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    Philomena was raised by her single mother in the city of Sutica. Her mother had worshiped the Aspects and Malin, yet her Father had refused to follow the religion, so her mother had left him in return. Philo had never known who her father was but didn’t really bother or put effort to find out. She has always idolized her mother since she was a young girl. Her mother was a druid of Linandria, she made beauty of out the nature that had surrounded them. Philo aspired to be like her and wanted to sculpt wood and create magnificent sculptures to show her mom. She had gotten better through the years at sculpting wood, and made a few weapons for the people of her city, helping out where she could. One day there was a city wide raid, people had come and broke into houses, Philo’s house being one of the unlucky ones. They had broken in and stole all of her sculptures she worked hard on for years, Her mother tried to take the sculptures back from the thieves and was murdered right in front of Philo. The thieves took the sculptures and ran away as fast as they could, not giving Philo a chance to chase them. She was left without her sculptures or her mother. She mourned for years but realized she wouldn’t get anywhere moping around so she started to study how to become a druid. She is currently still learning as much as she can in hopes of learning how to be a druid, just like her mother.
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