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    i already changed it, please check them again ^^
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    A Beautiful young elf, named Hellenna Dholorezia who is searching for her true self by going around the world of Arcas. she do not like adventuring together, because she’s an introvert, but she end-up meeting with people and help them, and became friends. her parents told her that her great-great grandfather used to be the Okarir’maehr, a great man with a “killer-skill” , Master of Archery. which her parents believe that she got the same steady, great skill, like him. But she believe she’s just an ordinary young elf. Everyday at her homeland, something would happens, but nothing can make her feel excited. She always read, to the points where she cannot find a new one. everything is plain, boring. she knew that she’s belong to do something more than staying there. that is why she decided to leave in 1692 from her hometown, Haelun’or, with her one and only best friend, her horse, Frinn. after a long years journey, (but feels so short because she’s an elf ofc) she met a very dangerous orc, an orc that even called a monster by its own kind. and she cannot win from him, so she run away, and chased. its happens all day and night, until they reached an abandoned castle that she did not know . after hiding for a while, she heard weird sounds. and fogs covering the whole, big, old castle. and suddenly she’s fainted. she opened her eyes, and look around. she’s in a room. she can see her bows and stuff, but she cannot remember anything about her journey, so it must be the monk. she lost her books,best friend(frinn) , journal,and most importantly, her grandfather’s sword. sudden headache and flashbacks happens and she remember about the orc. she is ready to face him again. she want her sword back. but she’s somewhere she do not know about... a great journey and adventure awaits.
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