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  1. Azdal raises a brow at such being posted publicly, sighing quietly as he crumbled it up and moved off. “Fockin’ elgers an’ t’eir wars.”
  2. Azdal Starbreaker sighs at the poster, ripping it down and crumbling one of them up as he nodded. “Looks like ahm gettin’ t’clan togetha teh fock Motha’s day up again. Fock.”
  3. A Starbreaker chuckles, scratching his chin as he read the notice. “Dishonorable ahn greedy, lettin’ ah damn curse rule ovah yeh like t’is..S’ameful.” He’d state queitly to himself, moving off at that.
  4. MC Name: Zarexan Talent: Singing
  5. Discord: Zarexan#5162 Timezone: CST IGN: Zarexan RP Name: Azdal Starbreaker Race: Cave Dwarf
  6. Discord: Zarexan#5162 Timezone: CST IGN: Zarexan RP Name: Azdal Starbreaker Race: Cave Dwarf
  7. ((RP)) Name: Azdal Starbreaker Race: Cave Dwarf Clan (If applicable): Starbreaker Reason for joining: Need a dedication in life, felt a calling for the worship of the Brathmordakin on a higher level then just an average citizen. ((OOC)) Minecraft Username: Zarexan Discord (Recommended): Zarexan#5162
  8. -=+=- Tenents of Marsumar (This post is a W.I.P, to be fleshed out and added onto as needed.) Protection of the Community The community here is defined as the residents of Marsumar and members of the Edict as a whole, in accordance with their friends and allies. The intentional or unintentional harming of this community is expressly forbidden and may include several crimes. These crimes include but are not limited to: The theft of items from other members Physical harm towards other members Mental or emotional harm towards other members Equality of Persons All individuals are considered equal regardless of class, race, religion, and the like. Worth is evaluated based on actions and not uncontrollables. As such, racism, depersonification, and the like are forbidden. Hatred may be considered a beneficial thing in some circumstances, such as against slavers and bandits--again, based on the actions of the individual. Punishment & Redemption Punishments are doled out based on the severity of the crimes committed. Redemption is possible on a case-to-case basis for individuals who have committed crimes, either within or outside of Marsumar and the Edict proper.
  9. [!] Nailed to the noticeboard lies a notice! (This is an IC post, please keep it non-cluttered!) Looking for a house? This is the official notice of the Seneschal & Stewardship of Marsumar, all letters sent are forwarded directly to them for examination and approval, where they then settle the individual into a house within Marsumar, please send a letter to this office using the following format, thank you. Do note that Newcomers are subject to an interview, for security purposes. (Stewards: Korvic, tadabug2000) Name & Surname: How many will be living with you?: Affiliation with Marsumar(Friend, newcomer.): Who is the ruling order of Marsumar?: Do you accept that violation of any laws subjects you to the appropriate punishment?: Do you accept that if you are a newcomer, you are to be interviewed?:
  10. Gamers, it’s time to switch it up and add Mina prices.
  11. Sup GAMERS, it’s ya boi, you have no idea who I am, but I make skins, and I will only be doing requests I feel like doing, please go easy on me, I hate doing complicated-ass headass skins. Thanks. KEEP IN MIND, MY SHADING STYLES DIFFER, I’M STILL DEVELOPING MY UNIQUE STYLE Skins: Head/No Body: 500 Mina Body/No Head: 1000 Mina Body/Head: 3000 Mina Examples: Can be found on my PMC here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/zarexan/ Application: IGN: Discord: Skin Type(Steve/Alex): Request Type(See ‘Skins’): Skin Details(For the love of god, be descriptive.): References(Don’t be complicated or I just won’t make it.): More skins to be added soon.
  12. SomeRandomAlt

    New skin shop

    Damn, this is some good ****, I may need to request a skin.
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