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  1. An old man drools at the thought of consuming the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cuisine
  2. Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly folds the letter neatly as he could not read it at present whilst guests are paying him a visit at his family's home. Nevertheless, he did get a chance of skimming a few paragraphs in alacrity "If Kaedrin is, metaphorically speaking, a body. This man would be its mind." He remarked in mutterance.
  3. Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly would constraint himself from propelling profanities at the letter which he holds. losing the election against the incumbent mayor was demeaning, he would deem. In spite of his covert contempt towards the mayor, he still admired the excellent works he has effectuated efficaciously. "Perhaps in the next round of our encounter, the circumstances would differ and fate would be on my side. I pray on that." He vows alone in his family home. Jòzsef rumples the letter and stored it inside the drawer of his study-table.
  4. Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly is dumbfounded on the veneration displayed and the privileged bestowed by the newly appointed bishop upon his beloved brother "Krisztiàn was a man of esteemed notability, I am absolutely appreciative on the privilege given to my late brother as an acknowledgement for his cardinal contribution. May he rests in peace for he has toiled more than required of him for the betterment of Kaedrin and its residents" He beamed to his constant confidante at the local tavern of Owynsburg before inbreathing richly-flavoured Rochefort cigarrete.
  5. Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly would belabour himself on his head while reclining in his bed as he was absent from the second assembly, he pushes himself further to the left side of the bed where his inamorata is sleeping soundlessly. Jòzsef would play around with her auburn hair while beholding the stream of sun that has flooded his room through the open windows. "The things I do for love." He proclaimed and would afterwards embrace his lover.
  6. Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly precipitously peruses the letter; He attempts to seem apethetic to the development as he is, up until this moment in time, changrined and depondent as a result of the recent mayoral election endeavour which he was unsuccesful of being elected, although the imperceptible twitching of his lips contradicted his impish intention and implicit of delectation. "This is indubitably salubrious to the political pillars of Kaedrin, I couldn't contain neither can I concealed my contentment to this paramount progress!" He confessed.
  7. ahhhhh this is soo cool
  8. Can I get a hooyah?

  9. “The working class whom has long suffered as a pawn for the political frolic of the aristocracy has become disheartened and disattached from their autocratic administration but Josephite doctrines that supports and defends these vulnerable people with invigorating evangelistic zeal is much anticipated and appreciated.” George Calverley babbled to his companions at his home somewhere in New Artois, he would stand rigid in contemplation and coup d'œil of his garden with a contented smirk on his face. “For the dignity of all, indubitably”
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  11. im second!!! (i dont have anything to say except Im early and that I am here before this thing, hopefully if my prediction is right, blows up)
  12. Four words with a comma in the middle.

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  13. Jòzsef would prepare a meet and greet occasion with kaedreni citizens to answer any inquisitive enquiries before the happening of the election and the assembly of Owynsburg
  14. [An ornamented letter is disseminated throughout the borough of Owynsburg of disproportionate quantity] [A precise portraiture of Kaedreni juveniles perfecting their artistic prowess] JÒZSEF JUDICIOUSNESS Join Jòzsef, 1763 In pursuit of the mayoral vacancy of Owynsburg, I have deemed it fit upon my assured aptitude to proffer forth myself as a candidate for the position thereof. As with my juniority concerning political affairs of which engenders scepticism amongst the populace of my capability, I shall be allaying such predominant perturbations regarding my cardinal competency in meticulous elucidation. This enlightening epistle shall also expound upon my paramount policies with which I seek and strive for efficacious execution. Latterley, apropos the repercusssions on the empire in its entirety of the disheartening dissolution of the consequential Curonia, a great many reforms has been effectuated throughout the realms. It is a welcoming progress to the betterment and supplemental stability of the empire, however, much more has to be contrived to procure the desired development on Kaedrin in particular, for its status and power not to deteriorate and diminish. As a result of the stagnancy which has plagued this nation likewise Curon that precipitated its dissolution, a rigorous reorientation obliged to be realised before our beloved Kaedrin suffers the same ruination as Curon did. I have witnessed the concomitant of a collapsing state by my own eyes in which the people lost their traditions, cultures and identities. It is a saddening sight to see that I cannot bear, therefore I implore you to vote for me and Join Jòzsef. Prior to essential explication of my proposed plans to ameliorate the current condition of Kaedrin, I am ever acquiescent and compelled to introduce and impart upon the people on my constitution and conviction; I am of the name Jòzsef Istvàn Karòly in my joyful juvenescence of 26 years of age. It is of worth to note in regards to my education, though I did not attend formal academic to be learned and literate, I was tutored in passionate persuasion by my late brother of estimable personage with inspiring intelect, Krisztián Mátyás Károly before his demise of malapropos moment. I was born too late in my family's chronicle that I was destined to grow up without the parental guidance and endearment of which my older siblings were fortunate to have had experience of. Nevertheless, I require no pity for I do not regard it as a misfortune and neither do I blame them for their passing as it is indeed God's will to repossess His creations from this tiring world full of trial and tribulations. To advance upon the objective of this particular paragraph, I am of the belief that in order for Kaedrin to regain its greatness it once had, it is as the onus upon the administration as it is the onus upon the ordinary populace to toil and travail collectively in such a systematic approach on confronting imminent complications which the nation shall encounter on its turbulent journey of Kaedreni Revivalism of which I equipped and prepared to pioneer. For the initial intention which takes precedence over the other uniformly prominent propositions, I shall concentrate upon the aspect of defence and safety justifiably foremost for a conducive circumstance if progressiveness and development is our priority, which it is indeed: Possessing a superlative strength and skill in regards to our military is indispensable for the influx interests of outsiders establishing enterprises of their burgeoning businesses in the capital which is beneficial to the economy and simultaneously to the furthering repopulation of Kaedrin demesne that was partially deserted in the times of the recent devastating war. This would also necessitate a reinforcement of the city structures specifically the walls engirdling the city for the augmentation of security and confidence of foreigners who are visiting and likewise that of the residing citizens. However, proactive steps must be deliberated to ensure that corruption will not be such as the malice that has afflicted upon many powerful institutions of a nation, I for one adamant with my contention on the prevention of any kind of corrupt occurrences through the requisite rise of payments and additional education of ethical and spiritual substances. With the cooperative collaboration between the institution of the church and the knowledgeable academicians, ethical behaviours and ethical ruminations can be fostered in the force thus achieving the imperative intention of eschewing misfeasance. Moreover, the subsequent programme of the revivalism manifesto is of the eminent empowerment towards the judicial institution that is compulsory for the successful outcome of concord and peace aspiration within the domain of Kaedrin. On having an impartial judge, it must be asserted of their principal protection as it is known that it is a jeopardising vocation owing to the existing fact that judges had been a target of criminal and terroristic injustices for their role in the conviction and sentencing of perpetrators of which there is a possibility that these men are an influential individual of an organised criminal group that would avenge their captured members by nefarious deeds. It is rational therefore to opine that the judiciary must be adequately compensated too, likewise the military personnels, to repudiate malversations. On the proactive determent of malefactor, the initiative of de-jargonisation of the written law will be conducted upon my investiture and during my incumbency for better comprehension and application of the city's and that of the empire's laws and regulations especially for the illiterate commoners whose reading capability is as expected, lamentably wanting. This initiative will be in the form of yearly convention to foster in each of the citizens a proclivity for duteous and civilised deportment. Such betterment to law-abiding principles of the citizens is that of the most salubrious to the city's advancement and hospitability. Not least of all is concerning the appearance and ambience of Owynsburg, Before the construction of the current capital, Kaedrin had the renowned City of Ves which is a profound pride of the nation and of which the excellence transcends that of the now thriving City of Helena. Though it was demolished and replaced by the present Owynsburg, the lingering scent of prosperity up until now permeated the pastoral air. The substandard aesthetic design of the city is in need of a required rectification, because it is in absence of pragmatism and personality on Kaedreni culture and identity. Why is this of significance? You may ask as it is somewhat frivolous to be so punctilious on the small details, as I do concur. However, a city serves not only as the citizens' habitation, it is the physical manifestation and an indispensable documentation of the people's traditions, heritage, customs, and their collective ideations. Thus, a beautification altogether with the amelioration of economic and societal infrastructures will indubitably be remunerative and propitious to Kaedrin in the long run. We will be able to achieve this by the modification of materials utilised for the structures of Owynsburg, replacing the wood which has been observed by everyone of its combustible character with stone which is much more durable and resilient. The sanitation of the city is also of utmost gravity, this will require the provision of unsullied water source and methodical mechanism of public sewage disposal, of which I have the formulation for. With this I shall conclude my letter with an earnest imploration for Kaedreni citizens to vote for Jòzsef on the mayoral position for the good of all. Sincerely, Jòzsef Istvàn Kàroly, A Compassionate Commoner
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