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  1. Minerva proudly dusts off her new girl scout uniform, beaming up to Safiye. "Can we bake cookies and use the money we sell them for for experiments?" The youth fiddled gently with her gloved hands and afterwards proceeds to run them through her hair. "ALSO! I adore those uniforms... like, a lot."
  2. Minerva arched an eyebrow, her hands moving to cover her mouth as she uttered; “Good GOD! Time flies... Congratulations!”
  3. Thea clapped and cheered, an excitedly bright smile upon her visage. She placed the missive on her desk before signing the Lorraine. "One God, one Empire, one EMPRESS!" she exclaimed.
  4. Thea takes a deep breath, glancing at her finest mourning gown and putting it aside for cleaning. She'd bob her head gently before noting down to tailor fine black garments for her children as well. The woman finally signed the Lorraine on herself before stating; "May Emperor Peter III rest well. Long live Empress Anne."
  5. Thea's eyes widened faintly. She scoffed, angry that her departure would once more be delayed. The grumbling woman strides towards her closet, digging through some items of clothing before she took the ISA Inferi Mission Uniform out. She changed into it with haste before hurrying into the Capital. "Wait for me!" She called out to the soldiers before getting in line. "We'll find her," the woman stated determined, albeit bitterly, unsure if *what* they would find was living or dead.
  6. Thea offered the weary 'ker lady a tired smile along with a nod. ((@LotsOfMuffins)) The woman spoke; "He was the only Emperor I've lived under. Truely, it seems like the end of an era... But I am sure the Empress Anne is going to continue his legacy." Finally, she adds; "Five points to Malis for respecting the late Emperor. Now, get back to your assignment."
  7. Thea was packing a small, red bag when the news reached her. Despite knowing that this day would come sooner or later, the woman was met with shock. Her eyes widened in panic, her hands moving up to cover her mouth as the item she intended to pack dropped to the floor. Quickly, the pale-faced woman signed the Lorraine on herself before kneeling down and folding her hands in prayer. One could hear her speak; "O' Godan, I pray for your aid in these saddening times. O' Godan, let our late Emperor ascend to the Seven Skies... O' Godan, let our Empress live a long life. O' Godan, help us overcome these sad times!" For quite some time she remained in this kneeling position, sending her thoughts and prayers to the Imperial Family. A bittersweet feeling overcame Thea, because she knew: Despite this incredibly saddening end to the Reign of Emperor Peter III, the new Empress Anne I would be a mighty woman, full of wisdom way beyond her years. Thea rose to her feet, curling her right hand into a fist and placing it over her heart. With a firm voice, she said: "This is the end of an Era, but with every end comes a new beginning. Long live the Empress! May she bring glory to the Empire just as her father has done. GOD bless the Empress, GOD bless the Empire."
  8. Sign up format: ((IGN)): Grimliiieee Name: Thea Rank: Private
  9. Thea, upon hearing the news, takes a deep breath. The woman slowly moved towards a chair, sitting down. Her lips were pursed into a thin line as she formed the Lorraine on herself. A sniffle escaped her as she thought back to the Swint’s quick passing. She shakes her head, uttering a quiet prayer. Every now and then, her mind shifted to the Swint family, a wave of sadness washing over her every time.
  10. Thea’s eyes widened faintly upon reading the missive. The woman signs the Lorraine on herself, uttering a quiet prayer. She remained silent for a long while before rising from her seat and muttering; “Long live the Emperor,” as she placed a hand over her heart.
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