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    He was born in Curon, When he was young, his friends were teasing him, behaving badly. He was trying to get along with his family, and sometimes he was home alone, and he found it difficult to eat. Mom is told me Arcas Nation, She told me a lot of things, she talked about Kingdom of Haunse. I couldn't listen to him, I knew it was necessary, but I didn't listen. Some time. the family's economy began to decline, and then his father, the eldest of the family, looked at his mother and hurt her. Seeing this situation, utarius took his mother's hand and set off for Adria, camped twice for a long time. They barely managed to get in, and it felt good in there, and they had a cool air, and they were sure they'd spend their time. One day his mother was attacked by a bad person, and his mother died. Utarius mourned his mother and barely continued his life.
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