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    Bismuth is a young Halfling, only twenty-seven years old. He feels and thinks best when alone and dislikes distractions much, which is often why he walks off a lot, leaving his home unattended and unguarded. He doesn’t feel he owns anything, the fishing pole he usually carries around was more of a friend than an object. Bismuth looks like most Halflings, being almost 3’2 and similar facial features. Bismuth is an adventurer and a partier, however, he strongly believes that ‘three is a crowd’- and sometimes that’s too much for him. He is naturally narcissistic and a bit of a jokester, but he keeps to himself far too often to tell. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s a joke or if he’s being rude. Unlike some others, he doesn’t look very welcoming, but don’t let that keep you from introducing yourself. As an infant, Bismuth was born on one of the islands in Atlas. When he was thirteen, he didn’t quite understand why they had to leave Atlas, but he and his family followed those who were going in search of a somewhere else. During this adventure, he began to realize how exciting and free he felt in unknown territory. Their new realm, The Arcas, made him feel like the smallest thirteen year old halfling there ever was, just because it was unfamiliar to him. Thirteen years later and he still feels a small, strange spark whenever he thinks of the excitement of the journey. Or perhaps maybe it’s the small occasional thought of Atlas itself. Shortly after, his family casually separated, spreading throughout Arcas with other Halflings or on their own.
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