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    Hello I have fixed these things and have followed the feedback, thank you for support.
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    I grew up in Sutica as a son of a farmer. I was living a happy life with my father working in the fields and my mother as a tailor. One day my parents got very sick, they got the influenza virus. They told me that they were probably not going to make it out alive. They told me to pack my stuff and go live with my aunt. I packed my stuff swiftly and left the city for Renatus. I had arrived without harm and my aunt met me at the gates. She told me to come and live with her, she was a tailor just like my mother. I had to help her each day in my free time to supply the family money. She taught me many things while I was with her. Once I turned 18 years old she sent me out on my own. She said if something went wrong I could come back. I did come back one day after losing all my supplies to an elf in gambling. She was not there, the city guards told me that she had gotten very ill and had died the next day in her sleep. I was very sad, we had a funeral and buried her and then I set off on my own to have a new life. This is where my story starts now.
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