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  1. Merrak Ireheart grits his teeth as he hears the news “Dere are not’in wrong with da trials! troi’in teh change ‘undreds of years o tradition...” He shakes his head, reaching to his bed and grabbing a dwarven hatchet from under it, clipping it to his belt. Belgrum Starbreaker would raise a brow to the news “Oim nae sure dat one membah can do dis teh eh entire clan yeh, oi think blood oaths need teh be actually achievable, in death er loife. But ets none af moi buissness es it” He says as he goes back to his smithing, looking over a suit of armor and a sheet of parchment in his right hand, nodding.
  2. Belgrum seems shocked as he reads the missive “heh, moi grundpappeh en uncle, oi would ‘ave neva guessed” he mutters as he shakes his head, throwing the missive into the fireplace “oi loike pupeets..”
  3. Guard Captain Belgrum Starbreaker strokes his short beard “Finaleh, da toime has come” he mutters as he picks up his helmet, placing it on his head and locking it in place, then walking out into the city of Kal’Evraal.
  4. Name: Feanor Kaeronin Nation: Aegrothond Combat Experience: Warrior
  5. As Merrak Ireheart reads the missive, he smiles a toothy grin, going and getting the battle axe from under his bed “Narvok oz Urguan” he pauses for a moment, “Oi wul maek Papa Utak proud” he mutters, going out.
  6. I have not been on this server for very long compared to alot of people. But in my opinion cannons should be allowed for war claims and the like, just as luci comments with cultural variants. The Smaller Arms however are a odd thing, becuase you give some players a gun and say ‘one inch’ they will run with it for a mile. I think that via heavy rp, one would be able to construct a hand cannon, but it would be large, require 2 people to load or something and have a large chance to misfire. But in general i would have to say no.
  7. Application Name: Feanor Kaeronin Race: Mali Age: Place of Residence: Aegrothond Scholarly Background (N/A if none): Compiler of Kaeronin and Almenodrim legends, One of the finders of some of the Armour of Aearon. with Belestram Sylvaeri recomending I join.
  8. Somhairle would look over the statement, sitting in a small tent in the wilderness “That duel should be accepted in my opinion, but I don’t really care do I now..” he says, leaning back onto a fur, taking out a bottle of whiskey and taking a large sip “In all reality, I don’t care about much nowadays.” he mutters, slipping into a slumber for the night soon after.
  9. Feanor Kaeronin smiles at the new issue of the Chronicles. “good to see it back up and running, along with the library”
  10. Feanor Kaeronin would hear about the new guild in the city, he sips his tea as he grins “This should be good, i hope they don’t get too full of themselves though, i dont want any trouble.” the oathblade waves his hand “should bring some smithing business to me though” he add as he finishes his tea and heads off to do his daily tasks
  11. Belgrum starbreaker shakes his head “the law will see this all out i hope” he mutters as he goes about his work
  12. Feanor Kaeronin would nod and smile as he sees a copy of the pact. going to congratulate the elder Feanor, a bright smile on his face
  13. Feanor Kaeronin would have watched some of the sad moments from afar, having not know him well he stayed back, though he now regrets that choice, sitting in the Kaeronin manor, Feanor would pour himself a glass of hard brandy, he would raise it “To Benedict” he says to himself as he would take a sip, a grimace on his normally plain expression
  14. -===========- [MC Name] : Titanium430 RP Name : Belgrum Race : Cave dwed Why do you desire to join? : to kill heretics ofc -===========-
  15. Feanor Kaeronin Would be drinking a glass of Tea, seated in the Kaeronin manor. The young mali thinking upon many subjects, among them The Oathblades, “I will serve Almenor as well as I can and as long as I live “ He mutters mindlessly to himself. looking out onto the ocean
  16. Hello, my name is Titanium and I make skins, I recently started to make a few skins for sale and am making a post for commissions. here it is! Discord:Titanium430#8450 Prices: 4 to 8 usd depending on complexity and time it takes. I can take mina but it is not preferred and i would discuss the price with you. Generally Armour skins would be more then outfits and full outfits with heads would be in between the two. skins I can do: I can do Armour, outfits, full body and outfit. I do not really want to do Hou-zi or Kha but it all depends I know im not the best at skinning on the whole server. but my friends say im good so i want to try out this page. Thanks for reading and have a good day Gallery Skin Photos
  17. I think this is a decent lore piece, but what about it’s rusting and dulling problem. “ which was prone to rusting in damp air and becoming dull, making it a high maintenance weapon.“ in real life pattern welded steel was used all across the old world, even europe, it was abandoned around 1000 CE (europe) because it was hard to make right and it did rust slightly quicker. that was just steel and steel, imagine if it was steel and something other then it. the micro fissures that cause the rust would be even greater. thanks for reading my contribution.
  18. RP Name:: Feanor Kaeronin MC Username: Titanium430 Discord: Titanium430#8450 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Aegrothond Why Do You Wish To Come?: To gain knowledge and protect and be with the sea prince feanor sylvaeri. What Skills Can You Bring?: Apprentice smith, shipbuilding and repairing. Navigation at sea. Fighting. Cooking and baking
  19. Feanor Kaeronin would walk though the halfling village of brandybrook and smell the sent of burned fish “What in Malin’s name is that smell” he says looking around, after he finds the group of dead fish he would stand by the shore, seemingly confused “whatever caused this must be remedied” he shakes his head before making his way out off the village back home
  20. a confused, drunk, depressed Mali’fenn wanders by the gates and eyes the letter “wha...” he says in confusion before walking back off into the cliffs and tundra, bottle of whiskey in hand
  21. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  22. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  23. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
  24. Accepted!. Please come to Fenn and speak with Somhairle Sylric for more info and a locker in the hunting lodge
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