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    I’ve updated. Let me know if the timeline is incorrect for his age. I couldn’t really find any exact dates for the war that went on between the wood elves and the dark elves here: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Enclave_of_Ker'nor The gist of it is that he was sheltered from the war because of his occupation, where he was conscripted to make weaponry in his young age with his father.
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    Ah, I saw Vira’ker, but there’s no Wiki page on it. See below: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?search=Vira’ker&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go I’ll make those changes though, thanks.
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    Sig’Maus was born in Caras Eldar, in the Velunor district. His father often told him to pick a profession that would be necessary during the war, so they wouldn’t conscript him. Blacksmith is a good profession, he would tell Sig’Maus, because they always need more weapons, and people to make those weapons. His father knew this, a blacksmith himself, that lived through many past wars, including the most recent war with the wood elves, and Sig’Maus heeded his words. One of the few to come to the settling city Vira’ker, Sig’Maus was still very young, barely out of his adolescence. The first and only child of a blacksmith, he was taken along because he could make nails stronger than any of the other students, primarily due in part to his involvement in helping build the structures in Ebonglade, but many years of hammering away at perfecting nail heads can be extremely boring. He’s excited to see the new realm, and is looking to make a name for himself in Arcas, quite possibly making swords under a great swordsmith, or learning the ways of magic. No matter what his story brings, he’s excited for the next leg of his journey in Arcas. A tryst between his father and a friendly wood elf caused some family disputes, as neither he nor the rest of his ancestors are particularly fond of half breeds. Somewhere out there, Sig’Maus has a half brother, and this is why he simply goes by Sig’Maus and doesn’t reveal his family name. He feels disgraced at his father’s messes.
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