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    I have modified the definitions slightly and revamped the biography. I hope this is more satifactory.
  2. Th4V7


    Thuldrouc is a cunning dwarf who despises tradition and being outsmarted. Raised in a well off family that lived and breathed tradition, Thuldrouc saw and questioned many inefficient practices that were continued merely because it was tradition. Although openly doubtful of the Brathmordain religion, Thuldrouc secretly worships Ogradhad and wisdom. Rather than the desire for gold that many dwarves feel, Thuldrouc thirsts only for power and knowledge. Although his father was a smith, Thuldrouc prefered to travel and work odd jobs as they appeared. He is also secretive, making few friends and often disappearing for days without notice and reappearing without explanation. Thuldrouc’s eyepatch is also the source of much debate. Many claim to have seen it on his other eye and say his left eye is the same bright blue as his right. Others believe the left eye is disabled but have not found satisfactory explanation for the injury. Thuldrouc’s one piercing blue eye and still, stoney face are his only answer to inquisitive beings.
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