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  1. my love for korvic is deeper then words can describe.

  2. I_Own_A_Cat


    Slim as he as known by his friends is a runaway. Standing only at 5’11 he fled from his now widowed mother fearing the punishment of killing his abusive father. From his youth, he always seemed a bit off, never adjusting to social life. Always making a problem seem more complex than it really was. Everything was a pattern to him. Being the eldest of 3 brothers, and 2 sisters, his father would order him to watch his siblings, while he went out to drink and spend time with other women. He was very secretive, being bullied by other children who ran out into the fields to play, always leaving him behind. He also lagged behind in school, only being interested in how other people interacted. He never really became involved with the rest of society, preferring to stay alone and read up on the great scholars of old or of wizardry, even though he had no chance of ever using magic. As he grew in height, and age he changed. From the odd one out, the loner to the creepy kid. No one in the village remembered his name, even his father, now a drunk would forget at times. His 2 sisters were killed by a plague, and a brother who was conscripted into the army, where he later died. All of this took a toll on him. When he reached the age of 17 he turned to violence, and alcohol to find shelter from his abusive father, and hyper protective mother. Then one day, as he was working the fields, something in him just clicked. He knew what he was going to do as his father snuck out to make his rounds with other women. Fed up, Slim made a plan, he spent the next week crafting a dagger out of stone, and wood to finally get his revenge on his father. As sunset came and left on his 18th birthday, his father snuck out, and Slim creeped out after him. He walked up behind his father, taunting him “Father, I have a present.” as his father turned around with a face of rage, Slim shoved the dagger into his heart, killing him. Slim cleaned off the dagger and put it in his pouch, he took a deep breath, and began the next move. Morning come, the villagers find the dead body of his father, and 400 missing Minas from a local shopkeeper and a trail of footprints heading towards the Curon Forest, there was no catching up to him now, only hoping he gets caught before he gets killed by bandits or worse. Once reaching the forest, Slim finds a hide out of smugglers and bandits, as he peeks at them from behind the trees, he is noticed after a quick chace through the woods he is caught and then later taken in by a bandit who spares him from a swift execution. Now he works for them. Kabrel “Slim” Siv
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