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  1. Damn, alright thank you. Based on how the place looked and how their culture was and the like, I was really hoping to visit it one day.
  2. Honestly, I’m “Fine” with Banditry, however, if possible, I would like it if players could get back “Some” of their items, such as maybe some of their food, a choice of weapon, a valued item, IDK. Bandits are of course a problem, but unless it gets out of hand (meaning Bandit attacks start rising seriously), then it something should be added to fix this, maybe like a cooldown for when you can do your next Bandit attack (Ex 1-3 in-game days, or a IRL day wait, IDK up to you). If I were to suggest something, maybe make a rule where Bandits and the people they are attacking have to /roll and rp it out, and if bandits get high rolls, the people they attack lose there stuff and are left, or if the people that are getting attacked get high rolls, the bandits are captured, have to serve jail time, etc. If the people in the situations, both bandits and people getting attacked agree to it, then character death can also be done, since it may be unfair to newer players (and maybe older players) if they lose there character in something such as a bandit attack. This could be a problem for me if the above feature is implemented (since 60% of the time I get bad rolls), but I’d still go with it, so long as the “kill character choice” is a thing of course. Anyhow, Thank you for continuing to work on the server!
  3. So, occasionally, like I did today, I skim through the “Unaffiliated Settlements” part of the “Roleplay” Forum and the “Settlement” of the “Information & Guides” Forum, since beside enjoying the slight tranquility of being a Gate-Keeper, I tend to travel when off-duty. So, today, I saw a post introducing “The Vale of Eretine”, and since it seemed like an interesting place to explore, I tried contacting the person who made the post to see if I could get the location, since it wasn’t listed in the original post. Sadly, though, I was told that he didn’t play on LOTC anymore, and I didn't push it any further than that. So now I ask the forums to help me. There is also the off chance that the place isn’t functional anymore, abandoned. the post was made back in April....Soooooo…. Anyhow, to sum my question, anyone know the cords to this place, or if it was abandoned? It’s located on some mushroom place, which I think I know where it is on map, but I didn’t see on there. Here is the link to the original post! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/180727-introduction-the-vale-of-eretine/ Thank you! ☺️
  4. I feel like I asked this to someone before recently but I don’t remember their answer, soooo...I’ll just ask it on the forums like I should have 😁 How can I get a new title in place of the “Newly Spawned” one? And depending the circumstances, how can I change the “New Title” I'm given in the future? Thank you! 😊
  5. So, how to put it... Recently as I scrolled through the posts and replies of users, I saw how some people had gifs, pictures, videos, or hidden contents right below their post and replies. I was wondering how I can add such things to my posts and replies myself. Thanks to everyone who puts something below!
  6. Any Cities/Towns where Humans aren’t allowed? Was about to travel to a certain place when the question came up in my mind, since I tend to be a cautious person... Anyhow thanks.
  7. So, I went travelling since I found a place on the server map that I wanted to see in the North-West part of it. However, upon arriving, I found that it was sealed off. Server map location At the actual location So now that I’m bummed out and in the middle of nowhere, I turn to the forums: Does anyone know what this place is/was? P.S. – – Now that I get a closer look at it, while it does look sealed off place a statue here and a few candles there and you got a nice little shrine going....
  8. So, yesterday I think I found the command “/ss racehome” for soulstone commands. I kinda wanna know if anyone knows what tis command does, or how it’s used. if anyone knows, please say down below. Secondly, today was the first time I met a Kharajyr, and I was wondering if they have a place they normally live on the server or do they just wander? Thank you!
  9. Damn, serious? alright thanks.
  10. So recently, I’ve been noticing custom visuals for certain weapons. At first, I thought it was my texture pack (i’m using Conquest), but then most recently I saw a weapon with Great sword model for a weapon, which after going onto a creative world, I saw that wasn’t a model for any of the weapons. So... How might I be able to get a custom weapon? By chance?
  11. Well, looking back at some older videos putt on the youtube channel for the server, I notice they once had attributes/stats which not they don’t I would like it if they implemented this back into LOTC at some point, maybe when the next map comes or even sooner
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