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    Born in a small farming providence of Corun, life has always been small for little Iestra. There’s only one problem however; he’s larger than life. His father always seemed to be disappointed in him, he was never good enough. While all the other boys wrestled and played with balls he would sit in the house with his mother and help her weave. Under constant ridicule he left at the age of 12 and went to Corun, sleeping under trees and stables and grabbing food wherever he could go. He started to do odd jobs here and there until he found a stable job. The man who hired him sent him to do different jobs and such. When he was 15 the man approved of his work and he was adopted. He had food on the table and for the first time he had a true father figure. 3 years later he turned 18 and he was celebrating a full day with his step-brother. A few drinks later they stumbled home in bliss it would have been a happy day but his step-father kicked him out after catching him and his step-brother in bed. His step-father screamed and cursed at the both of them and yelled that he would kill Iestra if he ever saw his face again. Running as fast as he could with tears in his eyes he knew he could never return. Hoping to start a new life he changed his look a bit. He spent his days in travel working out by running and lifting bolders, he adopted some beaten armor and wore deerskin on his head. Hopefully his odd appearance would make others look away and hopefully his newly acquired muscles would help him ward off against those who inteded to do harm. After traveling for awhile he found himself in Rubern and thats where his story begins.
  3. Alys follows closely behind her sister. She takes the pen and parchment and with the utmost elegance fills out the form, as she admires the idea that lowlife scum are finally being weeded out of the pure city. As she has a flashback to the sea urchin scum a shiver goes down her spine. She hands over the paper with a smile thinking to herself “Maybe now I can try out some of my new experiment ideas”.
  4. I was born in a tree house with my parents and my sister and brother. I am the oldest and my sister and brother are my twin siblings. I went to archery training growing up and went to a elf boarding school. Life wasn’t that easy, it was hard for me to get a job, to move out and have my own home and it was even harder for me to have friends during school.
  5. Finnen takes the form from the nearest attendant, assuring them her sister will be here shortly. She takes the paper and quill in a rush and fills it out. Her eyes dreary and body over worn, its slightly illegible but she hands it in. Making a remark about how she loved the new system and then walking away.
  6. *Elrendil would sign completing the seven required*
  7. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: FishDotCom DISCORD: Fish#5175 TIMEZONE: EST ={ RP }= NAME: Owyn de Ravensbourg AGE: 38 RACE: Heartlander NOTABLE SKILLS: Archery and swordsman
  8. There’s already lore for japanese culture on LOTC, I would recommend giving it a read and incorporating the two
  9. [!] A depiction of Young Nord’s send-off [!] Carrier crows are sent out in flocks to the denizens of the Empire. The writing a little misspelt, clearly the writing of a young one. “To the beloved citizens of our ever prospering empire, It comes with troubling news, that the young boy Rhys Nord passed away in his sleep during the early hours of the mourn. It comes with a heavy heart to pen this letter with the aid of my papej to announce the funeral of a strong spirited boy that left us upon the ripe age of nine summers. I would formally like to invite you all to attend the funeral of Rhys Nord in the evening of the morrow, where words will be shared and a feast held in his name shortly after. Even if you did not know Rhys personally, your attending in respect would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Winnifred Barbanov-Alimar” OOC: The funeral will be hosted in Rubern church. At 2 est The feast will shortly occur after the service within the Fort. Contact me for further details! Rae#3015
  10. Today
  11. Charles would recieve word of Celest while drinking a pint in the tavern. Though he would be sad to hear the news, he would reminisce on the good times. “Another fallen comrade. I shall see you soon, say hello to crew for me.” he’d say as he downed his ale.
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    Denied by request of applicant. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or another Community Team member if you need help or have any questions whatsoever, my discord is Aqua#5363. You can also issue the /creq command on the server to place a ticket should you require assistance. Feel free to join our New Player Discord! You’ll also find the LotC Wiki helpful when searching for information on the server’s lore. You may reapply at any time.
  14. Culture of the Shinrin This doc is laid out with the goal of better defining several cultural points of the Shinrin that might be a bit more obscure or unclear. General Culture “Shinrin” meaning Forest. The culture of the Shinrin can most aptly be compared to that of the ancient samurai. Guided by their code of conduct and their dedication to the different spirits they perceive as integral to their way of life, the Shinrin are a people driven by honor and spiritual dedication. With a strict hierarchy bound to a ruling lord, the Shinrin may often be found training or else practicing various arts in the form of painting, music, and gardening. Language of the Shinrin While the Shinrin may have originally maintained a distinctly different language from Common, their extensive period as a nomadic people forced them to adapt their tongue in order to more easily commune with those they came across in their travels. This would all but obliterate their original language from common use, even evolving so far as to cause the loss of accents when speaking common. In present times the only remnant of their original language would be that of a number of titles in the hierarchy of the society or other similarly rare examples. For example: “The duty of a Samurai is to his lord, the Daimyo.” Gender Opinions and Position in Society Just as the Shinrin a shifting in their language over the years, they also had a rather large shift in their perception of women and their roles in society. Originally a male oriented society, the Time of Wandering would have the effect of forcing a greater reliance on women to take over many of the necessary roles. Over time this reliance on women would come to generate a certain degree of respect and eventual acceptance as equals in all things. While it would have been unheard of for a woman to become a Samurai prior to this transition, it is now nearly commonplace, and it is even acceptable for women to occupy positions on the Daimyo’s Council. Racial Prejudices and Acceptance Since the old times of the Shinrin, it has been generally acknowledged that the Shinrin have few issues with other races. Typically those who were not Shinrin were welcome to visit Shinrin settlements, though they were very rarely welcome to live their. There have certainly been rare cases of this occurrence but only in cases where the newcomers have proven capable of replicating the Shinrin way of life. Code of Honor (When in doubt: Bushido) Rectitude or Justice Rectitude is one’s ability to decide on a course of action and conduct in line with reason. “To die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right.” Courage A virtue of exercising rectitude given that doing so is for the purposes of righteousness. Mercy To fight and kill is an action of ease. To not do so is far more difficult. One who practices love, sympathy, and pity exudes traits of benevolence, that which all Shinrin must aspire towards. Politeness Courtesy, rooted in benevolence and mercy, is an expression of the regard for the feelings of others. Honesty and Sincerity Wealth and money, to those who follow the code, are items of distaste. For the accumulation of wealth is the root of greed and menace to those of practical wisdom. Honor The word of a Shinrin is everything to them. Their self worth and respect to their own is reflected in their unwavering honor. So much so that dishonor to one’s self is an act that can only be resolved by their lives given. Loyalty One of the strongest tenets of the Shinrin is that above all things to be observed is one’s loyalty to their Daimyo. They are utterly devoted to their fidelity to their lords and their given word. Character and Self-Control It is taught that all Shinrin shall hold themselves to an absolute standard. Regardless of the actions or attitude of other races or creeds, the Shinrin will never lower themselves to a baser way of being in reaction.
  15. *the mad poet would sign the parchment with a “-TEMP’ Then laugh and say “THE GRAND FOX WILL SEE ANOTHER NATION RISE, JUST AS HE SEES THE RISE AND FALL OF MANY!”
  16. Asu wears his reading glasses. He proceeds to examine the form in front of him. He signs it
  17. Elissa Merentel signs her name in small elegant script on this document.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Cassian Nria inscribes his signature upon the parchment.
  20. Pierce would frown heavily upon hearing the news, his eyes growing a puffy red as he remained in recluse behind locked doors of his room. The news of Celest traveling fast to him, the tragedy struck hard. He’d move to his feet, as his face grows stern, taking careful notice of the palace as he descends to his throne room. Upon the throne, he’d take a small, silk pillow in his hands, turning it over as he walked towards the courtyard. His steps would tread carefully towards the fire, tossing the pillow into the flames, lowering his head in a brief silence, paying his respects to the fallen Bear. Graham Milner would receive notice of the death far after the event had unfolded. From within a small cabin in the woods, he’d pour a rather large glass of whiskey, bringing it to his lips and swiftly downing the contents, allowing the alcohol to pour down his throat. Pouring another, he’d raise his glass. “To Celest, I shall see you in another life.” He’d consume his second drink, continuing to pour until the contents of the bottle were empty. He’d push back his matted, now graying hair, lowering his head as he mutters a few words in her tongue. “Tjote vi villi ki dvol eilifu, ert minni villi kvikr ir ert faedra.” ((RIP Celest
  21. Father Humbert, O.S.J., the Auditor of the Tribunal, drafts a reply: ‘My dear Madame, Whilst I grieve and sympathise with thy position, no annulment is to be granted in this case. The Catechism (See 4.2, Sacraments) defines marriage as indissoluble. I believe thou mayst be mistaking an annulment for a divorce. An annulment is a recognition that the marriage was invalid in the first place; it is not a dissolution of a legally valid marriage. Whilst the ideal of marriage given unto us in the Scrolls implores loyalty in both husband and wife, there can be granted no annulment unless thou – or some associate of thine – providest proof or grounds that the marriage was not valid in the first place. It is abundantly clear from an honest reading of Canonist doctrine that lack of ‘love’, or even adulterous deeds, can be valid grounds. I would advise this husband of thine to come to Confession and receive absolution; for him to make some form of public humiliation in reparation for such disloyal actions. For if he did marry while thou yet livest, then that marriage is itself annulled and invalid. If he will not do this; separate, and, if thou believest thy children to be in danger, take thou them with thee, and if thou sufferest violence and deprivation as a result, rest assured the Church may find a safe place for thee, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. Thy Humble Slave in God, Father Humbert, O.S.J.’
  22. Bestia signed the parchment proudly, gladly participating!
  23. “Everything would be much better if you became Canonist. You’d have the advantage of being correct, for starters...” Father Humbert, O.S.J., mentions.
  24. Valhein of the North rubs his paws together. He will down all the elf erpers with his pvp goon skillz. Unless if he misses it.
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