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  1. why is it the people that bring up genuine concerns get censored? 

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    2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Mr Knox, you are not one to talk of substance abuse. Your liver is close to failure.

    3. Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      4 hours ago, Knox said:

      no my concern was that somebody took 8 adderall to write an essay on why something is bad and i am genuinely concerned they may have a pill addiction and nobody wants to address the issue

      A lot of people, especially pill addicts, don't want other people's concern. Not much anyone can really do to "address" it either beside the person taking the pills or people in their life. And yea... a lot of drugs aren't even as bad as alcohol is.

    4. Knox


      @Will (TauFirewarrior) you're on to me Will, ah ****. I use my alcoholism for pure and utter chaos as you very well know mr..

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