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  1. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes https://tenor.com/view/yes-baby-goal-funny-face-gif-13347383
  2. SimpOOCly

    A Talon Festival

    Ayred smiles, giving a thumbs up to the poster running to go tell all of his friends!
  3. Kariv nods a few times ”We’ll just finish the job later then...”
  4. Kariv looks over the missive, a smile gracing his lips. A few nods ”Mmm. Perhaps, perhaps.” the ‘Ker folds the missive up and makes some preparations.
  5. OOC: Please, do not take anything written in this post as my own personal opinion, this is written from the perspective of Kariv, not myself. Please, do not meta any information that is in this. These are purely for the enjoyment of the reader, and myself writing them. Do note, that these writings may (In the future) contain the following: Violence References to Torture Slavery Vivid descriptions of battles, and the results after. Sexual references (And all from the perspective of a man desensitized to violence. If you feel uncomfortable with the mention of any of those topics, please, don’t read this.) That said, enjoy the read. Entry 1 OOC: Characters mentioned, Athri Onfroi (NeoMakesFireGoBrr) Crualyun (WannabeWallaby) Taliyu Kaeronin (MochiIsVibing) Arelin (SpiltMemes) Entry 2 OOC: Characters mentioned, Savie (Blue_Due) Umi (tadabug2000) Ri’Haskir’Kul (Rylothh) Arelin (SpiltMemes) Elino (BasilTheBunny) Crualyun (WannabeWallaby) Myan (NeoMakeFireGoBrr) Blair Fester (_Wonk) Entry 3 OOC: Characters mentioned, Syndra (Ztrog) Entry 4 OOC: Before this, I just wanna say. Thank you everyone who made July 27th 2020 one of the best birthdays in memory. I had a great time messing around with you guys outside, and on LOTC. The presents were just a bonus. You’re all the best friends I could ever ask for, don’t change. I hope everyone enjoyed the read, and thank you all again. Characters mentioned, Syndra (Ztrog) Crualyun (WannabeWallaby) Myan (NeoMakeFireGoBrr) Entry 5 OOC: Characters mentioned, Athri Onfroi (NeoMakeFireGoBrr) Taliyu Kaeronin (MochiIsVibing) Archie Chester Castelo (Adrian_Games) Holy Ser Ademar (Viggen92) Syndra (Ztrog) Talo Song (TrueBananaz) Thank you @Urara for the inspiration (basically just copied your warnings hA.. and other things... really, thanks. Any spelling mistakes, please forgive. I don’t double check as often as I should. Hopefully the ideas get communicated.) (Another OOC Note! Click the follow button on this post, and I’ll DM you on discord whenever a new entry comes out!)
  6. Migaz takes a deep breath ”This will be... interesting. I should prepare my regards to Therkul if I’m going to be fighting with them... Perhaps I may just not go at all.” Kariv looks over the missive and nods ”Let us begin.”
  7. Kariv quietly wonders why the empire is funding it’s veterans of past wars, instead of spending money to buy kit for the soldiers of the current one. Perhaps the ways of these civilized humans are far too much for his 380 year old, uncivilized barbaric mind...
  8. Kariv mumbles the letter over, simply nodding. Then going back to his war preparations.
  9. SimpOOCly

    First Contact

    Make daddy proud.
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