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    Born to spell casters of the Mali’aheral during the great plague that swept across Vailor in 1526, Finetu was like any other High-Elf of his time. He was taught the knowledge needed to follow in his parents footsteps, but he began to interpret the world differently than the rest of the race. He saw many flaws within a “culturally ignorant” society. Despite the axiom of “maehr’sae hiylun’ehya” that most Mali’aheral abide by within the walls of their cities, their superiority was without a doubt as apparent as the lack of actual acceptance and tolerance for the other races and cultures. Pride became an iniquity rather than a virtue. The continual degradation of other races, and interbreeding was a concept that he didn’t understand. After a time spent with his parents, he was sent to be taught by the scholars of the sect. They were meant to hone his knowledge, and help him find his place among the people. Finetu was unable to learn the arts and reciting the texts to their satisfaction. He instead found solace in contemplating more applicable uses of the abilities he would be granted, rather than daily uses for gain. He voiced this concern of iniquity, and thoughts of a more progress venture of magic before the Consulate and his parents in the meeting halls of The Citadel in Vailor. Outraged by his assertions of change from traditional values to a more progress oriented society, Finetu was cast out of the “Pure” status of Mali’aheral, and became known as an outcast, doomed to the outer lands to live in dishonor and banishment from the sect of spell casters of Haelun’or. He was only forty when he left his home in Lin’sulan 1566, still an adolescent but with a heart full of defeat, his ambitions were still high. His journey began as a hope of a changing society that would possibly hear reason and ended with his chastisement of which a new chapter had begun. Where shall he take himself? What shall he do? Where would he live? The questions of life, that any race and any living sentient being would never wish to ask themselves.
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