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    Zpyh Tamaki is a 21-year-old elf who is 4'9ft tall. Zyph was born in a cottage next to a river in the forest of Alderyn, she is the youngest in her family and has always looked up to her older brother. She has never gotten very close to her parents since she didn't get to see them ever since she was younger. She had always wondered where her parents would have gone since she didn't get to see them often since her parents were never there for her she had always stuck by her brother Zeref. She loved him the most because he would always do as she asked of him without turning her down, he would never give up on anything and a smile had never left his face no matter how bad things were. Except Zeref was always so focused on adventuring the world that most times he would put off other types of duties such as taking care of Zyph, so one-day Zeref had adventured off on a journey to study about elves and their races. Before Zeref had left he had promised his little sister one thing, that he would come and visit her in between his passing journey which she then nodded as she watched her elder brother walk off onto the abandoned road. Ever since her older brother had not talked or came to visit her, Zpyh wants to adventure out on her own journey to find her older brother Zeref, not only does she want to find him she would also like to make new friends and to over come her weakness of trusting others easily such as how she trusted her brother easier than she should have
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