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  1. Welcome to Jelly’s Skin Shop! DISCORD: kris#4102 Guide for Commissioning me Give me very specific details for your character so I may properly put them into a skin. If you have reference pictures/past skins/drawings, that’s even better! Send me as much media as you can get. If your character is a creature that has lore, please find that lore for me and link it to me. It serves more purpose than you think. Your skin will be completed in the span of 1 week-3 weeks. Please be patient. If it seems like I have forgotten your commission then please message me if I have not updated you. If your skin has alot of add-ons, after you describe what you are wanting, I will tell you negotiable price, if you think it is too high, let me know. Each skin will cost around the range of 800-1500 minas but will rarely get very high. The skins will be linked for you in Discord. I will not post them on PMC due to the fact that the content I created for you, you now own. And posting it will give people the opportunity to steal the skin I have made for you. Examples
  2. gotta say. you really snapped. +1
  3. Mesarthim attempts to groan, and seeks out the Bronzesmith to get add-ones to his plates. “What’s the gain of this?” It shakes its head.
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    Changes made, buddy! Metagaming kind of stumped me up but after the link of help i get it! Thank you!
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    Freya grew into a hunting family, they valued her for her nimble skills and ambition. Freya’s family consisted of 2 younger brothers and 3 older. Most of Freya’s clothes are hand-me-down hunting clothes since she was raised not to be picky and take what she can get. Despite living in the mountains most of her life, she found herself being most comfortable with her hands in soil, not snow. When Freya was nearing her 100th year, she was enlisted in the militia and used her years of hunting to become an asset. Most of Freya’s military life was spent bettering herself. She didn’t accept any less than perfection. However she is completely social. She enjoys creating mindless conversation but pillow talk is her favorite type. And she has dreams of familiarizing herself in the Druidic order even if she did grow up as an Alps hunter.
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