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    Damien Wragge was born into poverty from a bloodline of shiphandlers and able seamen. His father (Corridan Wragge) was a crewman onboard a merchant vessel that transited along the eastern coast of Arcas. Damien’s parents met when his father’s ship was sent to the Port of Gladewyn to deliver a shipment of silk. Corridan spent his time in-port at the local tavern where he met Gladys Lund, the alemaid. Gladys was a fair-skinned girl who spent her entire life in Gladewyn and had grown tired of the day-to-day bustle behind the bar. When Corridan’s rugged glance pierced through Gladys for the first time, they both fell in love. Come time for Corridan’s ship to return to homeport, he helped Gladys sneak onboard and she hid from sight in an empty potato sack stored in the aft cargo hold. This lasted for two weeks while the vessel sailed back to Adria, but alas, the pair were finally able to begin their lives together. They soon married and had two children (Damien Wragge and Gunder Wragge) which forced Gladys to become a housewife. She did what she could, raising two boys in the Golden City of Ves, already overpopulated and underpaid from Corridan’s life at sea. Damien grew up living in an encampment in a poor region of the city known as the West District. With Damien’s father gone at sea for most of his life, he learned what he could from a group of petty thieves that preyed within the encampment. Together, they were known as the “Ves Vagabonds” mostly amongst themselves. Few residents acknowledged the amateur group of thieves. Damien spent his youth thieving and taking what wasn’t his so that his mother and little brother could eat that night. By the time he was 19, he had amassed a small fortune of miscellaneous stolen goods that he fenced through a trader inside of his encampment. One day, he returned to the tent from a night of thievery to find his possessions all gone. Before he could question what had happened to his stolen belongings, a swift tap on his shoulder from a city guardsmen would shape his future into what it is now. Weeks after being held captive in the city’s cells during the Amber Cold, he began his trial where he pleaded guilty to his crimes. He was then given a choice. “Join the Guard or lose your hands” the judge offered. He now wonders if his life of larceny was worth the rigorous duty that he will now have to face as a city guardsman.
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