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  1. Narthok was always a good person to just go and talk to. I wasn't with his group for long, but in the short time I was there, he was always a good person to have your back. Farewell 😔
  2. Vinir finishes wiping his blade clean after killing to rodent in the sewers..
  3. The Kezuhk of Mau'Madur sits upon his throne in the Lur District of the great swamp city. He looks down at his reports from his trusted birds. Among the report is many things, though some notable categories are written larger then others. Things like the death of Klovar from a Nottingham soldier, the arrival of many shipments to the city, and even that of War in the north. So he mutters to himself, "Leht theyr headz fahl off."
  4. MCNAME: Qizu CATEGORY: Creative Writing CONTENT: Reader discretion is advised. Please do not read if you cannot handle things revolving murder, gore, and psychotic ideology/thoughts. [READ ABOVE BUT CLICK FOR DOC]
  5. MC NAME: Qizu CATEGORY: Building CONTENT: https://imgur.com/gallery/GxQOSpE
  6. MC NAME: Qizu CATEGORY: Skinning CONTENT: “It” the Acolytle
  7. As Krugmar began it’s descent, many noble uruks and goblins gathered together and starting talking about setting off from Krugmar and have their own place to call home. When the war with Oren happened and the Targoth fell at the sword of the human, the rush of a new place was pressed. The clans of Lur, Lak, Azog, Dhadron, and Ox banded together start a settlement in the swamps, that they soon called Mau’Madur. Ancient blah that would translate into warrior freedom. Our purpose is to return honor to the orcs, as from our blessing from Aenguls. The orcs are a honorable and strong race among others. Though as time passes, things grow weaker and weaker. Therefore causing the lack of, or failure of what one was destined to become. The orcs, were destined to be the elite of races, the strongest of races, and even the death of some. Therefore these tribes set out to accomplish this task. Kezuhk These are the leaders of the highest ranking. Selected by the power of the clans and are required to be the Wargoths. They withold the highest power over the clans though can easily be overthrown, as long as the clans will it. Current Kezuhk(s): Ugrad’Lur Wargoths These are your leaders of clans. They are selected by each clan's traditions and serve as high respected individuals among Mau'Madur. The Current Wargoths: Lur: Ugrad’Lur Lak: Clog’Lak Ox: Snawt’Ox Azog: Urik’Azog Dhadron: Dura Buub: Zug’Buub Ghalzud Ghalzud, the leader of the Ozgoz-Hai. This is a "might makes right" position and is given to the strongest uruk to lead our military. They carry out punishments among other orcs if demanded by any Kiredh. This orc is to be a very trusted military general among orcs and is expected to lead the orcs and the tribes to victory. Current Ghalzud: TBD Ozgoz-Kura These are your orcs who have been recognized by the Ghalzud to be stronger then most others and have served to do well in command and in combat. They often wear their armor around the goi to show their status. Ozgoz-Hai The orcish military, only the strongest are accepted into this and are the protectors of the settlement. In time of war, all needed citizens are required to enlist into the military to help keep their home safe from intruders, though are resigned upon the war end to tend to any lost, wounded, or even slain clansmen. Kiredh These are select orcs from each clan. They can be seen as public servants of the orcs and are well trusted individuals. They are expected to be involved in the community and to represent their tribes as they see fit. These members are elected by each tribe present in Mau’Madur. Current Kiredh: -Noka’Lur -Akila’Lur -Dura’Dhadron -Snawt’Ox -Clog’Lak -Reza’Lur Snagagoth: The Snagagoth role is given out to the best snaga collector. This person has right to control all snagas trade and sets rules for snagas. This role can be challenged for by proving your skill to the Kezuhk. If not on the Kiredh council already, they will be added. Current Snagagoth: Reza’Lur Huntsgoth The Huntsgoth is uruk who prides themselves in holding the best hunts, and have slain the biggest beast. This is given out by the Kezuhk as well and can be challenged. The huntsgoth also receives a voice on the Kiredh of not already on it. Current Huntsgoth: Noka’Lur The Clans of Mau’Madur are located in the Southern Swamps of Arcas.
  8. The Dragon’s Flame Morsgrad Blacksmithy owned by Godimyr ((Posted on the board in Morsgrad)) Notable Creations Avalanche Heavy Crowbeak Constructed of Ferrum the thundering warhammer called Avalanche lays before you. It is a near 3.5 feet long and weighs a near 15 pounds. At the top of this weapon, you will find a blucn object attached consisting of an intricate rams head on one end with a curved spike on the other. Upon the ram’s eyes, there are two rubies embedded. This whole blunt piece is at least 1 foot long. Following under the blunt, there is a ferrum base that leads into the handle below. This handle is also made of ferrum, but is wrapped in cloth so the handler can grip unto it. At the tail end of the handle, there is a curved hook at the end so the weapon cannot be easily pried from the user. Black Ferrum War Axe War Axe Reaching a near 2.75 feet long, this axe if crafted of forged black Ferrum. If you chose to look close at either side of the massive blade you will be able to see war runes engraved upon the metal. This metal also has small lines of design across it showing the true talent that was put into the weapon. On one end of the axe, there is a blade with a diameter of 10 inches with there being a spike on the other end of the axe. This mass of metal alone, nearly weighs 10 pounds. As you move towards the handle, you will see that it is crafted from the strongest of oaks and is even wrapped up with that of a tanned cowhide for grip, and an added endurance. Allfather’s Beak Crowbeak Glaive Before you lies a long Crowbeak. The handle of this weapon, is carved from a branch of the Ashenwood tree. This said handle, is at least 4 feet long and weighs 7 pounds by itself. Screwed into the top of this handle, is a ferrum metalworking. This piece by itself, has been carved to be a very sharp blade when used in combat. The metal has also been recently polished making it shine upon any battlefield. For those who choose to look closer into the blade of this crowbeak, you will see that there is an engraving of a black dragon. Morsgradian Shortsword Hoplite Sword Reaching a foot and a half long, a Morsgradian shortsword lay in front of you. This shortsword is made of a bright ferrum blade and has been sharpened to the finest degree. At the base of the blade of this weapon, one will find a black dragon engraved upon the metal. The hilt of this blade, consist of an inner ferrum core, wrapped in multiple layers of cowhide. Above the handle portion, their is a curved ferrum guard to protect the users hand. Morsgradian Longsword Longsword Before you lies the common longsword of the Morsgradian Military. This weapon is made from the finest of ferrum and shines brighter than no other. The blade itself is 3 feet long, and is accompanied by a foot long handle. Along the blade, the words “Fortress of Flame, Nestled in Snow” are carved into the metal. As for the handle and guard, it is made of black ferrum to contrast the shining silver ferrum from above. This handle is also wrapped in cowhide like many other Morsgradian crafts. At the Pommel of the sword, a black dragon is engraved with a fire surrounding it. May the Allfather bless his followers who wield this sword. Prices Ferrum Workings 50-200 Aurum 150-350 Flamebrand Workings 75-100 Custom Enchants 50+ Prices are subject to change. Contact Information IRP: Godimyr Runar OOC: Discord Logan#8894 IGN Qizu Forums LoganL ((OOC: As I continue on with my character, more and more items will be added! DO NOT use these item descriptions for your own items. All descriptions/weapons shall be made by Godimyr))
  9. LoganL

    The Lur Defensive

    Ugrad'Lur writes back accordingly. "Mi figured dat latz wuld ob tayken cayr ob mi orcz. Pehapz mi and latz kan meyt zumtik. Alzo, furgeht abut da kitti headz. Mi orcz wihl briyng mi dem thurzelvez."
  10. LoganL

    The Lur Defensive

    The Lur Defensive to the High Chieftain of Irrinor While resting in his tent in Krugmar, Ugrad’Lur spent time writing letters to those involved in his recent meeting. However, one of those in specifically was Noka’Lur. Ugrad began to write letter after letter to Noka in hopes of reaching her for a VERY important matter. Without a doubt, all of those received no answer so Ugrad grew angry. He began marching around Krugmar shouting Noka’s name and again, no response. As he was marching around, we came across two unknown dweds who wanted to offer some alcohol, but Ugrad refused. Instead he recommend they help him find Noka, the Alcohol lover that she is, so they can give her the drinks instead. The dweds had no idea where to look, so Ugrad suggested they go to Irrinor, where Noka has many friends and ex-snagas that live there. Upon arrival, there were many kha’ and and ‘ame fighting behind that of Irrinor’s thundering city gates. As he grew closer to the gates, he saw that of Noka’Lur and Akila’Lur laying atop the cold ground, bleeding from their multiple wounds. Ugrad quickly paced around shouting Noka’Lur’s name in hopes that he could grab her attention or perhaps even find a way inside of the city entrance, but he found none. He then looked towards the bleeding orcs and even saw that an Irrinor kha’ had slashed the face of Noka’lur as she lets out a cry of pain. Ugrad quickly turned over towards the two dwed that had a horrifying looks across their faces and told them to leave. Ugrad quickly ran to attain help at that of Krugmar so he could breach the city to save his clan members. As usual, the city of Krugmar was a ghost town. Therefore leaving Ugrad with no hope to breach that of the city, so he writes to the High Chieftain himself. ”Mi kohm peacfuli tu latz goi. Mi enjuyd mi tik at latz goi azwell, but onli kohm to peep mi own clan urukz getiyng klomp’d by latz kittiz dat latz keyp in da goi. Latz twiggiz blah’d tu mi uncz dat latz goi iz zayf tu da urukz ob any kynd, but aperentli nub. Mi wuntz mi clan membuz returned frum latz gayted goi, along wib da headz ob Azhty kittiz frum latz goi. If nub, mi wuhl reych da help ob da uthurz, and kohm wib ful forcz tu flatz latz kittiz. Mi wihl ztorm latz gaytz wib all da urukz ob da goi, if mi fynd ani dat ez, and flatz da KITTIZ MI ZELF!” at the bottom he adds ”Ib latz kahn nub du diz, mi wihl mayk a kompramiyz. Latz zhuld bi a ghud ally in da kohming wagh wib da pinkehz zo du nub mehz diz ub. Mayk ub fur latz zubjektz miztakz anh wi kan buth bi hapi!” Zigned, Ugrad’Lur Wargoth ob da Lur Clan and da Great Votar ob Krugmar
  11. Vinir lets out an audible sigh. "Well.. this will be quite the show. So much for that protector fellow. He didn't do well protecting the 'ker last time." Vinir then begins drinking his tea.
  12. I do think that the map is rather nice, however there are some areas that do lack. One area that I have known to be rather unpleasant is the forest that is closer to cloud temple. It is a rather messy area and even has issues with the terrain as I have seen friends become stuck there many times. Other areas that I feel could receive some touching up are the caves inside the mountains.
  13. LoganL

    The Orothell's

    Family History [1600-1633] In 16oo, Ganamede and August first met in the markets of Sutica. At first, they did not notice each other. As it turns out they had been even living across the street from each other. However as time passed they began talking to each other and even began to establish a relationship. Lucky for them, things led to another, and soon they were to be wed. After a few years of happy marriage, the two mali’ker were comfortably settled among the city and began to create a family. The first child being born in the year of 1633, named Vinir. [1633-1695] Life had taken a new turn for the new parents as they had to relearn their daily lives while raising a young child. Vinir wasn’t the easiest child to bring up. He was known for getting into all sorts of trouble, but he’s parents soon learned to manage him. Around 1638 August found out she was pregnant again, both were excited to bring a new member to their family, but was slightly worried on how Vinir was going to behave with a small child in the house. 1639 came and another boy was born, named Andeosi. Vinir was quite jealous of his baby brother at first, stealing all of this parents attention. He soon grew to love and care for him. Vinir and Andeosi grew close to each other and both grew to love to play sword fight with each other. With that in mind, they planned to work together for the rest of their lives in the military. [1696-1700] Throughout this tame, many kids came to join the Orothell family with 5 kids in total being born. The kids enjoyed spending time with each other with a few childhood rivalries here and there. They enjoyed each other's company and were being raised through a traditional mali’ker household. However as good as life may have seemed, this all came to an end soon. One day when Vinir was waiting to see the guards walk by at his usual spot by the bank, he noticed that the sun kept going down and down, and no guards where coming in. Vinir finally got tired of waiting for the guards so he headed to the nearest wall access, and climbed up the wall. Only to see that there was a conflict outside that started to gather many people. As Vinir was watching, he heard a man scream in pain out of the middle of the conflict only to then later, see him fall to the ground motionless. Vinir was young, but he still knew something was wrong. He quickly ran to get help at the nearest guard-post he knew of but found them all empty. Vinir kept wandering the city looking for help, but he was to late. He saw the vicious men from outside start pouring in the city, as almost as to save himself, he ran to the nearest dock and dove into the ocean. To Vinir’s knowledge he knew nothing of the monstrosities that came to his family. As he began swimming away, his family was left home at the dinner table awaiting his company at dinner. When there a knock came on the door that they hoped to be Vinir, however it was the raiders that Vinir himself ran from. Upon entering the house, August ran the kids to the back door while her husband Ganamede grabbed the nearest blade to defend himself. After the kids safely escaped the back door and began running to their tree house hiding spot, they soon found out that mother had not come with, but instead went to assist Ganamede. Soon after all the screaming was finished, a cold and brisk rain fell upon the children. With the cold rain coming they soon returned home to find their mother and father. However upon arrival they found the broken door with the cold rain pouring inside. The rain and puddle seeping to the bodies of Ganamede and August. The children were horrified seeing the water and blood fusing, and the steam coming from the bodies of their beloved parents. They even ran to find help from the local doctor, but he too lay dead in his own clinic. From here, the children had to raise themselves and slowly trickled out of the city. When doing this, they lost touch with each other and have to go by themselves through their life. Until one day a local posting went out for the family to be brought back together by the one who fled first, Vinir. [1700-1727] So far, only three of the family members have united. Those including, Vinir, Andeosi, and their uncle Shuril. They soon began to establish a foothold inside a lovely seaside city called Llyria. Lucky for them, the news of the lively city of Llyria began spreading across all of Arcas, many of the family members even began to make their way towards it. However as some of the family have been scattered about the lands, they slowly trickled in one at a time. The first to arrive was the twin, Andeosi with her brother Tasar. They had been living in the city of Thyra until they too, ventured to Llyria. While these family members have been starting a life in Llyria there is still one more known Orothell missing from the family, Faylen and her unknown daughter Rohsani. Perhaps in the future, the two will find their way to Llyria and the family will once more be united, or so the Orothell’s thought.. [1727-Present] The armies began marching upon Llyria, the home of the Orothell’s. Upon the marching of the armies, the Orothell’s went to help protect the people. However when they realized the doomed fate of the people, mainly humans, they sought to protect, the Orothell’s knew that they should not get involved with this conflict as it does not affect them. Upon the departure of the city, the family became scattered slightly after being forced under the blades of the enemy lines. However three of them, Andeosi, Vinir, and Nilner have found their way together in the city of Irrinor. Here they plan to reinstate the long lost culture of the ‘ker. For those who seek to find them, they can be seen wandering about this beautiful place mingling with the other ‘ker who arrive. Genetic Makeup Like many other dark elves, the Orothells are a very common resemblance to an average Mali’ker. They are born with a pearl white color to their hair, while resembling light red, or even green or blue eyes. Once grown, they reach an average height of 6 feet tall and tend to weigh around the 120-130 pounds mark. One unique thing about the Orothell family is the fact that all of the siblings are closely alike in most of their physical features. Examples/Skins Family Traditions Trial of Age Moon Guard Blue Moon of the Eagle Family Armor Parents Father, Ganamede Orothell [Deceased]: Ganamede was a young and passionate mali’ker at the time he met his to-be wife August. As he was growing up he spent most of his time working the shop that his family had owned. He did this until he finally moved out of the house to a different district in Sutica. Once there he spent time using the skills he obtained from his parents to open his own Blacksmith shop. In his time alive and in marriage, he was known to be a nice aspiring young man. Some would even say that he always had a smile, even till the day that he died. Mother, August Orothell [Deceased]: Unlike her partner in marriage, she was rather different. Nobody really said she was lovely or had a big smile on her face, however that did not matter to Ganamede. Luckily for August, she did not really need people to like her for her career path. She spent her time as a member of the local guard, protecting the city at all cost. She would also spend time teaching her kids on the many different ways to defend themselves. Uncle/Aunt’s Shuril R'zaman [Active Character]: [1490-Present] Shuril Orothell was raised by a dark elven family, raised with a sister named August. As a boy, he would mainly hover over books and explore the library rather than play with the other children. August was more outgoing and adventurous, and at later ages would push Shuril out of his comfort zone, forcing him to actually be social. Often times, this would cost her friends, as Shuril was...very...socially awkward which was a shell he slowly grew out of as he grew older. He also traveled around as much as he could and had no real home, while his sister August settled in Sutica and made a family with Ganamede Orothell. Eventually, at around the age of 170, he settled in Sutica as well. During this time, he turned down a dark path, the path in pursuit of forbidden knowledge such as necromancy. At one point, he ventured to The Black Sanctum and was away from home for three months. During those three months, his sister was murdered by raiders who pillaged the city of Sutica. Upon finding out of this news, he returned to Sutica, and eventually he viewed himself as a failure. If he hadn’t been pursuing dark knowledge, he could’ve been there to stop them from killing August as well as her children. Eventually, he refused the family name he was born with, afterwards took upon a last name that meant nothing to anyone, a last name he would keep to himself. To him, it symbolized his shame for allowing himself to stray so far from his culture and so far from his morals. From there on, he decided that he wouldn’t pursue black magic for power, and that he would live a virtuous and faithful life, as his sister did while she lived. Children Vinir Orothell [Active Character]: 1633-Present Ah the first child, much like other first children they are supposed to be the responsible one. Luckily for him, he can somewhat do that task. However with all jokes aside, Vinir comes off as a strong and skilled ‘ker. When he reached the age of 45 he had nobody to give him his trial however, he found a love and passion for the military. He has since then served in whatever guard force that he has found himself to be surrounded by. ((https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/182343-vinir-orothell-revised-71719/)) Andeosi Orothell [Active Character]: 1639-Present Faylen Orothell [Open Character]: 1665-Present Faylen, unlike the other Orothell’s did not usually stick to the normal Mali’ker traditions. However she did stick to one, being artistic. Faylen is among the group of people that like to make bold decisions about their appearance and express themselves. She is also a very outgoing Mali’ker and would spend much time with her friends whenever she could. She also seemed to keep somewhat distant from her family, but she would always long for a good cup of tea or a family meal. Among her siblings, she was the first to have a child in the family by having her daughter Rohsani. Tasar Orothell [Open Character]: 1695-Present ((To be determined by whoever takes up this role. However I do note that he is the male twin of Nilner.)) Nilner Orothell [Active Character]: 1672-Present Nilner would often be described as short spiteful girl and say many others will say “with small stature comes a bigger attitude.” She often doesn’t take no as an answer, especially when it comes to her own choices. Her free spirited attitude often leads her to getting in trouble, she travels the lands looking for new adventures and new people to learn from. Her emerald green eyes shine bright with excitement and is always ready for the next thing to come her way. Grandchildren Rohsani [Open Character]: 1710-Present The first known grandchild in the Orothell family. When she was born, she had lovely pale green eyes and a smile to her. She currently is traveling with her mom across Arcas in hopes of one day meeting her many uncles and aunts. ((For any of the characters that are listed as [Open Character] , feel free to send me a message on discord via Logan#8894 if you wish to take up that role. Also, if you want to join the family without taking up one of the roles send me a message too! We are always looking to expand our family line and bring a new experience to players who wish to join!))
  14. Application [Ooc] Username: Qizu Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): 10+ Discord: Logan#8894 Timezone: CST [RP] Name: Vinir Orothell Gender: Male Place of residence: n/a Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’ker Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  15. Average of players online during the week: 88.95 Nations: Sutica 4.8% [✔] Druids 2.2% [!][!] Haense 6.4% [✔] Llyria 2.3% [!][!] Ves 6.1% [✔] Fenn 6.7% [✔] Curon 3.0% [✔] Urguan 3.9% [✔] Cascadia 8.1% [✔] Haelun'or 9.8% [✔] Irrinor 7.2% [✔] T4: Orcs 2.6% [!] Aegrothond 2.4% [!] T3: Defy 0.9% [!][!][!] Marsumar 2.2% [✔] Norland 1.7% [✔] Rosenyr 1.0% [!] Courland 0.6% [!][!][!] Vintas 1.5% [✔] Vira'ker 0.1% [!][!] Guise 0.0% [!][!][!] Talon’s Grotto 1.8% [✔] T2: Ravensburg 0.0% [!][!][!] Robertson 0.5 [!][!][!] Warwick Castle 0.3% [!] Ashfeld 0.2 [!] Cresonia 0.3% [!][!][!] Astorga 1.8% [✔] Nakamachi 0.8% [!] County of Dronen 0.9% [✔] Courts of Mirasul 0.1% [!][!][!] Beet 0.0% [!][!][!] T1: Solomon Stronghold 0.1% [!] Nenzing 0.1% [!][!] Ayr 0.2% [!][!] Hel 0.0% [!] Whiterock 0.0% [!][!] Luxem 0.4% [!][!][!] Gehenna 2.1% [✔] [!] = Number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Success removes one strike. [✔] = Zero Strikes
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