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  1. Second Mate Puck receives wind of the missives whilst on his unannounced voyage, “The crew claimin’ Vira’ker? Good luck to ‘em!” He’d remark with a grin upon his face. Micah waved his shovel high in the air, “AYE! ‘BOUT TOIME VIRA’KER ‘AD SOME REEEALL LEADAHSHIP!” His cry echoed around the city.
  2. Micah O’Connell shakes his wee fist, “Ah’ve ‘ad enough of these blimmin’ BEARS. Down wit’ all bears!”
  3. “Ahm nae ah ‘uman bu’ yew bes’ believe oi’m still gonnaeh beh thar! An ah’ll beh sure teh bring mistah Fournier those pastriehs,” Micah comments.
  4. “Thes es sure teh beh ah good’un!” Micah comments upon seeing the note.
  5. “Oi though’ ah bug wos wha’ yew ‘ave when yer sick?” Brandybrook inhabitant Micah O’Connell remarks.
  6. Micah sighs softly, pondering an event he witnessed a couple weeks prior that was seemingly unimportant at the time.
  7. Name: Micah O’Connell Affiliation: Brandybrook, Westmarch Race: Halfling Age: 34 IGN: mario_t1me Experience: Reading, writing. Auditioning for: Fishmongerer/Witch (Up for some cross-gender acting!)
  8. mario_t1me

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: mario_t1me ))  ((Discord: mario time#5790 )) ((Timezone: GMT+1 )) RP What is your name? Micah O’Connell Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I seek to learn a new skill, and magic in particular takes my interest. I’d also like a way to defend myself from nasty bigguns. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have little prior experience with magic, although I have read many books on the subject. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? Unfortunately, I do not study any at present. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Instructor or Archanix When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Just send me a bird and I will be there! (or message my discord and I will respond ASAP c:)
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