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  1. Joseph Gladridge is discomposured upon his subservient servant’s appalling apprisal of the venerated King Edward’s precipitate quietus. The agricultural articles of which he held were deposited onto the feculent floor in an instantaneous reaction. His taxing travail of tending the sumptuous and splendacious garden with the ministerations of his indefatigable menials is thus obstructed. “May god blessed his munificent and benignant soul... An inspirational individual of superlative finesse and unrivalled flair; whose amiability and magnanimity has animated his steadfast subjects, allies and adversaries alike. Shall he be sent to the good place of where he is rightly belonged.” Joseph dismissed his servants from toiling. He necessitates a moment of undisturbed respite, laden in his heart an irrepressible vehemence of bereavement.

    Rest In Peace King Edward

  3. Honestly why do you people care if we use lightsaber? You don’t rp in Suffonia so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back aight. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games is done.

  4. Yall be such a munafiq, astaghfirullahalazim...

    1. Apostate


      Alhamdulillah, you know it ya akhi.



  5. You know why we rebelled? And yet, you pretend to not know the causes. Self-reflection, please



      you can just dm me bro

  6. Tell them the truth. Tell them the truth. Tell them the truth. 

  7. Joseph Gladridge gave a perfunctory perusal to the somniferous letter with a sensible surfeit of lackadaisical insouciance.
  8. Suffonia is a victim. Tell them the truth, you duplicitous propagandists.

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    2. ReveredOwl


      victim of what, stupidity?

    3. Pureimp10


      victim of what

    4. Ayoou


      They would know( @ReveredOwl  your discourteousness is unmerited )

  9. Stop Spreading Shams

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  10. anyone a good builder? Need help ❤️ . There will be, of course, a princely payment for your assistance

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  11.  My first status update, hello world!

  12. Mardochi Muse would glowered and glared at the Jeshiman of profuse perspiration for pestering his magnolious morning. The Jeshiman, hence, to be more presentable, would be diligent in his effervescent essay to wiped away the tangible manifestation of his travail. He would then, after being certain of his cleanliness and orderliness, proffer forth the letter of ennoblement and the bottle of exceptional ale to the maddened Mardochi. Subsequent to his punctilious perusal of the letter, a generous grin would appear on Mardochi’s countenance. “Uncle would be profoundly pleased to be cognisant of my achievement!” He muttered, grabbing the ale gifted to him from the magnanimous suldaan, unheedful to the Jeshiman.
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