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  1. Stormcaller09


    If I might help, there is a lore accepted post on here in the forum’s somewhere, about a land that is essential Japan or of similar traits If I can, I'll find the link for you to the post here is the link
  2. mhm, in reality, he could just be trying to get me to not say what I saw or something like, but it is what is
  3. So, while in Ves, while I'm waiting for my “group” to get on or at least more people, I was climbing the rooftops after I had seen a way to do so. So I’m climbing around from certain houses and I finally see another player on one of the rooftops. So, in an attempt to get an odd conversation going, I hop over, and he enters the house. I could hear the banging of him breaking the trapdoor down, and from his skin’s get up he’s got like a thief/assassin vibe going (though my skin isn’t any better...). Anyhow, I decide I’d see about finding some other areas to climb on, and so I went off to do that, though I was in the surrounding area of the rooftop where I saw him. Well, eventually he comes out, and when I ask him in RP “anything good there” (or something like that) he accuses me of metagaming, which I get and understand where hes coming from. I simply told him that I had just seen him enter after climbing around, even indicated to where I was before finding the rooftop (though it was dark in the game so...), but even so he said I was metagaming, and I backed off and he walked off, since I didn’t want to cause trouble in general with him. So the question I’d like to ask those who find this post is: “based on the situation, what do you think? is it Metagaming?” To me it kind of is, kind of isn’t, I'm a bit confused on it myself so I'm wondering your guy’s opinion. Thanks!
  4. While I was waiting for my application to get accepted, I decided I would look into the YouTube channel for the server, since I saw it had one, and I started with its player guide/Tutorial playlist. For one of the videos posted by Shiftnative, it goes over stats/Skills, however I can’t seem find how to access them in the newer version of the server, since the video was posted during the second or third version of the server, I think. basically, I just want to know how to look at the skills and all that, add points. unless it was taken out, which would make sense.. Anyway, thank you!
  5. yeah... after applying john smith, my Minecraft just became buggy as heck, and even now, I can’t get into the game without have a large portion of my going black screen...currently trying to find a solution
  6. Hi, I was just wondering what resource pack is recommended while playing. I tried out 1.13.2 version of John Smith texture pack, but that didn’t work out, so I was just wondering if there were any others I could try out. Thanks.
  7. Stormcaller09


    Basic info A Norlander currently of 27 years of age, Ren is a wanderer, performing various jobs, originally leaving home, due to dropping his belief in the Red Faith, at the age of 23. While he does not think ill of the Faith, in order to leave his home, Ren believed that he must drop the Faith since he believed he need “to keep an open mind for his travels”. Upon then night of his leaving Dunharrow, his father gifted him a dark cloak with armor placed over it, the armor being made out of Steel and Leather, and was told by his father “Do not bring shame to the family name, put to use your skills wherever you may go, my son”. Early Years Born in Dunharrow, Ren was relatively healthy and friendly child in his early years. Despite being friendly, he was bullied between the ages of 5-7, which caused an incident where his nose was broken and a slight loss of eyesight. Due the passing of his mother a year prior to the bullying, the children would often “remind” Ren of this every so often. Fortunately, Ren was able to defend after he began sparring with his father. Upon reaching the age of 15, Ren began questioning himself and whether he should explore other areas of the world. Due this, while keeping his thoughts to himself, he began learning about various jobs, whether it be by hands on experience around the settlement, or by reading, although he was unable to get his hands on many books, though when he could he would read even if it did not concern “work”. Due to his father being a Blacksmith, Ren’s expertise in that area was much greater than in other trades. Recent Years At the age of 19, Ren began preparations for his “exploration”, with help from his father. At age 23, a month before leaving, Ren told his father that he would drop his belief in the Red Faith, saying that he wanted to keep an open mind while on his travels. While his father was against it at first, he would come to respect his son’s choice a week after Ren told his father this. When the time finally came, Ren’s father gifted him with a newly made cloak armor, and Ren left Dunharrow. Family Ren’s father, Deryk Edwards, is a Blacksmith who married a traveling mercenary, Dalia Morn, who was of Norland descent. Both were 30 and had known each other for a few months beforehand. A year after, Ren was given birth, and Dalia finally retired from her title as Mercenary. Unfortunately, when Ren was 3 years of age, Dalia grew ill with an unknown sickness, and passed a few months after Ren reached 4 years of age. While the two tried for another, Ren would be the only child born from Deryk and Dalia. Traits - Norlander - Green eyes - Black Hair - Blacksmith - Has some combat training - Self taught in Reading/Literature NOTE: For the skin for this character, the exterior part of it has been edited and is the cloak that was mention in the previous box, with the “Blue Jacket, Grey Pants” outfit being the main part of the skin.
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