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    Just like everyone else, Lilica is a Snow Elf. A tough spirit, a strong body, and keen eyes. But she is very different in thinking. In her early childhood, Lilica would rather study and read than train like her fellow elves would. She admired her father for choosing to become a doctor to help elves with sickness, especially since they lived in cold and unforgiving mountains. Lilica was most interested in studying dragons. While other elves would cower at the name of Dragur, Lilica would be ecstatic. She loved dragons. She thought that the dragon’s fire could help the snow elves in the cold harsh weather. But others despised Lilica for that. They all feared dragons, knowing that they originated from demons and were naturally chaotic. No elf would want to encounter a dragon. So everyone denied Lilica’s dreams of one day meeting a dragon. And soon even her parents. It started when less and less people visited their clinic, thinking that Lilica’s father would be just as crazy as she was. At first it was only sad. But then people began believing that Lilica and her family were in some draconic cult, and burned their clinic. Her family had to retreat to the forest, but somehow news reached the ears of the wood elves, so they did not accept them into their village. The negligence was unbearable, so Lilica’s father took matters into his own hands. One early morning, Lilica’s father took her to the icy tops of a mountain, to a dragon’s cave. At first Lilica was very exciting, finally being able to meet a dragon. But when she turned back to see if her parents were coming, they had already disappeared. There was a putrid smell in the cave, like rotting flesh. Lilica knew that the dragon in there was no longer a dragon, but a deadly drake, so she ran. She looked for her parents, but to no avail and just when she decided to give up, she heard her mother scream. Following the source of the sound she ran and stopped when she saw the drake. It was too late. Her parents were gone. The drake had devoured them. She hid until it left. She tried returning to the city, but it was hopeless. She was cold lost and alone...
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