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    Xmir, a Hanseti warrior raised in the canonist faith. Born in a small mountain village, Xmir is no stranger to struggle. Raised in a small house, living alongside 2 brothers and 5 cousins, as well as his mother, and father. His family lived in poverty. Xmir was trained to fight at a young age, and quickly became a devoted warrior and follower of the Church of the Canon. Xmir left his home village when he was 16 years old, seeking wellbeing. He found himself in the Federation of Sutica shortly after, and became employed as a merchant’s assistant. He settled in Sutica, and ended up staying in the city for a few years, running odd jobs to make a living for himself. For a while, he offered himself as a blade for hire within Sutica. Now, Xmir is a nomad, wandering the lands in search of new opportunities.
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