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    The Celestial Order

    [!] Missives are widely spread around Sutica and the surrounding area, written on fine parchment in impeccably neat and flourishing handwriting. [!] ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “ Ever blessed shall those be that follow the light. Join me, those Arcanists born from my blessing, to guide others down the path and to rebirth our world in light. “ The Celestial Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and act as patrons of magic to the realm. The Order seeks prosperity for all regardless of their national affiliation, their mundane worth or their godly practices. There is no monarch within the void but rather a collective seeking its infinite potential for the betterment of all instead of a few. The Order maintains the stance that this potential must be used to support the light rather than allow its abyssal darkness to leak corruption upon the realm. The majority of time spent by those in the Order will be dedicated to identifying key locations of interest before conducting delves or assisting other factions in their own process should they be called upon. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “ Like the cosmos above, each of us exists as a singularity of light in the expanse of the abyss. " Those dedicated Arcanists who heed my call may find Their way to the Celestial Hall to join with their fellow Magi in the quest for Celestial Light. - Arcane Mage I.E. The Arcane Mage While currently away on travels unknown, the Arcane Mage is the constant leader of the Celestial Order, the creator of Arcanism and the Shepherd of the Celestial Light. The Arcane Mage dictates the pursuit of the guild as well as the development of campaigns involving the Order. Also referred to as the Caretaker of the Celestials. The Aeons The Aeons represent those Celestials of extremely high caliber and are held in the highest regard for their devotion to the Celestial Light. The Grand Magus & The Oracle The Grand Magus, not always a singular position, are tasked with leading the order in the absence of the Arcane Mage to ensure the Order retains relevance throughout the realm. The Oracle leads the Grand Magus acting as a liaison between the Arcane Mage and the rest of the Order in his absence. The Magus The general assembly of Arcanists within the Order who are tasked with the discovery of anomalies within the realm as well as acting patrons to the various settlements the descendents have chosen to inhabit. The Acolytes Those newly accepted into the Order. Until they are proven to be of worth to the guild they are tasked with the duty of spreading the Order’s name as well as seeking out prospective members among other various tasks assigned to each individual. The Erudite Those still unlearned. Until they have become proficient those few selected to be trained by a teacher within the Order are done so before they may become Acolytes. They hold no duties within the Order nor are permitted free entrance. The Associates Those allies to the Order that are either non-magi, are not Arcanists or operate outside the context of the Order. “ We are beacons in the abyssal dark. " The Celestial Edict serves as the pillars of a Arcanist’s life. Honor, militance, scholarship, loyalty, balance, the void and the light, seven principles which define the path that each Arcanist follows. Through these, each Arcanist stands apart from other mages, more righteous and devoted to the void and its proper usage. The Edict of Honor The Arcanist wields the arcane with honor and righteousness. To repudiate the amorality of the void and its boons. They shall protect the innocent and aid the needy. Holding true to all their oaths and vows. To uphold their morality in service of creating a better world. To display a high level of respect to both allies and fellow magi. The Edict of Militance The Arcanist must begrudge the use of voidal violence. Yet wield it confidently when their ferocity is just. To deny the powermonger and the upstart. To protect the descendants from improper use of the void Risking their lives in devotion to their honored arcane probity. To lend aid to our allies in there time of need against unholy corruption. The Edict of Scholarship The Arcanist will go beyond militance and devote themselves to scholarship. Expanding knowledge upon the void and other pursuits. To serve as learned authorities upon various expertise. The Edict of Loyalty The Arcanist gives their life to their Order and its cause. Serving the Arcane Mage dutifully and rightfully. Never shall they harm their brothers and sisters of the Celestial Order. To safeguard the knowledge held within the Order against the greedy. To avoid associations that seek to harm the Order, And to protect its name against those who do it injustice. The Edict of Balance The Arcanist is bestowed with a noble duty. For the noble understand the plague of the tipping scale. That the pendulum swings in either direction, And what is dark may be illuminated For the order preserves this balance. The Edict of the Void The Arcanist shall become a master of voidal practice. To preach its every value and encourage its use within the Order. Indoctrinate others into the path of connection with the arcane. And decry the use of darker arts and their repugnant power. For we are of the void, enlightened by its endless offerings. The Edict of Celestial Light The Arcanist shall hold the light of the void in the highest regard. Those Celestials born from this blessed light as sacred, And seek to be a beacon of light in the Arcane Mage’s image. To be a bastion for the realm and assist in illuminating the dark. OOC Some important threads: The magic itself: Celestialism Celestialism Addition Opening statement for the Order Current Celestials Guide on how to RP your own Celestial Canon Guide to Arcanism & Celestialism Special thanks to BNK for all his help during this process.
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    A highlander, Owen saurovandraco often travels alone through the terrain; carrying a broad leather backpack with him to store the usual camping equipment (sleeping bag, map, food etc). Owen is far more comfortable walking across the bumpy countryside than he is in a city/village. Spending l o t s of time in nature, as his father was a chief hunter who took Owen with him on adventures, He has become quite familiar with this worlds fauna and flora- the only group of animals he doesn't understand are sentients. Leaving his home city, Reza , when he was 18, he has been on a journey to find and describe as many animals as he can; using hunting techniques from his father and the grace of nature from his mother- who was an educator at Reza before a terrible accident with a loose Cockatrice broke through the city. Owens mother died shortly after the accident of unknown causes; however it is now believed to be that she died because of the cockatrices deadly curse; stoning. Despite events in his upbringing, he does not hate the dangers of nature, for both his mother and father dedicated their lives to learning more about it. His father was reported missing after he was assigned a quest in 1710. Due to these events, Owen prefers to stay away from Reza as he believes it is cursed.
  5. Killmatronix

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    Winds blew through the tree branches, bowing the vegetation it hit, forcefully. Whether or not plants wanted to move, they had to, for such was the way of things. Up and underbrush, it howled as it moved past them, sometimes meek and whispering, sometimes lumbering, overpowering enough to break branches. Waters flowed in pools, caused by rain that kept on raining, creating massive floods, breaching any land defenses that were set on stopping it. On the other hand, there were deserts that he willed into existence simply by a flick of his wrist. Looking over through lush, unbridled forests, a muscular grey man walked, his brown, dark skin a perfect fit to the ground he traversed upon. He had been going, scouting through the new land, uninhabited clay from which his vegetations could boom. He did not mind a lengthy journey, for he wasn’t alone. Every plant was his friend and him to all of them in return. They spoke to them, he spoke back. In the depths of his vast mind, he knew the names of each one of them. But he didn’t particularly care about that. The greenery, the land about him. It was all just fuel. The fuel that will sustain him and those that shared his views.
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    Your application has been: On behalf of the server and Community Team members, I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), or by /msg (marb121) in-game. You can find our New Player Guide right here. It contains all sorts of useful information, I highly recommend reading up on it as it will help you to get settled on the server much more easily! Be sure to visit the wiki and forums for more information on the servers lore, roleplay situations and much more! You can also join our New Player Discord – Where you can ask questions to our Community team, and meet other server players. Happy roleplaying!
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    “Aye.” Frederick von Manstein says in agreement.
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    The Winterguard

    History The Winterguard was formed out of the remnants of the Sons of the Creator by Andrew Winter. During this time the order prospered, and clashed with the Scourge many times than any other force. They served as the first defense of Anthos against the Scourge, lying right between them and Abresi. Andrew Winter was soon killed in combat, though and was replaced briefly by Vectis Vekon until David Winter finally took leadership. At that time, the kingdom of Herendul was formed, and the Winterguard became the primary military force of the kingdom. Many patrols were sent out to the North, and the Winterguard has a good number of victories over the Scourge. Their fighting style was a cross between rangers (when patrolling the North) and that of a regular knightly order. The Winterguard helped defend Malinor many times as well. That soon ended when Prince David Winter was killed in combat by a Harbinger. Without leadership, the Winterguard disintegrated, ultimately ceasing to exist. After Oren was reunified, the Archduchy of Herendul in need of a new fighting force established the Brotherhood of the Northmen along with George Blackwell, count of Ager-Norfolk. Though it was small, and after the Duchy of Valles were relieved of their vassalship to Herendul, a new military was needed. Harold Winter II and Oliver Blackwell, count of Ager-Norfolk revived the Winterguard. The Brotherhood of the Northmen were assimilated into it, and Oliver Blackwell was given the position as Kommandant. Now after time of struggle for House Winter and Herendul no longer being a existing political entity, we now declare the Order of the Winterguard to be Reformed under Kommandant Lukas Winter, now serving as a Levy for House Winter Ranks Commandment The Commandment leads the Order, all of his orders are obeyed without question. He handles all promotions. Current Commandment: Lukas Winter Grand Captain The Grand Captain is second in command of the entirety of the Winterguard. He leads the Order in the Commandment's absence. Captain Captains are the senior officers of the Order. They help the Commandment and Grand Captain in leadership of the Order, and regularly drill the men. Sergeant Sergeants are the sergeants of the Order, drilling the men and supervising them in tasks such as guard duty. Footman Footmen are foot soldiers and the proud full members of the Order who serve as the main force during a battle. They are in the process of being trained to the skill that is required for a sersjant. Physician Women are allowed into the ranks as noncombatant assistants to the soldiers. They are to assist soldiers during battles and care for the wounded afterwards. They do retrieve training in combat as well. Quartermaster In addition to his rank, a soldier may be given the position of quartermaster. The quartermaster is responsible of distribution of all materials to the ranks and keeping a well supplied storage. Remunerations All members of the Winterguard receive free bunking, rations, and gear. Each rank receives a different amount of pay. The salaries are as follows: Physicians: 10 minas a saint’s week Footman: 10 minas a saint’s week Sergeant: 10 minas a saint’s week Captain: 20 minas a saint’s week Grand Captain: 40 minas a saint’s week Quartermasters receive an additional fifteen minas per saint’s week in addition to their normal salary ___________________________________________________________________________________ Oath I… do claim a promise of loyalty, to protect and stand for the lands of House Winter, and to always value the Creator, and your will, … Kommandant of the Winterguard, and to all your offspring, according to the obligations of the Guard. My sword, my shield, my strength, mine life will serve House Winter, and all it’s kin till the day I claim the deathbed. Obligations -Men of the Guard are expected to work and contribute to the Guard, including doing tasks such as mining, woodcutting, farming, smithing, and fighting. - Men of the Guard are expected to fulfil their religious duties. - Men of the Guard are expected to protect the House of Winter and members of its Circle. - Men of the Guard are expected to be honorable, loyal, and respectful. - Men of the Guard are expected to represent the Guard in a good way in public; random acts of crime will not be tolerated. - Men of the Guard are expected to hold a faith in the Patriarch and his family. - Men of the Guard are expected to follow the Will of the Patriarch as closely as possible. Religious Duties Members of the Winterguard are expected to follow three tiers of religious duties. They are as follow: Attend every mass in the chapel, and to attempt to attend any other mass within the the Liege’s realm. Protect the faith against heretics and blasphemy, and to assist the Cannonist Faith in any form. Have an extensive knowledge of all of the church’s doctrines and of each Saint and Exalted. Joining OOC MC name: Discord name: RP Name: Gender: Experience: Oath: I… do claim a promise of loyalty, to protect and stand for the lands of House Winter, and to always value the Creator’s, and your will, … Kommandant of the Winterguard, and to all your offspring, according to the obligations of the Guard. My sword, my shield, my strength, mine life will serve House Winterl, and all it’s kin till the day I am a grave man. Credits go to Amk when he created this a long time ago, so i slightly edited it and re-used it, also might be abit outdated but thats that!
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    Betharuz Masquerade Ball of 1711

    Hey guys Party time has been changed so everyone can go! 8:00-8:30 is the time. If you have any questions msg meteordragon9000
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    Your application has been: Welcome to the server! While you are being added on, take time to read over our lore again and also check out our new player guide! If you ever need to contact me you can do it over the forums, my discord(Star gazzer #9998), and in game with /msg stargazerology Happy roleplaying!
  16. You can message me on Discord at Talavok#3594 and I’d be glad to help.
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    [LOOKING FOR] Skin Maker

    I’m looking for a skin maker to make a fairly simple armor skin. For more details DM me on xeach#9339.
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    800 year biography?! lol
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    The Huntsmen

    Accepted, welcome to the Guild. You have been sent a friend request from me.
  20. Name: Varan Atmorice ((OOC name)): ASweatyName Race: Mali’Fenn
  21. GrimBeard

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Tywin Lannister sat in his chair, in front of the Iron Throne. The corpses had been moved, and the ash cleared. But all around were the still shouldering ruins of the red keep. How many secrets had been lost, how much burnt? It was clear the Warden of the West was not happy. All around him stood the groundworks of new buildings. Workers in small teams were chipping away at the enormous task. But it had all come out of Tywin’s personal pocket. Regardless, he paid the cost of last month. But he could not continue to fund the entire city. Thankfully things were changing with the arrival of Damion Lannister. Newly appointed Master of Coin for the Iron Throne, Tywin was giving him the chore while he rules for Stannis in the Crownlands. Damion also brought a thousand of the Lannister’s elite army with him.... *Above all else, Tywin excelled in politics, restoring order, and authority. The Crownlands was a ripe ground for a man such as himself to restore the Iron Throne’s power. Lord Addam Marbrand after several sorties into the countryside with his men brought back troubling reports. The Lords had gone silent, and the small folk flee or cower. Marbrand is once more set out, and Tywin continues his game. With Gyles Rosby most likely dead, their was no heir to the Rosby estates. He did have a ward however, which Tywin invites to his camp. If the Ward accepts, he will become the new Lord Rosby, provided he bends the knee to King Stannis and the Iron Throne. The same tragedy had befallen house Hayford, and Darry. Though Tyrek Lannister has still not been found, he is betrothed to Hayford’s only heir; a baby girl. For now the betrothal is kept in tact, with Tywin sending Lord Stafford to keep a stern eye on the castle, with a stout Lannister garrison. *As for Darry there was only two female contenders for the seat. For now Tywin just sends men to help rebuild the shattered castle and restore order. Ami Darry is broached on the subject of a marriage to one of Stannis’s loyal lords. Stokesworth was another curious matter. No one knew if they had survived the hell fire of King’s Landing. If not, the castle will also be garrisoned, and await the word of Stannis. -- **As Tywin restores order amongst the nobility of the Crownlands, other have perhaps harder task. Lord Addam Marbrand is once again sent out as acting King’s Justice. He flies the royal banner of the Baratheon Stag within the burning heart. Lord Marbrand did not ride out to scourge the small folk or kill lords however. As proper Lannister columns went to do Tywin’s bidding, Marbrand’s force was to restore order in the country side. Marbrand was Tywin’s best outrider, and scout. But he was also a brave and courageous lord. He was the best idol they had for the small folk. He will ride from town to town with his band, and help the small folk. The people of the crownlands can also petition Lord Tywin in his camp, who will start to restore law and order. ***Sadly not all answers could be answers with the Lord of the Casterly Rock. Some matters required the sword, no matter the circumstance. Troubling reports were all Tywin has heard from the land he finds himself policing. The thousand Elite Lannister troops from his personal army were the solution. Dividing into lesser “Banners” of units that can operate on their own. The officers supplemented by Lords and Knights will roam the Crownlands, and be the first response to any tales of banditry, revolt, or treason. A large garrison will also be sent to staff Maidenpool and Duskendale, and elsewhere as Tywin orders. – ****Perhaps the hardest task of all lays in Dmaion Lannisters lap. The new Master of Coin for the Iron Throne. Lord Tywin had made it clear personal Lannister payments to fund the Iron Thrones expense on a city will stop. However Tywin does lend Damion a personal loan, to get started on his efforts. He begins to pull what he can from the ashes, and sends to Dragonstone for the treasury and any records. Damion also begins to restore what he can of the Iron Thrones financial team. The Justicars, and scales, and all those needed. Unlike Littlefinger though, Damion will not give out excessive titles and over staff. It was on a pure economic survival basis. ****Most important of all was restoring taxes from the realm abroad. The entire Iron Realm and all the lords under it had to pay their due. But the Master of Coin would not harshly levy the lords for quick gold. Maesters and appointed members of the throne will travel across the realm. Ravens will be sent, and outriders sent to escort. The purpose to asses the Realm’s status abroad. Taxes will be lowered on lands affected by the war that can’t afford it. And lands left untouched will be restored to paying what they owe. It is expected the Reach will also keep paying what they owe. Tywin Lannister shows Mace the way, by restoring the tax on the Westerlands. Though the debt owed to Lannisters by the Throne was a whole different matter. – *****Back at home Tyrion was kept busy ensuring the Westerlands remained stable and at peace. As always the coast are patrolled, and the mountain forts staffed. Five thousand new levies had been raised, after such peace. Though some lords were annoyed at the lost, the men were needed. They would officially be mustered into Tywin’s personal Elite army. A army growing in fame, wealth, and discipline. The two thousand Elite Lannisters already well trained are made the officers and sergeants of the newer and large influx. They will begin to train these new levies, and show them the way. The army will be paid better then the regular Lannister host, and will be well armed and armored in proper Lannister uniform. Actions *Tywin begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local castles and lords. **Marbrand begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local towns and small folk. ***Deploying 1k Lannisters in Tywin’s Elite Personal Army ****New Master of Coin begins to rebuild office, restore taxes. *****Continued training of Elite army.
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    Changed Status to Pending Hi, you got accepted! Very exciting and good job on the app. I welcome you to the community of LotC! Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord chaos#7283. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message chaosgamer_ to find me in game. If i’m not around you can also use the new player discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/eySYjqw You can also use /creq ingame and me or my fellow AT members can help you that way! Lastly here is the new player guide, I recommend you look over it! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179894-new-player-guide/?pagecomment1690465=1 I’ll see you out there!
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  27. LINE OF SUCCESSION OF THE KINGDOM OF HAENSE KARTENEO METREL I KONGZEM HAENZEO The Dual Monarchy of the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska, or more commonly known as the Kingdom of Haense, follows absolute agnatic primogeniture succession, where the first born son of the reigning monarch is first to inherit, followed, the offspring of the firstborn son and their offspring. If none exist, it then passes to the monarch’s secondborn son and his offspring, the thirdborn son, and so on and so forth. If none exist, the title then passes to the monarch’s brother, then the sons of the brother, the sons of the sons of the brother, and so on and so forth. This trend continues until the last surviving male dynast of the royal line, to which it then passes to the sons of females of the royal line and so on and so forth. The current royal dynasty of the Realm of Haense is the Barbanovs of Bihar, descended through King Peter I’s secondborn son Karl Sigmar, which inherited the throne following the extinction of the elder Andrian line. The family extends its claim from ancestor Emperor Alexander I, son of Emperor Tobias I, legitimized baseborn son of Exalted Sigismund, and henceforth claims to be the direct line of Saint Joren of Paradisius, son of Exalted Horen. The names of the individuals listed are maintained in their original Naumarian form. For their translated given names, please refer to the Norvet i Maan, Current Edition. INCUMBENT MONARCH: Koeng Marius Demetrius (b. 1683) [Ave_imperium] INCUMBENT CONSORT: Klaudia of Vasiland (b. 1683) [Dovely_] LINE OF SUCCESSION Prinzen Andrik Lothar, Haucprinzen van Kuzorav (b. 1710) [Emenzi] Prinzen Otto, Herzen van Alban (b. 1706) [Unplayed] Prinzen Edvard Audemar van Bihar (b. 1645) [Xarkly] Prinzen Godfric Alimar, (b. 1682) [NJBB] Prinzen Josef Alimar, Prinzen van Bihar (b. 1683) [EirikColborn] Lord Kazimar Alimar, Bossir van Antioch(b. 1704) [Silverstatik] Lord Vladrick Alimar (b. 1708) [Unplayed] Lord Otto Alimar (b. 1690)[Pureimp10] Lord Georg Alimar (b. 1692) [Piov] Prinzen Jan Aleksandr Horen, Herzen van Furnestock (b. 1688) [Unplayed]
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