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    Just to make sure, the name does not include _ but a –, so it would be Haute-Bellegarde.
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    Haute-Bellegarde grew up in a town near the Duchy of Adria to a family who owned a small, nearly bankrupt tavern. Haute served as a serving boy and did not attend any official schooling from business with his work. But his oldest sister did spend time after dark teaching him to read and write, and much about faith and religion. Growing up in a lower-middle-class household, religion was big for his family and kept them going during tough times. They Tarciel’Embearts are devout followers of The Church of Canon, even if it may result in a loss in the family. There has been many a time when they have spared money and food for others when they desperately needed it themselves. As Haute grew older he began to be taller, stronger, and better built than his father. His father decided to put money into having Haute trained for combat, and from age 12-22, he trained. He had different trainers and different times, and he decided to not get to attached too attached to these men. He would grow as a fighter, eventually becoming equals to those who trained him. At the age of 23, Haute-Bellegarde had reached a point in his life where he wanted to move past the tavern owners son. He wanted to make a name for himself, and so he did. He started off taking small jobs in his home town, guarding trading carts, bouncing parties, small work. He felt that he was in the same position he was before. The money paid well enough, but he wanted more, something beyond just a village guard. At the age of 30, Haute left his village and family for an adventurers lifestyle. He said his final goodbyes to his old mother and father, and his sister, who was married with two children of her own, bought himself a suit of armor from the armorsmith, a longsword from the weaponsmith, and went to find work. As he left his home, Haute swore to do only honest work and has tried to do so as much he can. Since then Haute has done jobs of many a different nature and travels around the Realm looking for job opportunities. Although, he has not found much luck with larger, more important jobs. This has left him traveling, looking to work mercenary jobs for noblemen and lowborn alike.
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