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  1. Hello, thank you for looking at my application, I have finished the necessary edits to my form, please take a look when you have the chance. Thank you.
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    West Woods is a cheerful and very friendly person on the outsider, yet on the inside he is a sad and is full of depression. It all started when he was around 20 years of age, in his home village of Alderyn, him and his family had been caught in a huge fire that had been started in their house. He and his family had tried to escape the furry flames but both his mother and father had been trapped under a wooden beam leaving West to escape by himself. Months later West had found that Avern'ylir Vuln which was one of his fathers friends would take him in under his wing to teach the ways of fighting and the art of magic, he is still scarred of the experience of loosing his parents that he may have mild panic attacks which effects his health every time he has one. The only memory he has of his parents is, them teaching him about aspectism at a very young age.
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