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    My name is Roland Ash, I lived in a village under the control of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. It was a poor village but i lived happy. Until at the age of 5 the village was attacked by orcs dooming the entire village and ruining my family, not so long after the incident I was taked in care by a noble of the land. That mans name was Roland Gale a man that didnt have a child, I was taught the arts of swords and magic and helping my father on his lords duties. Few years passed and I was growing to be a Lord that my father wants, but this happy days didn't last long his wife Alienora gave birth to a healthy child my father was so absorbed by his son that he started to neglect me. Years passed and my 18th birthday i was approching adult word, father started to see me again and when we had dinner together he made a joke and said “If you continue like this you will be a great successor”. Few days before my aniversary my father was poisoned and they couldn’t find the culprit, when I was toused out by my mother I had a slight idea she was the one who killed father. I had taken the first road i saw in a blind adventure without food, money and any support, it was just me and my sword. Where this road will take me and what is beyond it nobody knows. But I shall do my best to strive for money and power.
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