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  1. The feast has been postponed until further notice due to a change in Nobleton’s threat level. We do apologise for any inconvenience!
  2. I be sorry me boys, I meant no disrespect. Bring ‘em if ya wantin’, but it shall be provided none the less. I’ve just been dyin’ t’ try some foreign booze, Nobleton booze can get a tad stale.
  3. The First Feast Of Nobleton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Depiction of the Cuisine being Served at the Feast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The town of Nobleton is finally built, relief consumes its citizens as they lie to rest after the long years come to pass. Yet festivities burn in their hearts, for it is time for festivities, a time to make names for themselves, create new friends and allies. Letters are sent out to spread the word of the feast to all nations, towns and cities. Ves and it’s denizens shall be invited personally! Ladies and Gentlemen! The town of Nobleton is finally built, after facing many hardships and forming lasting friendships and allyships. Nobleton shall be hosting a feast for the denizens of Arcas on Sunday 3pm est! We shall be hosting it just outside of Nobleton (left off the entrance of Ves). There shall be food, drinks and any niceties you desire. Come to be entertained, socialised and to be merry! It is time to celebrate! Any gifts to the new young lord Benjamin Nobleton wouldn’t go amidst! Signed: William Swineherd, Nobleton’s Secretary of Justice, High Judge and One Cheerful Halfling
  4. I’ve made the requested changes.
  5. Sir_Snailington


    Born in the sleepy town of Dunshire, William Swineherd was born to Lavender Barrows and Jona Swineherd, a loving family who lived a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. His father was a stubborn man who always had something to moan about and was more than willing to share that opinion with the world. He was however a brilliant pig farmer, like his father and his father before him, he took great pride in its inheritance and begrudgingly handed over the responsibility of the farm to William not too long before his passing. Unlike her husband, Lavender Barrows was full of joy and treated even strangers as old friends, often welcoming travellers into her home, much to the disapproval of her partner. Whilst she did not have an official job she spent most her days in the garden, tending to vegetables and wild flowers, occasionally sneaking into others gardens to ‘tidy up a bit’. An unusual couple, and on paper would never work, yet they were happier than can be, and lovingly raised three beautiful children, William being the youngest of the rabble. William had two loving parents with a brother and a sister that kept the farmyard interesting along with many close friends. One such friend; Isabel Longfoot had a unique place in his heart, a fiery redhead who sook out adventure at the expense of those around her, often causing trouble for William and company. Though he feared the wrath of his father, William always followed her without a second’s hesitation, stealing from the Farmer Gregor’s field and causing mischief to the denizens of Dunshire. Unbeknownst to all but himself, he only took part in such activities so he could he be close to Isabel, seeing the way she smiled when they ran off together giggling to themselves filled his heart with an indescribable joy. With time William raised the courage to ask her the question that had been on the tip of his tongue since they had first met, and soon began to court one another. What had felt to him like a blink of an eye they were married and soon followed their children. Nor marriage nor children changed them, Isabel stayed adventurous and carefree, whilst he stayed kind, loving and carefree. Yet their fairtale life soon began to wither. In a time after their children left to make a name for themselves disease had begun to consume Isabel, her life was well lived yet a mere infliction ended it suddenly. The family she had created were distraught, yet no one was as destroyed as William, spending years in mourning. His children tried to comfort him and spent time with him, yet his emptiness never ceased. After years had pass he decided to leave Atlas to find purpose again, traveling to the realm of Arcas, wandering from Curon to Gladewyn, spreading his years of wisdom and cheery conversation with the denizens of the realm.
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