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  1. my opinion on this is, if you want new player to maybe keep playing this server maybe its a good idea to turn back to 1.8 pvp. By a perspective people from other servers are gonna ask what kind of pvp is it going to be and we are going to have to say 1.9 pvp. Every new player doesn't know how to 1.9 pvp if you think new players know how to pvp like that you need to check again. 1.8 pvp is most popular in the minecraft community right now, and most people know how to pvp 1.8 wise. That is my opinion if you want new player to be consistent with playing on this server 1.9 pvp is not the right wa
  2. Your full name: Peter De Joannes Your age: 12 Place of Address: Little Ves Lane 2 ((Discord username and ID, ex: Discord#0000: )) Blake0205#7006 ((Your MC Username: )) Blake0205
  3. Isaak Ludovar gives a thumbs up
  4. Isaak Barrow would question himself ”Hmm I wonder who will be there to support this land?”
  5. Name: Isaak Barrow OOC USERNAME: Blake0205 Allegience: Ludovar Bannermen Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
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