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  1. Part 6, 7? I’m not 100% how many threads we’ve dropped but we’ve got another one coming real soon.

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    2. Knox


      30 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      knox is too big to reply to little old telanir’s discord pm’s 😞

      you haven’t sent me one! ! ! 

    3. Telanir


      ??? what is your Discord? not Knox?

    4. Telanir


      Anyway, unrelated to me trying to reach you—if it’s not an upvote farm & has a purpose, we’ve set a precedent with past cases where if safety email is not used then individual admins can be contacted. If someone still relents, then public posts are handled according to our new policies, which unfortunately are not great for upvotes, which hopefully should disincentivize embellishment or theatrics.

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