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  2. Name of your Charter: Shorthill's Hearth Owner's Username: Angmarzku Owner's Roleplay Name: Vludosvlah Blachus Location (XYZ): 528 65 -1122 Tier applying for: 1
  3. Samantha Juliana shook her head on the news of the man's death. "That is what happens when people of God no longer acts as the neutral ones during a war. This is why I am not very fond of clergy that claims they act in the name of God... So easily corrupted, and so easy for them to spread lies..." she said to herself in front of the fire. Her eyes heavy as she was still saddened by another death. "He got what was coming for him, and soon so shall I." The old woman would state, for she could feel her body slowly dying from old age.
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  5. I have some thoughts about this. This might be a bit wordy. I also probably have no right to bring up necromancy thoughts given who I am. If you feel that way feel free to ignore, I really don’t care I’m just bored. Why combat? Necromancy should be entirely based around the concept of raising dead. Lesser undead should be unable to disobey their direct creators, while greater could do as they please(or be threatened into following orders who knows. Idea is a free conscious). There should be more types of undead, with lesser/greater forms. A few examples: Skeleton->Lich. Skeletons just being.. skeletons. Not super strong/speedy/magic reliant. Skeletons are in most fantasy tropes, why not LOTC? I don’t get it they’re literally cooler than ghouls/zombies. Ghoul->Ghast. Why call them ghouls? Theyre basically zombies. Anyways, ghasts as in the dnd type ghasts. Basically boss ghouls. Shadow->Wraith. Basically lesser specters who are still harmed to a degree by normal weapons before ascending to wraithdom. However that’s done. Imo no creature including wraiths should ever be entirely immune to physical non-gold damage but that’s just me. Maybe a few more idk. I don’t mind there being plenty of undead types as long as it makes sense. Who the frick frack cares if there’s only a few and it’s mostly unused? Fewer means rarer and that’s not a bad thing necessarily. In addition, the greater versions of any of these should be capable with maybe 2 of them to create a lesser one. 3 of the greater might be able to promote the lesser to a greater themselves after some prerequisites or whatever idk. Lastly, I’d point out that magic can go shove off. I’d give each greater one it’s own list of abilities/spells. That’s just my personal thoughts on the workings of any necromancy type deal I guess. I can imagine most people disagree with me, maybe some agree who knows. Edit: Also Necromancy as a whole I think should be an event deal. Events with necro cults/big ass rituals you dont need to stress over because events? Hell yeah. But I also understand the kind of want for spook rp so I guess thatll never happen.
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    Welcome to Lord of The Craft! You’re able to join the server as a regular player (Woo). Some helpful tips: If you want to contact any of the community team members like myself in-game do these commands; To get a list of community team members currently online. Message anyone on the server, get the minecraft name from the above command. Creating a request for a community team member to assist you with. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time on the server! Here is the New Player Discord if you need help: https://discord.gg/xuDxbb Regards, Jenny.
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    Changed Status to Under Review Hey! So first i’ll just like to say you’ve done well with your application, though I do have to put you on halt for one reason, your definition of powergaming. The powergaming definition needs to be expanded that it gives me the impression you correctly understand the rule. At most two sentences! Thank you, you’ll have 24 hours to fix up your application. You can message me for help by replying to this thread, PM’ing me or find me on discord here: “Jenny_Bobbs#0001” otherwise you can speak to other members of the community here: https://discord.gg/VedZhf For assistance on power-gaming, our wiki found here can best describe what we’re looking for in relation to your application. Enjoy your day! Jenny.
  12. *As Salazar walked in, everyone wondered why he signed it* “Well.. off we go.” *He'd sign the piece of paper*
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    Unfortunately, at this time this application has been denied for the following reasons: You did not get back to be regarding any changes made to the application within your 24 hour time frame. You may reapply immediately, however please ensure that any previously suggested corrections have been made. You may contact me with any concerns of questions through Discord at Tahmas#0117.
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    Unfortunately, at this time this application has been denied for the following reasons: You did not get back to be regarding any changes made to the application within your 24 hour time frame. You may reapply immediately, however please ensure that any previously suggested corrections have been made. You may contact me with any concerns of questions through Discord at Tahmas#0117.
  15. this **** hit different when the pistol in the shoe

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    Sigon was born in Haelun’or to family of three. His father, Seygor, his mother Riga, and of course him. Riga was a gentle soul but she was abused by Sigon’s father who was a grizzled alcoholic. He was an unstable man that would lash out at random. He had also set very high standards for Sigon to live up to. Ever since the day Sigon could speak, his father pushed him further and further to be the perfect son. If Sigon ever preformed to a lesser degree than Seygor’s expectations, he would whip Sigon with a 4 tailed whip on the hands and back until he tired out or couldn’t handle Sigon’s winning any longer. At one point, Seygor heald Sigon’s face infront of the fire place for an hour simple for not being able to cook properly. As he held Sigon just far enough from the fire not to ruin his face, which his father was proud of, seeing it as the only thing right about his son, he kept talking as if he was preaching a dark sermon. Sigon only had first degree burns from the prolonged heat exposure but this incident had mentally scarred him. Due to the abuse at home and a relatively reserved personality, Sigon didn’t succeed in the social realm. He was seen as dark and intimidating. As he aged, his father became worse and worse, attempting to clash with Sigon daily, though as the years would go on, Sigon became larger and stronger than his father. Eventually, Seygor pushed Sigon a bit to far by beating his mother who was his only light into a comatose state. Sigon had heard the screaming from both of them in the living area below him for a while. He had gotten fed up with it and was on the way down when this had happened. Seeing his mother who he though was dead on the ground at his fathers feet, he grabbed the poker beside their fireplace and charged into his father, ramming the poker through Seygor’s abdomen and pushing him down to the ground. Sigon stood above his father looking down at him then to his hands, realizing what he had done. He then ran to his room, collected his most important possessions, and a cloak, and started to flee Haelun’or. He was 17 at the time of fleeing and has since been roaming the world.
  17. Is the wandering wizard really non-canon now or is that just a meme

  18. ((As much as we've had our differences, NLing a nation for 3 irl years straight is an enviable effort. Give this man a pat on the back and a departing toot o7
  19. Urist Drumm drinks to the successful tourney.
  20. Because giving new players a crash course in a system that is, to the staff, too flexible to teach properly, to the extent where when these players actually experience any form of transient RP, they'll be completely hit out of the blue, is an amazing idea. Honestly, I'd call this a silly proposition. Why do we need to focus so much on player individuality and waste staff time when we could set up a 'buddy' system of sorts, and allow vetted, trustworthy players to help these new people, and show them the ropes of how an actual interaction works. Staff are, at least in my opinion, too much interacting with the mechanics of the server itself, to actually be able to give an informal education on how to function when these new players are on the ground. But those are just my thoughts.
  21. its finished write up wise as i’ve been told, but still is needing to be passed through the proper acceptance policies.
  22. chill out, baby girl 

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      i said brrrrrrrr, its cold in here

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      winter is coming.

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