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  2. I havent much to add as Stigwig has explained the situation perfectly. We were told that combat had not started. We were willing to unstatus and leave. The real confusion began when Coophz started a countdown. As you can see in the link: https://gyazo.com/900064b7d36cf008e83ba6617ce6f7f5 We charged only to pull back immediately as we shouted in voice comms to stop attacking. We can be seen standing at the bridge and not shooting or pursuing the horse riders. What made us push is Coophz and co run back and open fire on us (also shown in the gif).
  3. Hey, this is not a proper dependent charter application. You do not need signatures at all. Simply apply here https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/36-dependent-charter-application/ And get Vege to sign off on it. Then you will be placed on probationary period and if you pass the probationary period you will get all the benefits of being a dependent charter. @rukio
  4. Hi there! Your charter has been accepted and will be entering it’s probation period. Please PM me either over the forums, in-game, or on Discord as soon as possible so we can set your region up. Please make sure to have the following ready: The mina requirement for your tier (3500 in this case). Primary Region Owner (PRO), Region Owner (RO) and Member lists. Your Discord tag to be added to the Charter discord group.
  5. "No one's rebelling, Antonius dismantled the old Empire and we never swore oaths to Renatus once they formed." A wise man chimes in!
  6. Raised by his father, Torhild grew up on the sea. His father was a fisherman in Norland until one day a terrible storm claimed his life leaving Torhild to find his own way in the world. Aye he was a good fisherman but Torhild wanted more. He was apart of such a vast world yet all he had ever seen were the seas, and nobody likes to constantly look at the thing that claimed his father’s life. Not to mention the fact he fought most of the sailors and deckhands in the area, he could use a new group to spar with. Not knowing much about his mother, apart from not having even slight memory of what she looked like he considered venturing out to find her. On the other hand the serene life of being a simple farmer also called to his soul. To make his future seem but further away the young man decides to explore the world for a spell, maybe join an adventuring troupe, makes some friends. Who knows what exactly he’ll find out there but he knows anything beats smelling like cod until the day he dies.
  7. “Traitor? Are ye a fockin tard? Yer the ones rebellin’, get yer stories alligned ye daft ****.” Says a nordish man
  8. Alifer Amice Signs Edit: Alifer Amice also signs for Aeyn (Narthok) seeing as Aeyn is currently screeching in the background about not being able to sign due to angry skyspirits.
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    Sachary is a Norlander/Heartlander (Human) who left his home at a young age and couldnt find his way back. In an attempt to solve the situation he decided to hop aboard a merchants carriage in the hopes that he would eventually come home (the world can’t be THAT big right?). He grew up with a travelling company and thought of them as a new family. The members of the company varied greatly with merchants, actors, explorers, some shady types and many othes. He later learnt that in the past when the wares had sold poorly, the company had let these shady types join them to make sure they survived, even if it meant stealing from others while in a town. The company were not proud of it and did not think highly of the thieves. Despite this, when the others weren’t looking, the thieves would teach Sachary how to steal things, and not long after he was allowed to join them in a silent raid of a house despite not being in need of riches at the time. Several towns and houses had to suffer a loss of valuables before the company had had enough, they called for authorities when they knew that the time was right and lost all of their shady members overnight. Sachary however, managed to run and hide and returned to the company, teling them about what happened. While some of them would forgive him, the majority declared that he was not welcome to travel with them any more. It hurt him to know that he had lost a second family due to his own stupidity. He now travels from town to town and takes almost anything he gets his hands on.
  10. Name of your Charter: Norland Owner's Username: Bullier_of_Gms Owner's Roleplay Name: Aeyn Ruric Location (XYZ): -257, 47, -1405 Tier applying for: 3?
  11. Harold Spencerton would quirk a brow at the paper, having had his runners convey it to him on their nightly missions. “It seems we have struck a nerve, what with killing their traitor King; did they expect any different? To commit high treason against His Imperial Majesty and escape unscathed? What hubris, and what foolishness; traitors die.”
  12. Harold Spencerton would find himself black-out drunk after a night of celebrating the Norlandic traitor’s passing.
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    Micah is an immature, lively young halfling who enjoys spending his time at the tavern. He is friendly and enjoys getting to know people. He has no memory of meeting his parents and was raised by his grandparents, Jilly and Joe Torres, who taught him life skills on their small, rural farm. Micah moved out when he was 45. Both Jilly and Joe tragically passed from drowning when Micah was 74 in an incident in which Micah and his grandparents were riding down a river near their home in barrels, something they did often when Micah was young, when Jilly’s toppled over and Joe desperately attempted to save her. Micah watched from his barrel, paralysed in fear. Although he comes across as joyful to others, Micah has trauma from this event and often thinks about his grandparents and it gets him very low. He puts up a facade and drinks a lot in order to disguise his mourning. Micah is very well liked amongst tavern goers and is the life of the party.
  16. Edvard sharpens his sword for his beloved friend, cousin, brother. Muttering the statement, “No quarter.”
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