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  1. RIP to a king and legend... you will be missed
  2. Event Notice Paper Pit Brawl The event board of Haelun’or proudly presents the first ever Paper Pit Brawl. What is a Paper Pit Fight? Paper animation is a scarcely known voidal art. It can be used to send letters, play games, or minor party tricks. In this event, the attendees will be separated into teams. One connected person on each, they will compete to fold the greatest paper animal, creature, or any fantastical or whimsical paper construction. There is a time limit for all of the teams for how long they can come up with a concept, and get their hand
  3. Callyps0


    Dog, thanks for everything. You deserve this break. Ow. Still does hurt a little though.
  4. The fellow wintered witch glances down at the paper, furrowing her brow as she begins to read. As her icy blue globes roll along as they read, her lips turn up into a sinister grin; showing off her chevroned pearly whites made for devouring flesh. She begins to cackle, throwing her head back into a deep laugh as she reads the contents of the mockery of a fine letter. "This is mediocre at best!" She wipes a tear from her eye due to her extended laughter. Sighing as she tried to compose herself to speak again; "Pushing it would be an understatement- Who does this non-noble simpleton think he is?
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