legion 1 Castle in Tzarkyii (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion 1 Castle in Hybria (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion 1 Keep in Koryii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion 1 Castle in Esorvor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion 1 Castle in Shovia (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion 1 Castle in Krytor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion Available currency: 198,500 Duwats National Resources: 4 unit of Moranese Wheat for trade (Market in Tzaria) (Exporting to Sehmon (3k), Trident (4k), Surya (5k) (3)) Republican Actions: Ten new stretches of Farmland are ordered for the growing population in Danwent. (-50,000 Duwats) And at last, the construction of the Great Wonder is being concluded right before Thoryus’ return from the Bloated Throats. Kaylius Sarnari is more cheerful than ever and he and his followers proclaim that the holy sites of the nation shall be places of neutrality and peace, then with the onset of the civil war even more important. (-115,000 Duwats / 115,000 required ( 35,000 already invested )) Following the onset of the civil war, massive numbers of men are drafted into the armies of both sides. 21,000 T1 Militia and 12,500 T1 Militia Archers (-33,500 Duwats)
  5. anybody can use em, if you want a specially made orc skin just pm me 👍
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  7. Arty notices some rather severe irony, coming from this man.
  8. “It seems you valah are incapable of reading, seeing as I never claimed it unknown and infact quite the opposite. I believe my exact words were ‘Though I don’t speak the ancient language and very few do nowadays’. I suppose by definition the clergy of the church would be the ‘very few’ i’m refering to as well as private enthusiasts.”
  9. “It’s not an unknown tongue its literally the tongue the entire church uses”
  10. Banging fists on table FULL SPIDER BUTT FULL SPIDER BUTT FULL SPIDER BUTT You’re a coward, Dunstan
  11. Bawtl, the Inhaler of Food makes happy olog noises
  12. lak almost as epic as raguk and shrogo so play them they are epic :DD
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  16. “2,600.” Says a more eager boat-man.
  17. “arr... i bid two thousand four hundred minae...” states a local pirate
  18. Farandil Aldin rests in his study, a cup of steaming hot tea in his hand. He leans back in his reclining chair, lowering the publication his malii’malonn recently published. He frowns ever so slightly, taking another sip of his steaming brew. “Corvac, my ever so dear malii’malonn. It seems the pursuit of logic runs in our kin, I am excited to see where your future work indeed. Perhaps I shall join you on your ventures, there must be much to learn.”
  19. “2,200.” Another boat enthusiast states.
  20. Toran, upon reading his malii’malonn’s thesis, nods in thought, his mind scans through what he can remember of the knowledge he had scrapped together of the topic, but sighs in frustration. ”Corvac, or another ‘aheral, must teach more more of the background of this topic. Perhaps I could accompany him on his next venture...” Toran would muse.
  21. Brog Dhoon reads the journal in his studies. The room brightened by a small candle beside him. “This lad has some good ideas brewing up in his head. Horen’s past is still a mystery, as well as his brothers’ lives. There is more to Arcas than a few ruins though.”
  22. “I am neither valah nor does the common valah speak the language either, it seems rather you draw your own interpretation of my words meaning. Nor did I call the language unknown or forgotten, though it is quite obvious by your account that you’re not a man interested in the truth. But rather to obstinate over your own prideful beliefs, one simple trip could easily confirm my findings. Then again I suppose you valah have always been prone to assumption based on your emotionaly borne state. It is not lost on me that there are several speakers of Flexio, clearly as I asked for persons knowing in the language to contact me.”
  23. “Norlanders have been going on about Horens and dragon worship for ages now. I’d bet my life it’s Norlandic propaganda.”
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